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  1. I don't think anyone I know from other games has ever mentioned downstate as a big issue for them not liking GW2. For most it was that they didn't like the combat or they didn't like the lack of gear/stat progression. Some of the typical complaints about the combat were it was relatively slow, clunky, spammy and little more than a glorified tab targeted system (rather than the action combat it is advertised as). Which is of course one of the reasons you have downstate in a game like this, because that glorified tab target system makes damage application very, very easy.
  2. All these silly arguments about the term "pug". Doesn't matter whether you roam, smallscale, zerg (Discord or not), play in a guild or don't, GvG, PPT for the realm, etc, everyone falls under the same term - 'clown'. And that goes double if you are actually such a roleplayer you are still tryharding at this joke of a "PvP" game mode in 2021. And as for alliances, might have been a good idea 5+ years ago, but will make little to no difference in 2021. On the other hand WvW has been dead to anyone with even a vague interest in at least passable gameplay for at least 3 ye
  3. Because they are clinically ret_arded.
  4. Logged in to three accounts (EU), zero queues, no groups running on the 2 discords I bothered to check, pretty much as dead as the last time I bothered to login into this game outside of the pitiful increasingly small window that is "primetime".
  5. Ele was meta in WvW for most of the life of this game, where as engy for example did not have a proper meta build for the first 6 or so years of this game, until they eventually reworked scrapper. The notion that Anet "hates" ele is absolutely laughable.
  6. ESO has terrible PvP, even by the low standards of MMOs, not least because for some bizarre reason they went with 3 teams in a match rather than 2 teams, which basically renders battlegrounds busted on a fundamental level. ESO also has the magnificent achievement of despite being 2 years younger than GW2 of having even less players still playing Cyrodil than this game has in WvW, which tells you how bad that is. And I hate to break it to you, but PvP in MMOs is basically a failure anyway. I guess as a weird niche for psychotic accountants EVE Online does its thing quite well, but the small tea
  7. The only people who don't find that a "no game experience" are roleplayers, which granted is pretty much anyone or any guild still playing WvW regularly at this point. For anyone who even vaguely values decent PvP (i.e a PvP gamer), rolling over another group is still a "no game experience". Which basically highlights why WvW (and RvR in general) is such a miserable failure. A "PvP" game that doesn't actually appeal to PvP gamers, as most of the time the PvP is boring, low skilled, one sided trash, because it lacks the mechanisms to produce competitive PvP on any regular basis.
  8. Seems we have a lot of new players here. The combat, class skills/traits, mechanics, etc were originally designed around PvP, because Anet's original "vision" was PvP was the serious bit, whilst PvE / WvW were the casual fun (they even made a virtue of the game not having "toxic" raids). Which is why early in the game when the devs (Jon Peters, etc) used to do Twitch streams going through the balance patches, the vast majority of the changes were justified in relation to the PvP meta. It is also why Sacrx a "famous" WvW player who was in alpha, made a notorious video about the neglect of WvW f
  9. WvW has been dead for years (at least on EU), unless you are a roleplayer with very lower standards. It is basically a primetime only game (and even then it is mostly pretty pitiful), most matchups are so bad they are that level people used take the week off back when the game was healthier. Basically WvW is a flawed game mode, but for the first 4 or so years of the game there were enough tryhard players / guilds to paper over the issues and make it playable, the vast majority of those players left (or play once in a blue moon), the game mode was done. PvP took longer to hit that level of decl
  10. I'll have to build a time machine to go find top tier guild groups. Now, if I want to watch mediocre guilds with plenty of players who got farmed by TA, LaG, etc back in the day, roleplay at being "top tier" against zergs that are largely not even mediocre (even for zergs), then 2020 is primetime.
  11. Depends on one's definition of "good", I mean I wouldn't describe players who got farmed by TA, LaG, etc as 'good', yet that describes the vast majority of "good" veterans. When you have an 8 year old dead(ish) game mode, that is relatively low skilled and even by the low standards of WvW is competitively a joke, then mediocre players can appear as "good".
  12. I went "roaming" on my deadeye the other day, the combo of stealth, mobility and ranged damage are the holy trinity of getting carried (for roaming) in an open world(ish) game mode, they along with a huge slice of spammable immobilise cheese carried me so, so hard. The balance to those of course is conquest, where they are balanced out by you fighting over capture points, small maps, lots of LOS, only 5 players on each side, etc, but that of course is absent in WvW. I really wonder how bad one has to be at video games not to understand concepts like risk vs reward, but then again GW2 players
  13. maybe because most of this people are also better in any aspect of the game then the devs, have better understanding of max potential of class mechanics, better overall knowledge... downstate WILL stay for sure, because gw2 is a casual game that is designed around giving bad players help and hindering good players to use their full potential. thats also the reason this game never had a halfway serious e sport scene. GW2 players who think they are "good" and have "understanding" of the game are mostly prime examples of the Dunning-Kruger effect. These threads are a fine example of that, I mean
  14. It is faster. And thats what makes any fight so... hollow. No soul. I fought this morning and its like running in zombie mode. Switch off the brain, kill and move on. Sometimes I just moved on before they even died, just condi burst when running past lol. Since the enemy is equally running like a pack of rabid dogs, its not like you can stop anyway. There is no satisfaction to actually killing players. Its like killing NPCs. Heres the typical scenario after getting someone down with downstate:Whats my HP, am I good enough to perform a stomp?What class is he, what do I need to consider him bein
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