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  1. Lul. Unless you are assualted from stealth and get downed in less than 2 seconds. Nope, not unless we get rid of all the one one shot builds.
  2. That's not true. A stomp acts like a channelled attack and usually, when you move, this interrupts this kind of channel. You can easily test this, by starting stomp and moving a little. A teleport should count as movement in this context and interrupt the channel. Executing an attack while stealthed usually reveals you. I understand that with normal attacks, the reveal happens on hit (or miss), so the solution here is kind of consistent, however as a stomp doesn't just damage someone, or even down someone, but it outright kills someone, the rules here should be altered due to the severity
  3. agreed. 🙂 And the side effects on PvE we see are just that. Side effects. However, PvP and WvW are in this game. And especially WvW is monetized and continues to be. We also can assume that the income from this gamemode is relevant, because otherwise it could long have been removed. Which in turn would allow us to replace the current transfer and WvW population and linkup-mechanism with one, that would be a lot more fair. But as things stand we have to assume the income generated from WvW transfers are relevant. I am also confident, that collaboration between the PvP / WVW team and
  4. It is actually very easily avoided. It doesn't even take any skill. The only action you need to take is .... wait! 🧠
  5. I wonder, what is confusing people ... but then again, if it confuses people to wait a few seconds, before they burst on a downed player, this reaction is understandable ...
  6. That is maybe a root cause, but not an excuse. If a design is used in PvP and PvE context, and the primary development team for skills is PvE focused, then the solution should obviously include a better interaction of the PvP and PvE teams. And even I agree that many of the problematic aspects were changed, because especially in the PvP or WvW context they actually do cause actual problems. However, treatment of said problems is not done consistently, and, again, the solutions are incomplete. Why is it not done consistently? If this were done consistently, we would
  7. That's a whole lot of nonsense. People who get into downstate do get punished and not rewarded for it. Yes, there's a few seconds of invulnerability, but before we even start to tackle things like that, things that allow stuff like powers designed to help rez downed allies to work, stuff that allows for downed players to actually trigger their downed skills, we should take a look at way more important things. Like how a single deadeye can keep a whole zerg busy, when trying to catch them inside a keep to prevent them from porting their allies in again. Like how people can come out of
  8. There is a design pattern in recent fixes, balance patches and even event application, that worries me somewhat: Instead of delivering a wholesome solution design, that takes impacts of a change into account, changes are introduced, that leave dependent designs hanging useless in the air. The design changes themselves generally can be seen as good or bad, often a matter of taste. I mean, if you really like mantras for example, of course the recent change of mantra skills is not going to have you cheering. If you like CC, the lack of damage in PvP scenarios is bothersome, b
  9. I cannot confirm, that elementalist os no fun during no downstate. I just recently switched to Tempest and I find it huge fun. Yes, there are some burst-damage builds that come from stealth and kill you in less than 2 seconds, sometimes even instantly, even though I'm far from glass-cannon build, but that's not a problem of no downstate. I think this mode exposes design problems, though: What I wrote above simply should not be possible. Yes, of course you can make attacks from stealth, but combining features and attacks in such a short time when coming from stealth for this drastic
  10. while we're at it, also remove berserker and viper. Ah, ah, already got derailed. What I actually wanted to point out: Nice try, rolling two things into one wish. But no, these are clearly two wishes already.
  11. due to privary reasons: No. But I can provide more images. no problem. As I said, the image is quite representative, but maybe it is an issue on my server. Feel free to provide contacts, which provide different information. I'd be highly interested on how things go elsewhere. And I do not doubt your point that Spellbreakers are support, and thus should do no damage. But by that logic, scourge should fall into the same category, but somehow there is a huge difference.
  12. irrelevant, because we have a status, quo how things are now. It does not matter what was before. And luckily, we have ArcDPS to prove our point ... https://imgur.com/a/ToLnhRV In the top 10 damage, there are no spellbreakers, but there are already 3 scourges. In the top 20 there are still no spellbreakers, but even more scourges In the strips, yes, spellbreakers can sometimes keep up, but not outstrip. There's a considerable gap between a good scourge and even a good spellbreaker. Exceptions might be, when you manage to constantly meleepush your enemies.
  13. agreed. But we can't have it any other way. As long as conditions get basically blasted out constantly, your groups will need constant cleanse as counterplay, otherwise conditions would just be easy win. If that is to change, the whole construct of applying conditions and cleansing them needs to be reworked, so that on both ends of the game, skillful play is rewarded. Conditions would need to be a lot more powerful and lasting, in turn application would need to be much rarer. Then cleanses could also be a lot rarer.
  14. Also compare these facts: On Scourge you do AoE damage, and considerable damage. While providing top strips. And good soft CC. With area denial. While at range, so in "relative" safety, only being subjected to enemy ranged attacks most of the time. On warrior, you deal next to AoE damage, and if so, it's PbAoE, not ranged AoE. If you provide CC you lose tons of damage. If you do damage, you do nothing else. You might strip, but once more, if you do so, you lose damage and you still can't keep up with scourged. You provide NO area denial except maybe with the bubble. And y
  15. You know that there will be an additional red cirlce beside that? I mean if you go by that kind of thinking I could also say: You know that you don't have to apply conditions, so that scrappers have nothing to convert ...
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