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  1. I don't know what was the plan here, but it's pretty hard to dps when she spends 70% of the time given being untargetable, and the rest being pretty much invulnerable because we have to go get her tail. Maybe we just got unlucky with the attacks because we had to breakbar her twice in the whole meta, not counting the whirl one, but if that's a case, then it's yet another thing to fix. There are too many instances where she dashes on the platform to get to the other end with her tail changing position as well, wait a hot second or maybe 2 if we're lucky, and do it again to change back.
  2. I was looking forward to the elementalist, as I generally have more fun with it than say warrior or revenant. For me, it really underperformed. Let's start with the Sphere. I feel like it suffers from the same problem the Rollerbeetle did when it got released. You start out with 0 energy, and it fills slowly. It lasts long but it feels weak, which only helps in point control situations. Chances are you won't be fighting for 15 seconds in a 400 unit area. A great solution to this would be adding some initial energy, like what revenant has, reducing the duration and improving the eff
  3. Adding a command like /stuck @ or /debug @ could help a lot when an event or event's main character gets stuck in a loop. For example when Ogre Wars happen and they all just stand around, doing nothing, not spawning the pet houses. At that point you're basically f-ed. You can wait till there is a low enough population to get into a new instance. With a command like that it could be forced to restart from last status if in a time period no action happened there.
  4. You'll end up with about 370 extra hero points by the endgame. There is literally zero reason to do that. Might be a bit noob friendly being able to respec any time but this is not call of duty to please the casualest of them all.
  5. Make this into a daily reward from bitterfrost frontier: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Frozen_Exotic_Weapon_FragmentIts an expensive thing so 3 dailys from that map and you get one or smth like that. Some of us still have one laying around :anguished:
  6. A mystic forge recipe for Mystic Clover.Its already really hard to get and risky if you want to do it the "cheap" way. There are a lot of ascended materials that just lay around doing nothing but the droprate is insane. Sure sure its useful for legendary crafting. But not THAT MUCH.Could just combine a stack of Dragonite, Bloodstone and Empyrial to a gift, Airship Oil, Auric Dust and Ley Line spark into another, add obsidian shard and some mystic crystal or smth and bam, a reasonable recipe for a high end material.
  7. Again, if ANet wants an easier time balancing mirage this is an essential step. Thats what Im saying, that would be the go-to options.
  8. Another solution make other alternetives more apealing The point is that it is essential. They cant really make other ones more appealing without making them way too overpowered. Not to say Infinite Horizon is overpowered, its just right, but without it mirage is not mirage. There is no point in ambush skills if only you get it and illusions doesn't.
  9. Mirage is an exciting class to play, but as build goes, there is little to no variation when it comes to impactful decisions on traits. Literally every build out there uses Infinite Horizon because it is so essential to the class. It would be great if it would be a minor trait. No one would sacrifice this trait for the others, so why not just get rid of the sacrifice and embrace its existence?
  10. If its accepted by anet, then at least make its own subsection in the LFG. Lot of us are sick and tired of these guys. My block list is full and I still cant see the actual runs among the loads of sellers.
  11. Straight up fkin amazing! You guys need to do more of the epic scale underground parts and more verticality this way. Tangled Depths was nice with the multiple layers style but it was really irritating to get around. This one just nailed it. It was refreshing to see the ceiling but still have enough space to fly around on gryphon. The whole map flow is absolutely stellar, from the highs connected with massive bridges to the lows with the various structures, no place feels the same or out of place. The story instances are getting shorter and shorter by each episode but they get way more epic an
  12. From what I see, achievement rewards are signatures of a player's dedication. The more dedicated the player to accomplish them, the more reward they get. Or that's how it would feel for a while, but that really staggers at some levels.At the beginning Zenith, Radiant and Hellfire skins are like the most amazing things for newbies. They don't really have skins, and even if they get the basics and then some, they lack the eye candy feeling so it's understandable. When I got my Zenith shield about 3 years ago I was absolutely amazed by it. Nowadays its not a big deal for me, but still got that sw
  13. Well the dodge tutorial does really feel out of place... Sure some minor messages like the trait and utility skill ones are fine.
  14. Problem with a separate tutorial is that it really breaks the immersion. For a lot of players that a deal breaker. There are a lot of examples on how tutorials and stories got intertwined perfectly in single player games.Explaining cc in map chat on meta has one problem. Majority of players wont even read it. Or even if they do, they just ignore it.
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