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  1. As of 12/2/21, Darkhaven has been made to be absurdly, overwhelmingly powerful. This completely ruins WVW. You are either in Darkhaven and automatically win, or you're in another server and at best, you finish a distant second. We can't even get out of our spawn area anymore. Even if you are a thief and sneak out, you are pounced on as soon as you try to flip anything. After trying for hours this week, I just feel like this is no longer a game - it's just work and since I'm not being paid for it, not going to do it anymore. Puzzled as to why Anet would want to drive off customers prior t
  2. So I just spent several hours playing WVW and for Gandara I saw one other player and two bots - this is standard for Sun - Thurs. Opposing us were huge zergs of dozens of players on both sides. This is like playing chess where your opponent starts with all their pieces and you have a couple of pawns. On a whim, I logged in to my old Stormbluff Isle account and there are scores of SI folks running about in WVW. Both servers are 'full,' yet only SI has actual players. Whatever metrics Anet is using to determine WVW player population are broken to the point of uselessness - Gandara is not fu
  3. @Seductive.5741 If that's true, why don't the numbers change?
  4. @Seductive.5741 I stand corrected and I stand proven correct. Gandara suposedly is full with 291 players, yet Baruch Bay has a whopping 516 players and is only very high - it never locks. It is also interesting the other servers get to have more players than Gandara - Seafarer's Rest gets to have 502, Underworld gets 427 (and isn't even full), Riverside 330, Miller's Sound 336, Piken Square 341, Gunnar's Hold 373 - no wonder Gandara is always outnumbered. This is solid proof Anet has it's thumbs on the scale against Gandara and isn't even troubling themselves to hide it. Very valuable in
  5. @Zok.4956 You say it wasn't locked prior to 5/18/2020 - source please - I don't remember it being open then. It's been locked for so long it's a running gag among Gandarans that if it ever opened we'd never forget the exact date and time. Gandara is not over-stacked and it is not over-populated. Whenever you go into WVW there are maybe 5 Gandara players vs 50 players on both the other servers. How does 5 people constitute a overpopulated? Please explain Zok, since you have all the answers.
  6. Just checked - still locked. If it was open recently, I've not heard of it.
  7. The Gandara WVW players want to move en masse to a single server, not in ones and twos to random servers - if it's a server that can be locked, some might get locked out before we are all able to transfer, thus sabotaging our effort to stay together. Gandara has been locked for years. Not kidding - years. Which, of course, is a GOOD thing!
  8. So, obviously we are not allowed to say anything negative about the game, or our comments will be removed, so let's discuss how GOOD it is that the WONDERFUL folks at Anet have perma-locked the Gandara server so that no new players can join. This means that, even though we are always outnumbered on WVW, which is a GOOD thing, our server is still locked for so we can't get any new people to join to help on WVW. Again, this is a GOOD thing and we are very HAPPY with the FINE folks at Anet for making sure we are always vastly outnumbered in WVW. Now, a friend of mine had an interesting suggest
  9. Nevermind. It just showed up. No one knows why. shrug
  10. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Scribing:_Sabotage_Depot says "Acquiring this guild upgrade unlocks the recipe to craft Schematic: Sabotage Depot. Available only to scribes." We have the guild upgrade and I am a scribe with the necessary experience level as a scribe so the recipe should show up, but it's not there. All boxes except the 1st 3 are checked on the scribe station. We've left the instance, logged out, come back in and still that recipe doesn't doesn't show. ???
  11. Probably a dumb question, but I cannot find the answer to this anywhere. My guild just added to our War Room the Schematic: Sabotage Depot upgrade, but it doesn't appear as an option at the scribe. We also added Schematic: Supply Drop, but that one does show up as a scribe option. What am I missing here? Do I have to do something special to get that one to show up? Thanks in advance!
  12. 3,395 hours and I've never seen an ascended chest. I didn't even know such a thing existed until my Comm on wvw mentioned that he gets them all the time in wvw. He gets them all the time while I get them never. That seems fair. :/
  13. Hello. First off, if possible, you'll want to change to another server. Anet's hatred of Gandara is well known and well documented. They always put us against impossibly strong opponents and all we can do is just not play. What's the point in letting other servers farm us? Only time you'll have a chance for something that resembles fair play will be super late night on Friday & Saturday nights when Commander Cormac tags up. Anet has done everything possible to overwhelm Cormac, but so far they have failed. Why Anet hates Gandara so much is anyone's guess, but you'll be better off to
  14. Love it! If they make Mordrem skins for all the mounts, TAKE MY MONEY PLEASE!!!
  15. I don't use the mount anymore, since you get the warclaw's blessing from some kindly idiot who keeps using it, I'm able to launch an attack or whatever instantly without having to dismount Mount is useless now in WVW. Wish I hadn't wasted so much time & energy getting something that used to be extremely useful, but Anet, who are perfect human beings and never make mistakes, decided to spam into oblivion. But Anet destroys the game with each update, so no surprises there. Frankly, don't understand how the WVW mount even slipped past their fun censors - "Can't have mounts in WVW - that s
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