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  1. No, I like mini games in fishing and dont want some boring afk feature where you "relax". Fishing is good just the way it is.
  2. OMG yes.... Gw2 aesthetic is really ruined by all those blinding supernova effects and its 1 of the things that puts me off about GW2. Please Anet, give us option to remove weapon,armor and aura effects... 😞
  3. I love it actually, this sort of diversity works for FF XIV so can work for this too. I just hope its not complete shift but just tied to this region.
  4. I agree,mounts are just perfect and i never even cared about them before POF come out.They look cool,they got cool animations and movement ( Yes,i like how they move,entire controls makes you feel like you really riding a mount.Good joob Anet,just please,don't make any skins or mounts that looks "cute".That would be horrible.
  5. I agree,there is no meta events and no reason to stick to this maps after you finish story :/
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