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  1. Because they still have not released a date. And at this point truth is in actions with anet, words are pr. The reason pvp matters is it is clear there will be no patch until the expac. The blc shows that, that is why there is a winterdays plush mount and a lunar backpack for LNY. If there was a pvp mini season, there would have to be a patch on febuary 22 to put in the 3 achievements for the next pvp season that would start march 1st. Because anet is planning on not having a patch prior to march 1st, they are skipping the mini season, which means thr next time they need to patch is be
  2. Fact that that anet is skipping the pvp mini season means i suspect that the release date will be delayed to after march 1st. Currently there appears there be no patches until EoD launch, all the new LNY skins are already in the game, and the blc is a generic theme with both wintersday and LNY items. I suspect a march 4th or 8th release date, depending if it is friday or tuesday. They will blame covid and polishing and would point to other releases also experiencing delays for example shadowwalkers.
  3. My guess that legendary infusions will be locked behind jeweler 500. That is the only thing that it could offer.
  4. Lets just honestly ask is this really and issue outside of cm100. I do not see any group requiring scourges in t4s cm98 or 99. This is not a class issue, but an encounter one.
  5. Ai has a break bar with 3200 str CM98 and 99 bosses have 1800-2200 https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Defiance_bar
  6. That is not point, 3 scourges allows for the mechanic to be ignored. Ignoring a mechanic means more dps on the boss. That is why cfb does the same damage on cm99 and 98 where break bars are not as large or mandatory. You are cherry picking a boss who break bars are the mechanic, where anet had to ban a ton of consumables because it is the mechanic, and am wondering why a strat that bypasses a mechanic does more dps.
  7. That is because with epi strat you just click 1 button and the sorrows die without effecting your dps rotation. Removing shadowbean is not much of a dps loss. Compare that mak8ng room for sanctuary on cfb.
  8. Scourge is desired because of an epi strat to ignore the cc phase of 66 and 33 of dark ai. It does not do op damage or that much extra survivability. If the health of the sorrows were low enough that 1 epi would kill, there would be more class diversity. But because it requires at least 2 epis barely, and 3 as a guarantee, we have 3 scourge groups for cm 100.
  9. Then do not get the rewards. I am sick of this community complaining about the journey and still expecting the reward.
  10. There is a line, remember legendary armor and reshaders during a live stream, Anet pulled the leash on that one. But the point is there is still a financial incentive to overhype some parts of the game and downplay flaws. They still have a conflict of interest. One of the most glaring flaws is there are very few rewards earnable in game, and can not be bypassed by gems to gold. It is almost like the entire GW2 endgame was designed this way (which it probably is). Edit: Started watching tpots misconceptions video about ingame vs gemstore rewards. He majorly overcounts ingame rewards
  11. Mighty teapot In the comments "This channel is supported by ArenaNet!" Josh Strike Haze Video clearly has a paid promotion link when you start it. In the comments: "Thanks to Guild Wars 2 for Sponsoring!" Mukluk In the comments "As an ArenaNet Partner, both of these links are sponsored by ArenaNet"
  12. All 3 links are paid advertisements from anet. You have to look in the comments to see they are either sponsored by arenanet directly or are part of the partner program. These opinions all a conflict of interest.
  13. Personally I hate sending traffic to companies based in San Francisco. Rather see posts on a alternative platform like Gab.
  14. Tencent runs gw2 china. I would almost guarantee a pro CPC slant on the cantha story. I do not expect the xenophobic authoritarian government set up in winds of change from 10 years ago. The parallels between this and president pooh bear will certainly be censored out of the final produce. Expect a very progovernment, utopian view of cathan, compared to how other all other world governments have glaring issues.
  15. It depend on who aquired them. EG7 seems to be running lotro and ddo pretty well. To be honest, anet probably has had too much freedom in the past. Ls1, the china localization, and the failed mobile title where alot of trend chasing that ultimately did not pan out in the end. I am kinda glad daddy ncsoft made them focus on expacs again.
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