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  1. the mounts aren't automatically unlocked by default except the raptor, the rest all require you to do quests in the expansions to earn them.
  2. i think my biggest complain is that it covers too much, as usual. when will they grasp the concept that many charr and norn players don't want to be fully covered? nearly everything they wear makes them look like a walking metal box. i get that culturally, the blood legion charr would wear stuff like this, but the other two legions wouldn't, and the norn wouldn't wear stuff like this at all as you can tell by their cultural armors where even the heavy set is revealing! i guess we're supposed to be happy that the metal box doesn't have a buttcape this time, but it still has those awful football shoulderpads so *shrug*.
  3. i think you need a tier six power core to use the second jade bot slot. you can buy one off the trading post for some gold.
  4. i'l try not to be too harsh about this, but there's only so nicely i can put this.. here we are, its now 2024 and many boons like protection, regeneration, swiftness, alacrity and quickness still stack in duration instead of by intensity. the original stability change was made for good reason, and it seemed like back then the developers understood having just one stack of a boon to give full potential wasn't a good idea, so why is it that all these years later you can still instantly cast a full set of boons at maximum power (except might, of course) in all game modes? take alacrity for example, instead of simply removing it in wvw you could make it so one stack is just 5%, and it doesn't extend duration but instead stacks up to 10% when you use it again and so on, making it very difficult for healers to maintain it at full power and full uptime but still allowing it to be of some use during fights. similarly, all of the boons that stack in duration have an issue like this, especially those related to movement and attack speed. instead we've gone back to just nuking fun things from orbit or just outright deleting them as the only viable balance situation, why? you already tried this in pvp with the amulets and it pretty much destroyed all build diversity in the game mode and probably lead to the death of the mode long-term. it's not just the competitive modes it hurts, its also why there's so much monotonous support builds in pve instead of interesting ones, and it contributes alot to why both the damage and healing/sustain numbers have simply become too high, or even too low and some builds just aren't played at all. if you want to fine tune the balance then you need to have more granularity and not just have everything either be "on" or "off".
  5. i like the wild west approach, say anyone welcome and to say their role. when they join, sort them according to their role and if they lack a boon or something, say "good luck sub2". if someone has higher toughness thank the tank tell them, "you;'re the tank now, have fun." it's a video game, you don't have to play it perfectly and with all the powercreep you will clear anything if you do the mechanics.
  6. i agree, as a ranger my pet should be huge, glowing a bright color and take up all available effect real-estate with rediculous particle animations.
  7. i think this game uses around 6-8gb of memory by itself (i'm pretty sure 6gb is the bottom line on medium settings), and requires 3-4gb of video memory as well. modern operating systems need about 2gb just for background tasks without any applications running, then you need another 6-8gb for a web browser and such, and if you don't have at least 4gb of video memory then some of your system memory will be used as a shader and texture swap area. furthermore, if you completely max out your memory then you don't have a disk cache, which is infinitely faster than even a solid state drive. this is one of the main reasons at least 16gb of memory is recommended for a gaming computer and 24-32gb for keeping applications open and having plenty of disk cache. for now, i think you can lower the shader and texture settings to radically reduce the amount of system and video memory used by the game (we used to do this on 32-bit). that said, the game shouldn't ever crash unless for some reason you disabled virtual memory in the windows settings. its also possible your system has been infected with malware that is using up resources in the background.
  8. i think during bloodstone fen its also confirmed the pact commander cleared spirit vale if you talk to the people near the blood ruby vendor? the white mantle and mursaat storyline conclusions in living world were also loose continuations of these raid stories. i feel like everything points to the pact commander having cleared raid wings 1-4, although 5-7 are much more ambiguous.
  9. are you sure it has nothing to do with quickness, alacrity, permanent swiftness uptime, relic of speed, and teleport spam, all on full damage builds? there's only so much attack and movement speed creep that a game can handle, especially one without a global cooldown and with alot of instant cast skills. on my elementalist for example, i can count like five skills i can cast all at the same time if i wanted to, and just blow someone up in 1-2sec. the only defense they have against it is to fly away like the flash, heal up and come back, which is just as bad. basically the entire game has come to revolve around rapid burst for damage, and rapid movement to avoid it, with no real sustained damage or defense anywhere, let alone tactical play. there's still strategic play at least, but its also been heavily inflated by movement creep since rotations are now like driving around in a car. groups can move between locations so fast that they can 4v or 5vx the enemy team without losing anything since they just drive right back in time to prevent captures. i never thought i'd see the day where blobbing from point to point is a viable strategy in pvp. i recommend watching videos on youtube of pvp and wvw from about 2013; the game was at least half as slow as it is now. it was so slow in comparison that groups rarely managed to hit 500 points by a timeout, whereas now you're lucky if you get a 7-8 minute game that is even remotely even.
  10. spoilers for heart of thorns, living world season 3 and secrets of the obscure the woodland cascades are part of kryta, and also contain the bastion of the penitent, also known as raid wing four. its confirmed in secrets of the obscure that the pact commander defeated deimos in lore, which means the pact has been active in the cascades for half a decade, and on top of what happened in hirathi hinterlands and lake doric, its no wonder the centaur storyline was scrapped as there just wasn't much meat to it anymore. i think the most we could hope for is to see the centaur homelands and it probably wouldn't even be that hostile at this point. as for why humans were there, well humans were once spread across the entire world and i imagine many of these settlements still remain (or did, until recently). we even know that there's likely still another human civilisation out in the far west of central tyria called sunrise crest. its important to remember that the elder dragons were only active around central tyria itself, likely because of the bloodstones, so from what we know its actually the immediate area around lion's arch which has been ravaged the most by their existence. the rest of the world is probably largely unscathed aside from the side effects on the entire planet such as excess ley energy and a brief global void uprising during end of dragons.
  11. i think you're supposed to spread the greens and then stack a certain number of players in each, so its a combination of orange and green mechanic. its the version used in the secrets of the obscure strike missions (dagda and cerus) that doesn't work correctly and just lets you stack everyone together. the open-world versions all seem to work as intended.
  12. i think that's true only for agony resistance, all other +stat infusions are extremely cheap, and you can even get +72 stats directly from the laurel merchant for nothing if you don't want to bother farming the wvw infusions for the full +90 in open-world, dungeons, raids and strike missions. presumably this was to go along with the vertical progression of fractals, however even that is moot as the cosmetic infusions are cheaper.
  13. i think this isn't necessary, we just need legendary-quality infusions that work across all characters.
  14. this only affects starting groups of your own, so if you have sufficient agony resistance you can join any group even at fractal level 1. it means you can't use the lfg due to it being grayed out, but all you need to do is be in party with someone who can, like a guild member, or just ask for a group. this is why you see players saying "lfg t4 dailies" in say chat in lion's arch or mistlock sanctuary.
  15. i knew players who had the yakslapper tile before the changes were made, somehow.
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