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  1. Yes, as combo fields and finishers fell by the wayside, so too did real conscious choices. If you look at the main supports, firebrand and scrapper, they have so much stuff baked in for free that they're not forced to be selective about what they bring. Maybe I'm overestimating WvW. You used to have to be tactical. Wall of Reflection lasts so long as well and on such a short cooldown. I think scrapper is pretty overloaded at the moment, hence why tempest is a second-rate support especially after they reduced the target cap on overloads back down to 5 again. Edit: Not to beat a dead horse
  2. I'm so silly, I was just about to add that. I totally forgot about Tempest. Re: your second paragraph, that's precisely the point and I agree. Immobilise is one possible hard counter to superspeed, except the sheer amount of cleanse either through removal or conversion - again, scrapper - means that it's not reliable or realistic. Yes, IoL is easy to see on a buff bar if you manage to target the player. I don't have any problem with things like Signet of Undeath because it's single-target and casting it puts the necro in a precarious position. Ele Glyph is okay and it's standardised
  3. No other class besides mesmer can provide group-wide superspeed reliably anyway (hence why we leave druid out of this). And without even looking at boons or other mechanics, my question is given 1) the sheer strength of superspeed and 2) the fact there is no counter, should it really be so accessible and so frequently applied? With enough scrappers, 100% uptime from utilities, not elite skills, with a 20 second cooldown. That doesn't sound busted to you? As for rez utilities, I won't get into it because the poll is more about what other people think. But it's worth pointing out that they'
  4. TO START, this is lengthy and I know this topic has been done to death, so sorry. But if you do read it all, much love and many thanks... This post largely reflects my experience playing elementalist for the last 4 or 5 years and focusses largely on staff on weaver in largescale WvW. Some of it may be relevant to PvE too, I don't know. I've made far too many posts saying the same thing over and over in the hopes of gaining more traction. I think it's normal to disagree and often, when I see thoughtful suggestions about reworking staff, I do disagree because I think there are simpler solut
  5. Look at the traits: By contrast, the Tempest line has 3 traits relating to auras. Sure, Tempest can provide AOE auras without taking Powerful Aura and, in a support role, it synergises well with Catalyst. But Catalyst is also about aura augmentation and aura generation, except here you have to combine fields and finishers rather than pressing a button. Sure, I agree that auras on Catalyst are more selfish, more versatile, and more offensively-oriented depending on your trait setup. At the moment, Catalyst isn't great at generating its own auras using combos and finishers... i
  6. Last thing to add for now re: Augments. In their current state, they are not fun, they are not exciting, they are not rewarding. Looking back at previous elite specs and their utility skills, I can't see people thinking, "Wow, that augment is really strong, I'm going to spec Catalyst just for that, it's such a good skill." But moreover, they're hamstringed because the bonus effects are contingent on setting them up with the F5; they're tied to the Jade Sphere (which has its own problems). I was trying to think earlier: what utility skills have we seen in the past that have been so limited
  7. I mainly play WvW (and sometimes PvP) and so I've posted my thoughts and impressions with that in mind. Currently, there's a whole slew of things wrong with Catalyst, many of which have probably already been mentioned in this thread: Augments range from worthless to flawed. Both the base and bonus conditional effects tied to lingering around the Jade Sphere are underwhelming. The cast times make them clunky and inconvenient to use and fit into a rotation: for instance, Relentless Fire has a limited benefit for skills with long cast times like Meteor Shower and is very easy to cancel-cast
  8. To add to FrownyClown's comment, the press kit is also on MassivelyOP.
  9. Thanks for the clarification. Re: certain skills like Flame Burst, I think it's possible that ANet are willing to let some things slip through the cracks if no acceptable solution can be implemented. Food for thought, is total consistency even possible? Probably not. Some time ago, I remember reading complaints about the instant-cast aspect of Lightning Strike (Ele, scepter air 2); like almost everything else, it had its coefficients shaved down such that the lack of a cast time became a non-issue. If it doesn't do silly damage, people are less inclined to bring it up.
  10. I think my central point still stands. There should be proper telegraphs on all skills. I agree. You've raised another excellent point that someone brought up in-game yesterday, which is that although grenades can be reflected, the way it currently works is very janky such that one cannot rely on reflects as a counter.
  11. No torches, Jski.............. Bad Jski!
  12. It would just be nice because I'm really sick and tired of having to manage my placement/movement as is in a zerg fight, where there are already tens of red circles to keep track off, and then you get engis who just strafe and spam grenades. This game is full of visual clutter. And you can't even see them until it's too late. You certainly feel them though. PLEASE, ANET. ADD RED CIRCLES TO GRENADES. AND WHILE WE'RE AT IT, CAN YOU 'NORMALISE' TREBUCHET, CATAPULTS, AND MORTAR DAMAGE TO PLAYERS? You've already done this with arrow carts.
  13. ...If not, can we get red circles added to all engi grenades please and thank you?
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