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  1. @Zawn.9647 Thanks for the answer, unfortunatly i always hated playing mesmer, never was able to get one to 80 without deleting it :/
  2. Hey @saerni.2584 thanks for the advice! necro has been my favorite class all the time i've played. My main problem with it now is that it,s currently, as i hear, really difficult for necros to get into PUGs, and since i want to eventually do high fractals and raids, i feel like it might be better to play somethign else. Cause i'll be honest, i've tried some things:Warrior: Both condi and power builds i found to be rather boring. Power was playable but condi had me sleepy.Ranger: cant really speak since i dont have SB yetEle: wayy to complex i get headaches
  3. Thanks for all the input :) I think i have made my desicions, i will dable and play around with a few builds. Now i just gotta watch some gearing guides cause i have no clue how to gear my characters lol
  4. I know for sure i wont play Druid, doesnt fit my playstyle, i'm nnot much of a healer. Berserker Condi doesnt interest me much to main as i want to start with a power build to relearn the game ^^
  5. Thanks for your answer ^^I was really tempted by soulbeats because it looks aweosme and it interested me since it's announcement. As far as Warrior goes, i know Power warrior (may it be core, berserker or SB) is a thing in PVP and WvW, but what about fractals and raid? all i ever see people pl;ay on those is condi and banners?IS power sB or berserker viable in a high-end PvE environment? Cause i plan on touching to every game mode.
  6. Hi! i played GW2 a bit in 2013-2014, and am returning now. I have these level 80 characters : Warrior, necro, Ranger and Ele.I am looking for advice on wich in between these 4 professions should be my main and my alt.What i am looking for in my main:-Simple (i have to get back into it) Power based (Condi builds are more complicated to me and harder to gear for)Can perform well in all areas of the gameBe melee ( i hate ranged.)What I am looking for in my alt: Condi based Can perform well in any area of the gameMeleeEngagingI own both expensions so i have acces to all elite specs.Please let me k
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