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  1. i'm afraid that by ogden's hammer, that never existed.
  2. also let's not forget he was the patron god of water elementalists, who gifted them with superior ice magic. while they couldn't heal allies back in the time of the searing, the modern variants that provide the most healing and protection wouldn't exist without their predecessors. another fun fact: many of the guardian's powers were originally derived from balthazar, who gifted those powers to the monks.
  3. i think there's another potential solution, would be to simply make agony resistance work like magic find. you would be able to increase it account-wide by consuming agony infusions, and temporarily increase it per-character using buffs such as the tear of alba.
  4. i think the issue with the complete collection is i see alot of players confusing it for the ultimate bundle that includes only the expansions. its very hard to get anyone into the game with this system, especially when they make the mistake early on of buying the wrong "best edition". i've invited dozens of players to the game over the years, and they always quit at living world when the episodes are missing. i don't know what the proper solution is, if bundling is the right idea or not (i think it would be), but maybe not calling it ultimate would be a good start..? if its not the ultimate edition, then it shouldn't carry that name because it becomes nothing but newbie trap.
  5. i think i already had maybe 5 fps at tyria pride with character model limit set to highest, so this is maybe not such a good idea. it seems to me like the character models are already the biggest drain on resources in the game, if you don't have them hidden, and we don't really need that to get any worse? that said, a modern re-texturing would probably be welcome, as long as it doesn't change the look of the characters too much!
  6. i think they just need to expand the current account upgrades from 45 agony resist to 150 so that once you're a fractal god you never have to think about it again, and getting even the first tier of the titles would be a substantial boost to any newer player in regards to agony resistance.
  7. i feel like they need to add more battlegrounds-style maps instead of more tiers. players just don't like the borderlands maps very much because their design makes them slow to find any action, compared to just walking about half the distance on ebg to find a fight twice the intensity. it will always be the more desired map format because its fast-paced and action-oriented, just like the game itself.
  8. well, he still has twice the amount of health as cairne with half the players' worth of damage output, i think the only reason it feels easy is because of experienced meta comps and no phases, since if he was phasing all the time like on silent surf then his health would still feel way too high. i knew it would be like this though because he's always just been a dps golem with some hot potato mixed in.
  9. there's already three sets of sandals in game if you want them: the new tropical sandals (gemstore), the sanctified boots, and the raven shoes. also, if you're light armor you can wear the tribal walkers and just forgo footwear entirely, wearing only ankle bracelets.
  10. i think the most featured legion in the personal story is iron legion, and then the blood legion from rytlock brimstone and later in icebrood saga. unfortunately, the ash legion never really gets much exposure, though they do have a few key players on the field during the notable conflicts.
  11. i think that internally the game uses multiples of 256 for everything in the database, since it was a traditional programming method up until the mid-2000s. for example, even though your materials can stack up to 250, its more than likely stored as 0-255 in the database with a bit of extra space. however, bank tabs have a strange number of storage slots (30), so 17 tabs is just shy of 512 despite all the odd numbers involved. you should beware however that bank tabs are a bit of a raw deal, and that you get much more milage out of character slots. to purchase a bank tab you have to spend 600 gems and get only 30 slots, while if you spend 800 gems you get 90-100 slots on a new character (with cheap bags only), so unless you really need to move stuff back and forth between different alts easily, you're much better off just creating more mules for long-term storage. i think you can also create up to 70(?) characters on an account which is something like over 6,000 slots with 18-slot bags, which is a bit more than 500. 😛
  12. i think its really fun when you're in a party without using basic view, and someone's buffs are covering nearly the entire screen. 😞
  13. i think you can go to the pvp lobby at level 2(?) and you immediately have access to all possible builds (with a few differences), so you can feel free to try each class out on the golems there or even enter some unranked pvp matches to get a feel for how each class plays after grabbing a loadout from metabattle. it won't be the same in pve of course, but its an easy way to test them all out with only one slot available.
  14. please don't remove anything else from the game! i feel like its already been sanitised so much, and everything has become so basic. 😞
  15. i think you're confusing damage spikes with damage per second, which is how dps is measured. you can do alot of burst but still have a very low dps rating! i feel like nearly every fight in the game is more about sustained damage rather than burst, except fractals, and even in fractals all of the damage-dealing players have to coordinate their burst windows or you'll still have to fall back on sustained damage for a time. that said, even 10-15k is a very low burst, as a good burst is probably in the 80-120k range.
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