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  1. I agree with you about the Sylvari ... but what I do is have different characters for different content .... so Sylvari for the jungle, Norn for the snowy parts ... I made a human thief (daredevil) so I can weild a spear (be a sunspear) for the Elona content etc ... I have an asura for just he asura techy stuff, like the fractals ... charr for murdering ghosts in ascalon (was so excited when icebrood saga started out charr focused) you dont need to have a main
  2. I was watching some lore videos on the asura, and how they were living in proximity to the Mursaat, architecture similar, magics similar ... so then I thought, well if the exalted were humans that sort of transformed due to the ED threat ... why not the asura transforming into the Mursaat in the previous cycle? And considering how long ago it was, it's realistic to expect this connection to be lost. Especially in the records of the dwarves, if we imagine a scenario where only the asura elite became Mursaat and then interacted with the other races, while the other asura remaining hidden. The as
  3. So we have the Eye of the North ... don't know who built it ... all we know it has this unique magical pool there. So what I'm thinking, what about other "Eyes" being in the world? Like the Eye of the South somewhere south of Cantha where the humans came from when first arriving to Tyria. I'm getting some "palantir" (lord of the rings) vibes here.
  4. This has probably been discussed before ... but considering how all the ED transform their minions to whatever their attunement is, it makes sense for the dwarves turning to stone be the same process. I also remember Ogden explaining how turning to stone through the ritual the dwarves are stripped of part of themselves, their individuality, although I can't seem to find the exact quote now. Thoughts?
  5. try playing saints row 4 ... that game is silly all cool all over
  6. I was looking at a particular skin I want to get and it has a date noted that it's about to hit the gemstore ... but, how do people know this?
  7. as long as they the recipes and ingredients are up to date thanks
  8. When I look for guides they're all 5-8 years old, and I'm not sure if those are still applicable. I wouldn't want to buy ingredients that I won't be able to use at one point do to some changes having been made since the old guide came out.
  9. Hi everyone I'm going over achievements in HoT and there's one for the final mission that requires 5 players and makes the fight extra difficult. I tried using the ingame group finder but that doesn't really work ... and I wasn't sure where to ask in the forums here. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  10. Necro and guardian are both very solid choices once you get to lv80 and get into elite spec ... the necro especially is an unstoppable killing machine
  11. The devs have kinda toned down the innate supremacist tendencies of certain races so it doesn't go in the way of their storytelling ... Realistically speaking, it's only a matter of time before the asura and charr go on the offensive ...
  12. The five "races" aren't genealogically related at all ... so they aren't races like we have human races. Also when discussing them, we shouldn't be capitalizing the first letter ... human isn't Human, so why are the asura ... Asura ... or Charr ... and I keep seeing this everywhere.
  13. What do you play the necro on? Maybe you picked the wrong race for it? Mine is an asura. I also enjoy the asura very much, especially the GW1 version of them ... I'm replaying the game again with a new asura eng, I aim to get him to holosmith ... feels immersive enough. Sadly there aren't many maps that are asura focused ... HoT is very Pact/Sylvary focused, PoF is very much huan focused, and everything in the north is either for charr or the norn ... the asura basically got the worst of it basically, being an assura pact commander also doesn't feel right ... not to mention being Glint's/Auren
  14. GW2 world has a lot of fanfic potential ... so I was wondering is it possible, like does some software tool exist, where I could animate GW2 character and world to create my own scenes? And later add voiceover to create fanfic videos?
  15. My old mouse had two buttons on the side which were amazing for those skills above the skill bar. I'm hoping to find something similar.Around 50$ budget please.
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