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  1. I would love a trait that disables the passive defenses of shrouds to give more damage. Maybe increase soul barbs to 25% but reaper and core necro losses 2nd health bar, harbringer losses passive healing out of shroud and scourge losses barrier on f5. Give necro more risk reward.
  2. To be honest i feel like anet forgot about this character. There is no reason he has not been reactivated, he is literally attached to a tracking device. If the priory can find zhaitans tail and balthazars sword, why can not find this tiny golem with a homing beacon.
  3. There is no option to make the game have a reward structure more similar to LotRO than PerfectWorld International. Something as reliable access to guaranteed reward unlocks with a sub fee would make the game more enjoyable for me.
  4. At this point the game has to have a cash shop. The content delivered pales in comparison to sub games like wow and ff14. Whenever these comparisons are made, the white knights hide behind the defense that the game is made by a small studio making a buy once free to play game and you should compare it to games similar to those. Now at this point i would think we need a optional subscription system, income appears appears to be stagnating, which lead to the layoffs and the mid term aborted IBS. This is the risk from your whole marketing model is making good content for free and selling ov
  5. Most ls episodes are not worth the cost. Ls2 gives nothing of value. Ls3 has nothing of value except a legendary trinket if you buy all of then. Ls4 might be worth it for skyscale, but again requires all episodes. Ibs is trash minus drizzlewood and maybe dragonstorm
  6. Also brings aoe pulsing blind for trash mobs in fractals and open world. It is easier to carry trash players in fractals with a reaper than a scourge.
  7. With the portal tomes, you do not have to do the story missions on alts. You have access to 100% of the zones.
  8. Ever thought this was designed this way to encourage buying equipment loadouts form the gemstore?
  9. https://gw2efficiency.com/account/legendary-armory Count them yourself. Just because you can not afford that many legendaries does not mean that they do not exist.
  10. You have no idea what you are talking about. The armory takes 4 of each sword, dagger, mace, ax and pistol; takes 2 of each great sword, hammer, shield, long bow, short bow, rifle, torch, warhorn, staff, scepter and focus. That is for each generation. A full armory is 52 gen 1 legendaries ( two extra great swords and and 3 extra under water), 42 gen 2 and 42 gen 3 legendaries.
  11. You will get only 1 "free" from the seasons of dragon recap. We currently do not know how we will get any more of the total 42 precursors needed to completely fill the armory until after EOD launches. I suspect it will material dumps like gen pre's, OR maybe the fabled strike reward overhaul. We do not know.
  12. Too bad you can not see the forum when HoT released and people complained about there not being any hearts to guide them through the maps. Hell repeatable Hearts were praised when Ember Bay was released. So my question for you is what is making you do the hearts? The new meta? Sorry gathering 30 wood ore and plants seem more of a chore than killing mobs in the general area to progress a bar.
  13. I would have made it a low design priority and would have focused on the seige turtle. These are parasitic designs like speed and bouncy mushroom. How anet is marketing it, they act like its on the same level as the mastery system or gliding or mounts, actual synergistic designs.
  14. I would be shocked thst eod would actually have a xpac level of figure for once. Sorry fishing and party boats are not my thing. They sound 100% parasitic design to me.
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