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  1. Have fun in whatever game you're playing. And the situation with no one being around who knows how to avoid zergs: a) that assumes your server has the exclusive klnowledge of how to do that, which I highly doubt b) It seems the people who do know were also not able to organize within one of the new teams, which would have me question the first statement. And finally: Can I have your stuff? But really, enjoy whatever you're playing, have fun. We're all here to have fun after all.
  2. Like quite some people have said here, I would agree that the current suggestion for score adjustment based on player active is not ideal. Taking into account that it takes time for objectives being flipped back, the emphasis on primetime is so strong, that it seems like it's now only or mostly necessary to only win primetime. Activity during certrain times is alsod evalued so much, that plyers could as well just leave it be during these times, as their actions hardly have any impact. IF such a system is placed there should at least be some kind fo countering mechanism to make it still worthwhile being active during off-times. There is a danger of driving a certain set of players away (which I don't understand why you would want that? Don't we all want a game that is worth being pllayed at all times? Maybe some of those players also spend some money, why would you want to completely devalue their contribution without giving anything back?), while at the same time concentrating activity where it is already being concentrated and hardware / virtual servers struggle to handle the activity (ping, skill-lag, even disconnects) not even to speak of queues during the primetime. I can understand the idea that off-primetime activity should not control and dominate the score totally, when only some groups are able to provide such activity (e.g. only one team in a matchup having a night cap group or early morning group), but instead of blanket-punishing everyone for playing during such times, wouldn't a dynamic system reacting to the amount of players AND opposition more sense? And if that is somehow not possible, or there is fear of this being gamed too much, could we at least have some other kind of compensation of the off groups, so that them playing during off-times is still somehow worthwhile?
  3. Welcome to WvW, but it has nothing to do with restructuring. This has been the case the before, even years ago, when I started WvW. Until you find a guild or decided that you rather wanna gank or roam, or maybe wanna support as a scout, there is a learning curve, and the game doesn't handhold at all. You have to figure it out yourself. There is a certain freedom to this unguided approach to a game mode, and it does come with downsides, and I don't think these can be adressed through mechanical means. I can only say I hope you stay around, find some people to hang on to and show the ropes. Now as for world restructuring ... population and team balance (ppk vs ppt, etc.) I hope World Restructuring will give us some more freedom. At least now we have the chance to change teams every ~4 weeks, and the overall guild size is smaller. It hurt some communities, but on the other hand offers more chances to mix and create teams.
  4. you clearly ahve not encountered proper bombs, where healers can do nothing. And to add insult to injury, you can now even find zergs, that do nice proper damage with burning ticks, despite cleanse in every party. The nerfs to healing and cleansing were substantial and are being felt. Maybe the problem is even exactly with the healing and cleanse nerfs that we had: Since certain conditions work quite well (like burning) and cleanses with just one healer cannot quite keep up, you need two. So you end up with exactly this healzerg. Nerfing healers even further willl probably ruin support altogether, so that's ntor eally feasible either.
  5. Thank you very much for expertly dealing with the current EU WVW Meta, where a celestial group can kitten out so much burning that you cannot really cleanse it off (also thanks tot he hit we took to cleanse and healing builds), while still having enough sustain to resist a bomb. At least we know what to expect 🙂
  6. What do you even mean? Yes, sure, Arcane Wave now has a cast time and cannot be used in water (who cares about underwater combat that much anyways?), but on the upside it adds a movement skill and a daze. I think it's pretty much awesome. It was also good before, but I don't mind the changes at all.
  7. I'll raise: Add back in the old map event, where you could fire a big cannon in the desert, have some NPC factions really mix things up. And bring back the big ball you could steal from enemy keep. Bring more dynamics back to WvW. If you add more travel time, while doing nothing about the "numbers matter most" thing, at least give the runners more things to do. Or don't and simply keep gliders and mounts as they are. It's fine IMO.
  8. Just tossing this in: This does affect not only NA, but also EU server. Crashes seem to preferably occur during larger battles, crashes affect a lot of people at the same time (often more than 10-20 people crashing, a few times the majority of the zerg crashed - but not everyone), they do affect us (Gandara), but also enemy server (one time a Dragon Banner defending against us suddenly vanished together with our own crashing people, which was surely not intentional). I am pretty sure, crashes are not targeted at one group. Reducing the number character model limit seems to help, setting character models to minimum quality and standard models also seems to help, but these statements so far are anecdotal, not really proof of anything really helping.
  9. From my point of view, the opposite is true. The only piano-playing spec I know is weaver, I am much more unhappy with the performance of Low Itensity builds. They do have their place, but they should not perform as good as they do. Also LI builds should not be limited to specific professions, but an LI build with ~60% performance of top-tier builds should be available to any profession.
  10. Warrior: Spellbreaker bubble is mostly useless No countermeasures to rebalance damage lost from CC powers in competitive enviroments (mostly affects warrior hammer) Elementalist: (mostly support perspective) overall design is fine IMO what I hate most about is that it gets both outcleansed and outhealed by a good(!) druid and not by a small margin Scrapper: (support) healing and cleanse is still fine when played and traited right but it suffers from lack of reliable boon access or some comparable reliable features when doing above. Examples: druid and ele both offer alacrity very reliably druid also offers resistance and fury ele offers auras, which cannot be stripped Firebrand: (support) after all this time is STILL the only spec offering reliable access to stability, it is STILL the ONLY PRIMARY support
  11. I am still waiting for the day, when Spellbreaker becomes viable again. Since you have dealt with the "overbearing" bubble by nerfing it like 4 times in a row, it's been pointless to use, and combined with other nerfs to spellbreaker it has lost its place as a support. You see them every now and then, but for strips and control people better take scourge (which also brings barrier or AOE denial and damage), for damage beserker is the way to go. I'm waiting, but I don't hold my breath ...
  12. For my part, I am happy that Antitoxin is back. Yes with 5s ICD, but much better than the previous nerf to it was.
  13. Well, that's the same thing for staff tempest, if you want to grant alacrity, and as this is such a powerful buff, I'd say it should be used over the additional healing (but again: you can choose on tempest, but you HAVE to choose. Either alac, OR more healing - and while druid does have a similar choice from what I understand, from the view of tempest it's the choice of more healing and even more more healing) - still you do have additional range on your staff powers and can place them where they are needed without needing to be there yourself. Same for druid. As dagger tempest you do not get that choice. You can play Tempest celestial, but for the additional damage to actually matter, you'd have to alter the build in a way that undermines your mission of cleansing and healing so substantially, that it doesn't work anymore. You can theoretically go damage tempest, still grant auras and boons, but there's a reason (almost) no one does that. So this additional flexibility is maybe a theoretical idea, but not a practical one because without major trait adjustments it doesn't work. Bottom line: There's not really any choice for tempest either. You basically and realistically get to pick between: - alac or more healing via the major grandmaster trait - stability+range or more healing/cleanse via staff vs dagger. If you really want to go damage, you are much better off going weaver or maybe even catalyst. There's also a white mage build, which offers quite some more healing, but the cost in cleanse is so substantial, that I cannot really recommend going down that route - when the result is still just heals that linger around the same levels as druid, but in turn you lag far behind in cleanses. It is more relaxed to play IMO, though.
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