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  1. I completed all nine professions with those. The blood of those ~9000 pocket raptors are on your hands, ArenaNet.
  2. Just got the achievement a few minutes ago on instance: I lost track of how many times I had killed Vespara, but it was at least 12.
  3. I just killed Vespera again. I got credit for A Record of War: Strength, but not for Envious Reprieve.
  4. Is this intentional design? Gift of Skywatch Archipelago - Map Completion of Skywatch Archipelago or completing Illuminating Skywatch Archipelago Gift of Amnytas - Map Completion of Amnytas or completing Illuminating Amnytas Gift of Inner Nayos - Completing Illuminating Inner Nayos If so, why the change/inconsistency?
  5. If they can add a mechanism to deal with AFKer's, then this is a good idea. Add progress upon completion of a round. It will give players an incentive to stay until the end rather than quit when their team starts losing.
  6. Quartz Crystal Home Instance Node. Please no more Luck! Many of us end with several thousand or more every year and we only have this festival to use them.
  7. My point was that if they were trying to save money by cutting down on voice lines, why did they make her so verbose in Convergences?
  8. I'm fairly sure this wasn't a cost cutting measure, considering how verbose Zojja's dialogue is during Convergences.
  9. How about a Relic of Turai Ossa? It can provide Veil Sight. It doesn't reveal the player, so only the one with Veil Sight benefits rather than the whole group. It also allows stealth attacks, so that functionality remains intact.
  10. I didn't experience the bug with the 10 Greater Arcane Chests, but I just got it after completing Defeat 10 Enemy Champions in the Horn of Maguuma.
  11. I completed this by going through the Great Jungle Wurm once and then the following wurms on a repeated cycle: Frostmaw, the Champion Ice Wurm under the Durmand Priory, and the Giant Undersea Ice Wurm. I tried to find a few other champion wurms, but they were never up as I hopped into their maps. It took less than two hours, otherwise I would have gone for the Great Jungle Wurm again.
  12. I just participated in a Crab Toss match in which none of us could pick up the crab. We could bash the crates and utilize the contents. We ended up just sitting around until the timer ran out with everyone having 0 score.
  13. The Weekly Rift Hunting achievements reset a few hours ago with the weekly reset. I'm not detecting any rifts in Elon Riverlands, Domain of Istan, or Straits of Devastation. I saw others reporting the same experience.
  14. This is a huge improvement over End of Dragons! I didn't Alt+Tab once out of the game once while playing through this story. I lost count of how many times I did that during End of Dragons. I expect I'll have all five of my characters through the story by the end of the month.... something that took 18 months for End of Dragons. I had to "force" myself to do it.
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