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  1. Exact same problem. 95% of the time it's a miss.
  2. Yeah. If Anet hates ele and all their elites, just delete the class and don't put players through this.
  3. Honestly, I wouldn't mind if they retroactively fills in story gaps at this point with a 'Director's Cut' mini story chapter, but I don't think the writers will remember the plot we currently have.
  4. Not a fan about the HP requirements of the urn, but everything else is a button mashers paradise. Chaotic OP madness. My mind can barely keep up on this. I would hate to face this in PVP.
  5. Same issues with base Ele apply here. Low defense, low HP and low damage output. It needs a boost to at least one of the three to make it worth using. The augments seem kinda meh. There is no reason to have all of them on your skillbar and I found it more useful to add other base skills over them. With Catalyst, you pretty much are limited to One or two major elements so element swapping loses value. The catalyst tree skills rely too much on auras and doesn't really add many aura opportunities, at least when using Fire hammer.
  6. I would have given them the mace, personally
  7. Honestly, it's terrible. I would revamp it so that there would be a chance to spread the blight on attack. PvE doesn't get the attack buff. And I would replace those elixirs with Am Fah relics for flavor,
  8. While not required, it definitely will make your life easier.
  9. It's like the shoes were built around that poor cat's foot. Just how can those poor cats even move in those?
  10. The breasts are kinda baked into the female character model and the outfits sometimes modify the shapes in different ways. The norn especially have some thicc girls.
  11. I stand by fixing the drop rates. I have said it once and I will say it again: The only game with worse drops is Anthem. Loot in general in this game has so little meaning. No reason to go for anything worth while. I also say they get rid of the damn gold find you get for logging in. It isn't helping.
  12. People asked for this before, and I still agree now. We don't need the cancer-inducing lights blinding the very CPU...
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