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  1. i could look back a month back threads and i still dont see any NA only Eu there
  2. i thought i would come back to play the game but spent sometime looking for Guilds in LFG section ,reddit etc couldn't find any... the maps are mostly run by pug Blackgate server currently
  3. This is only NA issue. in EU it's not really a issue. There are too many good players and high plat players to play with. There is no guarantee win even if they are god of pvp duo.
  4. u know i'm not defending the build but u can't really say there is no counter play the counter play is simply ur reaction. u will most likely say how can u react to that in 1 - 2 sec. The instant dead is very common in League. 1 shot from stealth 1 shot from brush 1 shot from dark area. super fast reaction is part of what determined how good player is https://twitter.com/gzeebee/status/1073584565464121344?s=20 something like this.
  5. nah it does nothing i rather see what Ranks my teammates are for exampleif a FB is gold then i know... alright this guy is free can't expect him to play like plat 2 FB then you get to plan how to play / carry the game.
  6. how can you even complain lmao every time i play Ranger and Necro i wish i could slot in normal skill into Elite slot lmao a fking Entangle that warrior can just press shield 4 to kill it. a fking boon elite that can get ripped by everything in the game these are " Elite " btw
  7. the real fight is in spvp. if u know what you are doing or well if u r at least gold in spvp u should never die in a fair fight in wvw. there are too much stats , un nerfed traits , perm stealth and disengage tools. i was wondering why rune of speed is expensive since it's garbo in spvp then i found out oh ..... for wvwers
  8. what really good about this video is OP saw 4 mesmers on other team and still decided to play necro. This is the dumb thing that always happens in rank game. people stupidly stick to their class like they are role playing in 2019 i'm not defending this build but it could have been 4 mirages 4 Rev 4 pew pew ranger 4 core guard and you would get melt in 3 seconds anyway because u decided to play necro.
  9. so wrong i dont know who u watching. When Faker streams he always mix between Meta champ and wracky Champ. He has no reason to play those wracky at all he just does for Streaming G2 caps is also famous for playing troll champs Toast and ThijHS always play off meta decks to Legends. when Maru stream Sc2 He sometime play protoss. ( he mains Terran ) and these are the world class players / streamers of their respective games.
  10. i know Might stacking is also another problem but if u have played this game long enough u would know Anet can't fix this it was broken since Rune of Strength was added in Spvp yearsssss ago so I gave them a new and easyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy way out instead. no point calling stuffs that i wanted 5 years ago and never happen kill quickness and call it a year ok ? don't need to go 300 IQ on something else
  11. So ok, you still need to have expansions to use those weaponsbut man cut the link with the expansion elite The game would be so much more fun. Create more diversity and creative. thing like Berserker torch might be able to play easier if people can use without having to go Berserk trailt.etcbest,
  12. what really blizzard is some ppl kinda take the meta builds as the only build that classes can play. the current meta warrior has 1 condi clear ofc u r gonna get rekted by condi buildand what if u just learn to switch things up , tech some stuffs in or go full condi clears the condi builds don't do much dmg. i hope the Dev consider some of these.
  13. Holo is not only one who rely on this. Warrior can do more or less the same. quickness - cc into burst all in one or quickness into rampage ranger also use this but they don't have strong set as those 2 FB now also trying to abuse the quickness instead of nerfing this skill that skill this class that that class ... Kill the buff in general easier
  14. remove the rating system and throw all titles into AT however anet would never do anything so how about from player side instead stop queue dodging ( this happens a lot in NA ) dodging people in the same tier and farming lower tier for rating. if you already have all titles how about chill it out a little bit like Vallun ? instead of duo queue and smufing lower tier players all day
  15. this notes will last 1 - 2 weeks max we will try to meme but after a week they will realize why bother playing those .. when you can just 1 shot like u used to with rev / spell breaker
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