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  1. I would love another place to spend unused mastery points.
  2. Get a commander tag, make a squad, open a private instance, and kick the leachers from the instance. If people stop doing the public and enforced a leacher = kick policy, the problem will fix itself.
  3. A suggestion. Allow it to be bought off the vendor for 100 prismatite ingots and 5k defences makes. Also it will only appear after completing master of dragonic fire and ice achievements (t3 weapon collection). That would make it cost 1000 ecto, 500 to 1000 prismatite crystal, 5000 to 9000 mithril ingots, 1000 to 5000 ori ingots depending on the recipee. This would be similar how the frost legion infusion works, but could cost less because you would have to complete the collection 3 times to complete the set. This would keep the demand for prismatite even in the future after everyone fin
  4. The game will be too easy until you get to ls2 maps, dry top and silverwaste. Then another difficulty spike for the heart of thorns maps. Ls3 maps are also a nice challenge. Unfortunately, for pof, ls4, anet started catering to the common denominator and the map got easy. IBS is back to starting zone difficulty, compare the son of sanvir in bjora with those in bitterfrost.
  5. A whale and his money will soon be parted. Odds are the new legendaries will not be sellable like gen 1 legendary, and would actually require playing the game.
  6. This is what happens when your reward dev is also your cashshop dev. Conflict of interest much.
  7. Why did we not just let balth and braham kill the dragons the first time? The only positive is this awful storyline is done. Move along, these are not the expansion like content we are looking for.
  8. Like Night Fury and Winters Presence, I wish I could convert this accessory into a infusion.
  9. Remember guys, you can use equipment and build templates for free, but if you want more the 2 or 3 slots you have to buy the upgrades.
  10. Vision and Aurora were not advertisedhttps://www.guildwars2.com/en/the-game/releases/july-25-2017/
  11. Both vision and aurura where not advertised.
  12. Eod is probably not anywhere done. I heard there was a german interview talking about another ls chapters to bridge the gap between ibs and eod.Edit: Before i get infracted for spreading misinformation here is a link to the interview translated using Google translate. I do not speak German so i can not verify the accuracy of the translation.https://iss2xipijtsdoahhsdhp7iy5se-ac5fdsxevxq4s5y-mein-mmo-de.translate.goog/wie-geht-das-mmorpg-guild-wars-2021-weiter/
  13. This is an example of what I have been saying all along, the toxicity was never with the good players who wanted to play with other good players. It was always with the entitled play as I want but carry me through the hard part crowd trying to self insert themselves in groups.
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