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  1. please fix my account its been bugged since 4.30 its now 11pm. I keep checking every few hours and its still broken. Is this just my account from now on? If so can i get a refund for everything?
  2. One of em had the game installed still. Tried it, they couldn't even queue. Thanks for the attempt anyway man. A lot more than you can get out of ArenaNet.
  3. I'll try it - thanks. Funnily enough, all of my friends have quit the game over the past 3 weeks due to this bug and the daily pvp outages. So i'll have to beg one of them to reinstall the game to check.
  4. meanwhile i'll just stare at this screen for approaching 6 hours now
  5. checked out of curiosity - approaching 5 hours. Going to write a ticket, no doubt it will take a week for a response
  6. over 3hrs and a reinstall. Still bugged and unable to play the game. Guess i'll just go play other games - ones that are actually playable and don't break down twice a day
  7. Stuck like this for over an hour and a half. Unable to play the game at all, along with everyone else unfortunate enough to have been queueing PvP 1.5 hrs ago.
  8. same bug as other people. Hey its the daily "ANET breaks PVP for 30 minutes 2 hrs" phase of the game, so i guess i'll go do something else. Nope, giant map results screen in the middle of my game. Unable to even dismiss it briefly. Fine then, i'll go do something else. Come bak OVER AN HOUR AND 15 MINUTES LATER and it is still there. Literally cannot play the game in any way that i need to see the middle of my screen. No dungeons, no fractals, no wvw, no leveling, no achievement hunting. All i can do is stand in town and play with menus. Great fun ANET.
  9. https://i.gyazo.com/babcf222ef9c29cd6900bb82367efddd.png with predator rifle Was going for a desert drifter / scavenger look.
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