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  1. "This is a place of refuge, not a den of iniquity."
  2. While we're at it, a few more skins would be nice. There are only 6 aquabreather skins per weight. You can just copy some of the existing helmet skins.
  3. Here are my Open Water in Caledon Forest results. As before, I used +100 Bait (not favored by any of the Maguuma Fish), +100 Lure, +150 Fishing Food, and I have all of the Fishing Masteries completed. All of these were completed with 875% Fishing Power. 100 Open Water in Caledon Forest 1 - Pockmarked Vase (Aquatic Trash Collector) 1 - Crumbled Ancient Statue (Aquatic Trash Collector) 1 - Broken Bottle (Aquatic Trash Collector) 1 - Piece of Driftwood (Aquatic Trash Collector) 1 - Broken Fishing Hook (Aquatic Trash Collector) 1 - Rotten Fish Head (Aquati
  4. I'm doing some testing today in Caledon Forest. I used +100 Bait (not favored by any of the Maguuma Fish), +100 Lure, +150 Fishing Food, and I have all of the Fishing Masteries completed. 100 Saltwater Fishing Nodes (to build fishing stacks) 1 - Piece of Driftwood (Aquatic Trash Collector) 1 - Rotten Fish Head (Aquatic Trash Collector) 2 - Golden Merlion Statuettes (Aquatic Treasure Collector) 1 - Antique Diving Helm (Aquatic Treasure Collector) 1 - Tarnished Bronze Astrolabe (Aquatic Treasure Collector) 4 - Oscar (Maguuma Fisher) 3 - Silver Drum
  5. I just don't understand this complaint every time it comes up. The boss spawns at XX:20. It has a CC phase, a full minute Invulnerability phase, then a burn phase. Even with the most efficient players in the world, it cannot possibly die in seconds due to the Invulnerability phase.
  6. I don't think it's feasible to have the players make impactful choices in an MMO since we all have to reach the same point. For example, a lot of us would like to have executed Joon for her attempts on our life. How would ArenaNet have written the rest of the story to cover both players who executed Joon and those who chose to work with her?
  7. I enjoy the timegates that allow me to make money off players who are too impatient for timegates.
  8. I use Arborstone. I get 4 charges from a zipline inside and go out the south entrance. Both stations are right there. There are also two batteries and a zipline nearby, giving you a total of 6 uses (1 hour, 30 minutes) of each station.
  9. Another note on the movement speed topic. I'm playing through The Scenic Route on my Herald right now. I have Facet of Elements on me, giving Swiftness to myself, Mai Trin, and Marjory. Due to the forced slowdown of my character, I can't keep up with them.
  10. While I can understand the logic behind this, I still believe it should be up to the player to decide how the game flows. If I want to run ahead and engage the next enemy while an NPC is giving their speech, I should be able to. If I want to shadowstep from Braham to Rytlock at Marjory's and Kasmeer's wedding announcement party, I should be able to. If I want to run around and get every NPC giving their speech simultaneously, I should be able to. I personally take it slow and listen to everyone on the first playthrough. On the second, I like to speed things up as much as possible. This design
  11. While not exactly story content-related, I have to question the design choice to limit the player character's movement options throughout various parts of the story, including the last chapter. We are forced to walk instead of run and our skills are disabled. Compare this to the last chapter of Path of Fire, in which we could run and use movement skills. It's a completely unnecessary irritation for the player. For the players who actually enjoy being slowed down like this, the option is always there to walk and not use your movement skills.
  12. Caithe/Faolain would like a word with you about going through terrible things and a deserved happy story completion.
  13. I stand corrected. I forgot they were not part of Factions. The Commander finding their ideology inconvenient is not in question. Had ArenaNet chosen different words, like they did in Beyond, it wouldn't have broken immersion. Or am I misremembering that too? Were the words "bigot" and "fascist" used in Beyond to describe the Ministry of Purity NPCs?
  14. I could accept that the increased inclusiveness isn't political in nature. However, the utilization of modern buzz words currently used to insult politically right-leaning individuals doesn't fall under the umbrella of inclusiveness. Having part of a main story quest labelled "Beat up the bigot" or having the player character choose a line of dialog that says: "It's fascist-smashing time!" seems political rather than inclusive. While it's been years since I last played through Guild Wars: Factions, I don't recall either term being used to describe the Ministry of Purity NPCs. If I'
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