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  1. My god. This discussion OVER and OVER. I swear, we must have a competition who is posting a newly "me want Legendary Armory by playing AFK game in Open World meta !!! GIB NOUUUUU". Like for real? Wanna Legendary Armor? 1) Yes I want - Then play Raids, go PvP or WvW 2) No - Then craft Ascended and call it a day.
  2. I hope, fractal won't go in the same grave as dungeons/raids. But as far as I see, they are focused on strikes as their "new shiny". If they are not dead now, prob they will have a slow death.
  3. Anet it's a joke for years regarding end game content, but now they've outdone themselves. But at the end of the day, their idea it's simple : We need you to come play STRIKES MAN !!!! It's our content from our newest expansion, what its in the past stay in the past, alongside dungeons. Sadly my fractal static died a while ago, but with this, I am the last man from my friends group who is leaving this game.
  4. I tried with run as admin and still doing the freezing. Way to go Anet !
  5. At least Vindicator made me changing my main. I guess it's a win/win for me.
  6. It's safe to say that this spec isn't for Endgame Content Fractals/Raids or w/e Strikes will be in EoD.
  7. I do hope you are joking ! Vindicator as DPS? Prob in open world i guess.
  8. Because these specs, at least Vindicator/Willbender screams "rush rush to create a new spec". Tbh i dunno where should i put Vindicator. Heal? Power DPS Class? As heal is totally meh and as power DPS class it's even worse than herald. Remember, they were slapped over their heads and put to create an expansion though.
  9. After i tested a few hours, i can truly say this spec is for Open World/Story. It isn't for Raids/Fractals and i doubt it will have a place in WvW, maybe in PvP. So those who are into pve endgame content, we will remain being alac/condi dps for the next expansion.
  10. This spec wasn't created with Fractals/Raids/WvW or even PvP in mind. Prob an open world/story spec.
  11. To be honest, i wish this will to be. Well we will see next beta.
  12. You can roll your face on any class you can do open world and all that kitten. He was talking about Raids or Fractals my dude. That is endgame content not 1111111 in open world events.We don't care about open world content.
  13. Those who are saying "dw, this spec will have a spot in endgame" are peoples who are doing open world and not endgame content.
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