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  1. The beauty of mounts in gw2 is that they're for a specific purpose, You also don't pick the skyscale for it's swimming ability or the jackal for it's flying ability... Do you want a giant turtle to zoom as fast as a rollerbeetle past you? How is this a LOL, it's been known since it was announced and it's pretty much a selling-feature. Now it's just feeling like a copy-paste troll post honestly. If you hate EoD that much just don't buy the expansion, nobody would enjoy reading the map chat all filled up with this whining by people like you that are this p
  2. I would honestly be a little weirded out if they *didn't* add some more lines for shiro there. Big missed opportunity if they would skip it.
  3. let's ask the art teams to fix WvW, makes sense. You can also think of it like this, You can have a) new cosmetics and no alliances today or b) no new cosmetics and still no alliances today.
  4. maybe? But if it is i feel like they'd still make multiple living world seasons after it. And we already know that those can add tons of content to the game (and even mounts!) So i wouldn't at all worry that the End of Dragons is the End of Guildwars 2 personally though i'd hope for another expansion at some point in the future if it makes sense story wise, and we don't know how this one will pan out so it's too early to say..
  5. Thank you for this!I think it would be an amazing feature I tried making a thread on it on reddit here but i guess, perhaps because i messed up with the original image link a bit by linking a gallery instead or something, it didn't get that much feedback and arenanet likely didn't spot it. Some people seemed to really disagree even based on the idea that it'd increase the ammount of "eye-sores" in game ... guess i'm an irl eye-sore then...
  6. I would love being able to edit my beard colour independently from my hair colour, This would add tons to immersion as well! If i want to create myself for instance i'd then be able to make the beard dark reddish brown while keeping my hair dirty blonde (A common natural colour combo actually in many places in europe ) .I also know of many that dye their hair and not their beard and vice versa. Include this feature please Arenanet!
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