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  1. Here's how I deal with thieves as mesmer. (Mirage in the vid.) The fight vs. a daredevil that cloaks a lot is the second video in the OP. It ends with a draw, but it could've gone either way. Build description is in one of the latest posts I put. Keep in mind this is for mesmers going mirage.
  2. If they add celestial utility, it would be 1.5% bonus or something. No more than 2% definitely. The interesting thing is that the utilities percentage bonuses are derived from other stats. Utilities (the ones we have now) work best with non-celestial stats, working best with gear that peaks in the base stat the percentage will boost in. Example: if toughness is where the percentages are used to improve expertise and concentration, investing a lot in toughness is better than investing in all equally. So a gear stat with toughness, concentration, expertise + a fourth stat will really help.
  3. Knowing that these new elite specs were on the way, it would be difficult to release a major balance patch a few months before EoD. They have 36 Specs to balance now for WvW, 4 for each profession (Core, HoT, PoF, EoD). A lot more reviews need to be dished out after the release of EoD so that the EoD specs can be tweaked more for WvW. Players also need more time to settle in and theory-craft builds and experiment with them. Experienced players are quicker to see what is optimal, but the casuals will take longer time. And, their silence about WvW doesn't mean they don't
  4. I say: Remove the marked after tower/keep capture. Let any cloak-heavy professions/builds with team porting be rewarded with getting away if they're timing their skills right. The problem with WvW is the steam-rolling of blobs from capture-point to capture point. Being a rodent in a keep or castle will help buy time for friendly team to set up defenses on the next possible tower/keep to be hit. Part of the blob or the whole blob may spend time looking for the port-utility users still in the recently captured point. As annoying as it is, WvW needs less hand-holding and more effor
  5. Off-hand sword is for counter play and set-up-offensive play - block with riposte will deal damge to a non-aegis, non-invul target - daze option in a line if targets are in a line. - phantasms chases, strikes, then becomes clone Off-hand pistol is for offensive play and preventative play (cc) - phantasmal duelist (pistol shooter from range) - 3 targets one for stun, one for daze, one for blind. - phantasms shoots, then becomes clone. The sword off-hand daze makes it a little bit of a ranged weapon due to line dazing. The pistol'
  6. Hello again! I am here to show my thoughts on Bladesworn. Its special attack which is both blind-resistant, and unblockable, is too much. It should either be un-blockable, or un-blindable. Just my opinion though. Waiting for others to see their reviews on the other EoD Elite professions. It is not the damage which is the issue. I blinded and prepared a block against a friend playing bladesworn, and I still got hit hard. I think it is too much. For PvE thats cool, but I think for WvW, instead of being unblindable, you can have the skill produce stability charging up, but can still
  7. Could make a boon-condi build out of it. Can work with Chaos Bountiful Disillusionment.
  8. They probably forgot to code it to work with the sigil.
  9. I like it. But I'm wondering, if you don't mind foregoing offense but just focus on support/defense, Could Superior sigil of concentration instead of bursting, help with the boons given to allies? As well as using stats that dish out concentration points for more extended boons instead of extended condi. Expertise is for condi duration. I forgot if concentration helps with outgoing boons. Self-boons i know, but allied boons idk.
  10. I don't mind it tbh. Treat them like signets that appear under nameplates, like when they disappear when activated, but for us it shoots and is no longer above you until recharge. I might read this as a worry it gives more counter-play, allowing the opponent to read your build up before sending the shatter. I suggest to fix it is to have the daggers above the head to have the same ghostly look as phantasms. You kind of see them, but also kind of see through them.
  11. This is a great example of the strengths and weaknesses of this build vs thieves, and how to fight against them. You'll notice in narrow or close environments (with obstruction and buildings), our build has the advantage. But when in open field, they have the advantage. There are two critical moments where we had low health, had there been no allies to help either of us, it could've gone either way, depending on who takes advantage of the ending strike(s), and who reacts properly to survive the high hitting skill.After hundreds to thousands of deaths, and learning from them, it
  12. When I recall, I do remember Untamed tyically stay on LB more now that I think about it. Maybe they'll fix up hammer soon.
  13. Hmm, I thought the weakening and stunning part of it would buy time to stay close quarters.
  14. Coming from the perspective of fighting against them using a non-EoD spec: Willbenders You have become more mobile now to compete against thiefs and mesmers via shadowstep teleports. However, using all of them at once will render you vulnerable to a burst. So spreading out your teleports should help you land your burns alongside other hard hits from non-EoD weapons and skills. Your physical skills lets you last longer in melee range. Lastly you have much more access to swiftness. You are built to catch up to the faster specs. Vindicators You have a theme which
  15. Hello again! Here's another video session with bonus clip(s) for a duel with a cool Virtuoso! It is a win/loss video in one gaming recording. It shows weaknesses and strengths, how best to play how to maneuver, etc. And also... lol dealing with lag :(. Enjoy! I'm treating this thread as a hub for updating on the progress of this build, so far the means of which to use it is getting better and better.
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