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  1. To be fair, pretty much everyone who plays WvW as their main thing is garbage (more so than ever in 2022), it's basically a self-selecting sample at this point. So whether it's organised garbage or disorganised garbage, it's still just garbage.
  2. The combat mechanics were designed around sPvP, of course they become imbalanced with 15 - 50 clowns running around in a ball, they weren't designed for that. And that is never going to change, because WvW never has been and never will be a priority.
  3. It makes zero sense to have the same skill balance between sPvP and WvW they are very different game modes, with very different balance requirements. To take an example of the differing balance requirements, let's take engy as that is the subject of this thread and go back to vanilla when skill balance was the same between game modes. For a good chunk of that Engy was getting nerfed every balance patch, because in sPvP it was a very strong sidenoder (the Teldo build for example). So those nerfs were applying to anyone who played engy in WvW. For which engy was considered one of the
  4. I hate to shatter your little roleplaying session, but most of the PvP playerbase left before HoT was even released. Which is why there is no team queue, because they decided the population was too small to support both a team queue and a solo/duo queue. That is some top level hypocrisy there, congrats.
  5. Rubbish, the PvP population in this game has been declining since a couple of months into the game (previously mentioned temporary boosts aside), the laughably bad "team" queue did nothing to arrest that, which is why they couldn't have a proper team queue and a solo queue, the pop was too low. Irony. 😉
  6. The only snowflakes are the roleplayers who think themepark MMORPGs are anything but a joke as competitive PvP games and then complain when that reality hits them. The laughable "team" queue that was in this game was a fine example of that, as is being able to switch classes, as is the completely compromised balance / design since HoT, as is the lack of restrictions on who could queue together (both team / duo) and so on. Which is why other than temporary boosts through things like F2P, the novelty of leagues, legendary rewards, etc the PvP population of this game has been in decli
  7. Erm, no, I don't expect GW2 to have the numbers of WoW. The comparison is with GW2 itself and you were the one who brought "numbers" into it with your quote from the stream - "Memes about WvW being dead are just memes, WvW actually has one of the most healthy population numbers in the game". If WvW truly has "one of the most healthy population numbers in the game", then the game is in a weak state, because WvW is in a laughably bad state. Primetime is shorter than ever, outside prime activity is pitifully low most of the time, there are less guilds than ever, etc. (on E
  8. Not really, games with pitifully low numbers of players (less than I assume GW2 has) still put out expansions, do reworks, etc, such as the aforementioned LOTRO. As such work being done on a game does not magically equate to a strong, thriving population.
  9. LOTRO still makes expansions and hires people, it doesn't change that its population is pitiful. As is the state of WvW, so if that it one of the "healthiest" parts of the game, then the game population is in a pretty weak state overall.
  10. In that case the entire game is in trouble.
  11. LOL, ESO has the worst performance of any alleged AAA MMORPG I've ever played, their forum has had constant threads about how Cyrodil is unplayable (especially in primetime), streamers rage quit over the performance with skills not going off, attacks hitting them mid dodge roll, etc. And what a surprise, I look at recent posts on their forum and just 20 minutes ago we had this beauty (https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/583670/another-disgraceful-night-in-cyrodiil) with some of the what people were saying in chat in Cyrodil tonight about the "performance".
  12. The Dunning-Kruger is strong in this one.
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