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  1. In fact, the duration would be longer if your Engineer has more defense and more life. About the CD I really don't know if it would be bigger or smaller.
  2. Interesting your suggestions, I really don't understand the abandonment of the towers. But what we can do is continue to give our opinions and hope that something is done so that the towers gain real use.
  3. Recently, I was committed to creating a build focused on the engineer towers, and like many who tried it, I believe they soon got frustrated :( My initial idea was to be a good support, using the towers with the specialization, inventions. But it didn't take long for me to realize that there is no reward for leaving the towers active, which is somewhat controversial for a tower. Another very frustrating thing is that the towers do not benefit from the Engineer status, which meant that most veterans break them with just one blow. I believe that, perhaps, the reasons for being so weak and often
  4. Hello, I have more than 1 account in the game and would like to know if there is any restriction on being able to send items and gold with a certain frequency, would that cause any problems?Thanks!
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