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  1. You know, the more I think about this bit, the less sense it makes. Warrior should be THE frontline profession. You wanna go in there, tough and rough, deal and take. But you give boons at a "remote" location (not on you). "Being over there's too dangerous for me. But you can do it, here have some boons from me." - is something I would never have expected to hear from any warrior. The whole idea just seems so strange, like there's an underlying class identity problem, which should get taken care of. (It also manifests in Berserkers, who, only in Guild Wars are basically known for being
  2. Massive buffs to banners, but will that really help Warrior back into the meta again? What irks me is, what has not been done. I still don't see any fix of the 300s cooldown for the competitive gamemodes. I generally don't see any reworks done due to the general use of traitlines - instead we are pushed toward banners even more heavily, ignoring other build options. So much focus on such a small area, that makes me soemwhat unhappy. I would love to see more diversity. Though the bladesworn with it's heavy burst damage seems to be in a somewhat okay place. But what about all the rest of
  3. Counter-question: Would you want to play a profession, that's unique and fun - but utterly irrelevant and thus has real problems being accepted into any form of organized content? Or would you rather play a profession that's balanced and homgenous, yet ultimately indistiguishable, without any USP? What is exactly desirable about either of these options? Why does it even have to be either-or? And that's not even the core problem. I think Anet did very well in designing some professions. Firebrand is clearly unique, it's fun, relevant and has its own identity. So clearly it can be done
  4. Weren't people complaining about warriors always needing to be Bannerslaves? I don't see how this patch changes that - the only real change is, that new banners are easily replaceable by other professions providing quickness and the boons provided by the banners. What I'm still missing is a rework of the 300s CD traits. There's quite a lot of them in WvW / PvP; effectively these are dead traits. In the competitive modes their CD is way too high, in PvE they are mostly not needed at all. Finally, tempest alacrity? Since the alac only applies at the END of an overload, there's always tha
  5. Behold, the power of Gandara! Unable to open themselves, by pure abstinence from play we hold the key to filling up the other servers! 😉 Irony aside, it's generally a good thing, that despite the problems we see in WvW, the mode is still well populated and used. It might not always be exactly the fun you're looking for, but there's always something going on.
  6. I don't think that's the point here. Personally I haven't been around for long enough (only 4 years now) to really tell what it's like for other servers. But I have noticed groups perma-stuck in T1, made some friends there and it isn't that fun for them either. But at least they are rarely in the situation of being FULL and having no link, or a FULL link. So at least they can invite their friends from elsewhere to join them. So they are stuck in a kitten situation, but at least communities there can grow and change. And if they don't it's not because they can't. AND EVEN if it's FULL+FULL,
  7. Simply attack from another angle. If what you said was a problem, keeps on desert would notor only rarely get flipped, but they do. And it often enough feels like actual battles for a keep with wave after wave of attack. It feels satisfying to take it. It feels satisfying to defend it. And if your group suffers from a 5-man ranger group, I fear the issues lie elsewhere than in the positioning of said rangers. Regarding the 0 counterplay argument, we do have that. But it's not map-specfic. It's class specific. Did you ever try to catch that one shifty deadeye in a keep with their stealth and
  8. Let me fix that for you: The verticality of the map adds additional tactical options, such as gliding over a group blocking access to your keep, so you can instead try to properly defend said keep or at least regroup in a more davorable position. Jump pads likewise make for more tactical options for either retreat or reinforcements, or quick repositioning while you're suffering under double teaming. Jump pad access is usually tied to shrines, so attackers do well to control at least some of the shrines - and that usually also happens. Personally I have never seen a group running
  9. When the desert map introduced, and everything was suddenly the desert map, understandably, people were not happy. However, even to this day a vocal portion of the WvW community has .... challenges accepting change. Just ask around for who likes the desert map and a lot of people still will say they hate it. Why? I don't know. Too much of an issue to dodge roots and rocks? Keep andtower lords that actually, at least a little bit, fight back? The only kind of criticism I can somewhat understand is that the distances are longer. Then look at what happened when they introduced the warclaw. I
  10. Yeah thanks, Anet. Gandara was perma-stuck in T5 the last matchup due to constantly being outnumbered, except for a quick stint into T4. And now it looks like we're still permastuck down there. You know, I said we'll deal with it, like we've always done, this isn't madness, this is Gandara, after all. But this is far from ideal. If players get frustrated by that, it would not surprise me.
  11. This is actually rather easy to explain. While Gandara does care about fights, people here are not bandwagoners. We habe something you can actually call a community. It's not perfect mind you, but it works, for us at least. Stuck in T5? We don't care, just make the best of it. Even though it is not ideal. The thing most harmful to mass PvP are actually the players. If "everyone" wants to join the bandwagon and is only in for the fights, completely ignoring, or even complaining about the rest of the game mode (which means ppt, siege, etc), if too few are interested in open tagging,
  12. While I do see your point, I disagree. The whole base design of GW2 professions and traitlines goes against that. Especially if you're using your elite traitline actually for an elite spec, you're left with two traitlines, which means you can only cover a maximum of two of the elements. So a playstyle focusing on just two elements if perfectly valid and supported by the game design. (take above not too serious, I just wanna highlight, how limited the OP assumption in approaching the profession Elementalist as a whole is. )
  13. base 18k health and yet binary healthbar in zergfights. 😉
  14. As long as Celestial stays, sure 🙂 Though I don't really see the problem with the 4-stat gear. When you really want top performance in one area, you take 3-stat gear for that area, otherwise, if you're taking a more reasonable approach, take 4-stat gear. I don't really think removing any type of gear will actually improve build variety, though. What the meta dictates will make it to the top.
  15. You know, I kinda understand the sentiment. It is mistargeted, and IMO it's weighing way too heavily, but generally I understand it? Why? Because every now and then we get the NoDownState event, which I personally think is very kitten. We also don't get to choose whether we wanna participate in it. But you know what? It's for a week, and then it's over. What could have happened better was the communication before the event: Display a popup to alert players of this rather important beta. Take the time to explain what people have to do, what the beta is and isn't. It isn't a problem to do suc
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