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  1. Hey Steven, Sounds like some good motivation to actually get this project done.I will be happy to contribute, I've quite some experience developing/architecting API related projects in C#. If you can message me an invite I will manage to join somewhere in the upcoming days. ;) Greetings,Mech
  2. Hey Steven, Do you know if there is a lot of interest in this kind of library? And what is your own motivation to work on this project?I'm willing to contribute to this project once I have some more time (read; months) if there is really need for it. I myself have written some teamspeak verification bots in C# using the Gw2 API, but it only uses some specific calls. (Like maybe 5 different ones). Keep up the good work!Greetings,Mech
  3. Seems fixed now, I've also added an extra check now to look for "invalid key" text in the response message when I receive a 400. Stupid to do it this way, but it seems the only option if internal server errors are also thrown as bad requests ;).
  4. Dear Api Developers, I've been using your API for a teamspeak bot for a while now, unfortunately it seems that at random times I receive a 400 with response { "text": "ErrInternal" } when asking account info with an api key that has been used before. Is it possible to enlighten us what goes wrong and eventually change the 400 bad request to a 500 internal server error? Greetings,Mech
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