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  1. Like others said, DS its a ground target skill that has a small chance to hit in all situations like Point Blank. The blind is something that is not useful that can be removed. The Damage and Damage % when destroy projectiles were removed too. Its just the casting time and travel speed was a bit of too much nerf, I could give up the blind for this casting time so easy. I'll not argue about make it hit only 1 target and remove the ground target, because this would make it so easy.
  2. Let's give some ideas for our amazing devs to sell a good product to us. Weapons not locked to Elites.New ElitesNew LegendariesDyeable Legendary Weapons and Backs.Tengu, Kodan or Dwarves playable.More slots for Guilds.Outfits in Gem Store as individual pieces.Shortcut to active the outfit.More horizontal leveling diversity.
  3. The gameplay of this skill has dropped considerably. Please return the casting value and projectile speed to recover the gameplay along with the combos/interrupts.
  4. Yes. Best solution to this abuse is remove locations from friendlist. If you need fo know what someone is doing, just ask him.
  5. With swiss you have chances to win at least 1 match in tournaments, in 20 tournaments you can get the achievement, we have 4 ATs per day.Personally I think win 120 ranked queues will be demand more time.
  6. Perfect Mist Core is bugged in the vendor (Heart of the Mists). The position is changed with Mist core fragments. Impossible to buy.
  7. Please Anet, its simple, Swiss is for Monthly!! Too long for daily ATs.
  8. Why are some people so hell-bent on nerfing both Core Guardian and Dragon Hunter, when the issue is obviously with Firebrand?!If symbols were too strong (which they are not), why aren't Core Guardian and Dragon Hunter equally over-performing? Have you thought about that even once? Right now have a strong build of celestial core symbol that is not public yet.
  9. http://forums.intothemists.com/index.php?/topic/46-top-gw2-tournament-builds-comps/ All these complaints in the forum, people should help each other to learn to play better.
  10. Many of the comments about Firebrand should not be taken into account by some less inexperienced players. All the main problem is about Symbol Guardian traits and not Firebrand. The first consideration that Anet should be looking is the Symbolic Power. This trait can be reduced by 50%, maybe the damage. Symbolic Exposure can reduce the stack of vulnerability to only 1 in the first hit. Furious Focus can receive an internal cooldown to something like 1s or 2s. After they make some tests on this. They can think about Mantra of Truth.Remove one of the conditions to avoid condition spam. All these
  11. This was a little bit unexpected to me. Because We already had the build templates determined by Anet in the UI.
  12. https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/learn-all-about-build-and-equipment-templates/ PvP equipment works much differently than PvE and WvW equipment, so it will require its own template system. Because this presents different technological challenges, we chose not to delay the release of the completed Build and Equipment Templates. We’re looking forward to hearing what you think of the bulk of the feature, and your detailed feedback will be very helpful to us as we continue developing PvP Equipment Templates. When I started to read :)When I finished :'( PvE wons again
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