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  1. Yes, people have made good points. But I can't help but hate this, as I sit here waiting an hour for the Path to Ascension: Augury Rock event to come, so I can fight a doppleganger, so I can get the Courage egg collection, which will only lead to yet MORE time-gated content. So I'm waiting on a time gate to get to yet another time gate. I'm sorry but how can people defend this? What happens if I get unlucky and my map does not have enough people who give 2 farts about doing the meta event? I miss it and have to wait until the next time it starts and hope beyond hope I get
  2. It was frustrated feedback. Seriously, why do some people see any negative feedback as 'whining'? And don't tell me you don't, because my feedback, while frustrated, was inoffensive. I laid out my views and my points, and why I was unhappy with what I have gone through so far. I did not insult the devs, or insult anyone who enjoys it. I did not say anyone who disagrees is wrong. So why was it whining? Feedback is useful, good or bad. Mine happened to point out things I did not enjoy about the first steps towards a Skyscale. So, again; how is it whining to give feedback?
  3. Where did I at all say no one was allowed a different opinion from me? The only people I even snarked at were the ones who called my post 'whining' or decided to act superior.
  4. And if I don't do this content; I don't get a mount. Sure. I'll just not have a skyscale, so HP trains I run with fly ahead and leave me scampering behind. 'Don't do content' is not a valid reason when something good is locked behind said content.
  5. Where the irony? The griffin took some collecting and sure; the gold cost was kind of high. I found that odd, but I had the gold. The skyscale has arbitrary stop-posts after every step for...vague reasons. It does not respect the player's time. Hell, it even laughed at the player with the whole 'The medicine was never going to work! Ha!' bad-taste 'joke'.
  6. So, because people feel like the mount is amazing, it's locked behind an absurd level of grind?
  7. Because it's useful? I mean, I have a griffin, but I still use Springer to get up higher cliffs. And there are vistas and MPs and HPs where a Skyscale would be useful to get them. No other mount took this much effort to get. So why is this one behind 4 laps the island, 55 items to collect, 30 Events fought, and then actual time gates?
  8. I have already said I enjoy the game. I just don't get why a single mount, not even all that powerful (Each mount fills a special form of movement, but none are all-powerful), has such horrid collections and grind to gate it away.
  9. Actually, by the very term 'end game'; it's not end game content anymore. Because the story does not end there anymore. Ergo: Content that was originally end game content is no longer end game content when it's not end game content any longer. Can you call Living World 1 end game content? No, because it is not at the end of the game. Same with Path of fire; it is no longer end game content because it's no longer end game. No one calls Path of Fire 'end game content' anymore. Nor is Dragonfall, or Skyscales. They are no longer end game content because, literally, they
  10. The base game, even by the story, feels slower and more prone to exploration instead of rushing from point A to point B. A mount would ruin that. The mounts really seemed to appear after the events the main character is involved in became much more dire, and speed or special mobility became more of a problem. So I don't see F2P needing some social mount to let people ignore the game and zip through the maps as fast as possible.
  11. I like your idea. Make it easier to get the mount and maybe... Maybe people who run the whole thing get their pick of 1 of 3 skins: One made out of vines and plants (Think like a Sylvan Hound) for Melandru's area. One like a skeleton & green flame for Grenth's area. One made out of metal & fire, like the Forged, for Balthazar's area.
  12. See, that also seems absurd to me. I love GW2. I'm still playing it, even while most my friends play FF14. I like the combat more. I like the story more. I want to see what will happen in the future. But grind is NEVER good. It...It feels like grind is used when people feel they don't have enough content to keep players, you know? Why create more content when you can just spread out what you have behind arbitrary time-gates? I don't do much with crafting, but that does seem like too much waiting. But back to the skyscales; if the 21 eggs ended it; I'd be
  13. So I need to find 21 scales, blanketing the island. Ok. Now I need to do 30 events, to get medicine. ....Sure. Now I need to give it to 14 Skyscales. Oh joy; moving around the island that frequently teleports me back to camp...Again... Oh, now the quest tells me those 3 steps, which took literal hours. Possibly DAYS if you don't have 12 hours a day to spend playing, were literally worthless to the plot. Way to actually laugh at my spent time, game. Way to laugh at me for playing you. And now I need to go back around the island, for a FOURTH TIME, to get 21 eggs that I coul
  14. Ahh. Thank you, folks. 🙂
  15. Not going to lie; I don't get what the numbers are. Is that skill rotation?
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