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  1. I'd like to create a character built around outputting the maximum sustained DPS against bosses and such in PvE. But I'm not sure which class should be my go-to for that.I suspect the mesmer and necro can output a lot of sustained condition damage, and condition damage is even better against bosses as I understand. I'm not sure which is better, though. The engineer has some potential in that area but not the best as far as I know. The opinion of engineer's seems to be that you worker harder to achieve less than other classes do.The deadeye or ranger can output a lot of damage at range, but I w
  2. So far my system has basically been: Use gray kits for gray items, blue kits for blue items, green items for green items, and yellow kits for yellow and orange items. My logic in this was that the higher value items warranted the extra expense of the higher level kits so I would get more out of them. However, I am questioning if that is worthwhile considering that all I ever tend to get for my trouble is a pile of useless sigils/runes that won't even sell on the trading post. What is the value in the higher level kits and when should I be using them?Maybe they give out essence of luck more o
  3. Exactly. I'm surprised everyone responds so seriously or gets offended. This video came to mind when I saw everyone trying to one up each other on selling a particular item that dropped 20 silver in price in a single day because of it, and was 40 silver lower than it's high for that week. It was barely profitable at that point.
  4. That bad argument has already been disproven and shot down multiple times in this thread.Read and comprehend before commenting. "This is not a game like Qbert or Pacman where conceptualization is irrelevant, and you can throw whatever nonsense you want in there and just focus on the game mechanics.As an RPG which is premised on reflecting attributes of reality in their world design, the success of their design demands and depends on reflecting certain realities about our world. Although total realism is not the goal, the goal of bringing people into a believable fantasy world demands a certain
  5. The grenade kit isn't the most interesting so I wouldn't consider them a great success from a gameplay standpoint...However, from a thematic standpoint, at least, the grenade hits the key points of what you expect - You throw it. It explodes. It's not unreasonable that you'd be able to throw a lot of them in a short period of time either. It's not reasonable that you would have different kinds of grenades to throw at once. That's why the bomb kit completely fails and is objectively bad from a design standpoint. It's based on a real concept, but it fails to reflect any of the key points of wha
  6. Logical fallacy, argumentum ad nauseam.You're merely repeating what you've already said before, but I have already directly addressed your argument and countered it with sound logical reasoning.You have failed to deal with my counters, but merely go back to repeating a claim that was already countered: My arguments established the truth that there are limits on design, as they attempt to anchor the game to aspects of reality to allow for players to connect with it (as any fantasy does), but also limits in the sense of being consistent with their demonstrated design philosophy. And why the bomb
  7. Logical fallacy, argumentum ad assertion, and argumentum ad nauseam.Merely claiming you are correct doesn't make it true, and repeating that claim doesn't make it true either.You still have yet to produce any evidence that proves your claim to be true about the game supposedly being full of bad thematic designs that are just as bad as the bomb kit. There is no other way to read your words. Stop backpedaling and own up to your mistake. As I already said, you made a claim you can't prove. You claimed that people only care about the bad thematic design of the bomb kit because it's underpowere
  8. There's nothing in the edit's that changes any of the arguments I made, so don't pretend like your poor reading comprehension and sloppy logical thinking has an excuse. You're a sloppy thinker because you haven't considered the rammifications of what you're saying:A time bomb by definition is timed because it has to be set by hand and you need time to get away from it. Variations of this are the mine and remote bomb.They also tend to require either time to set up or preparation of an area before battle. If your kit based off timed/remote bombs doesn't even attempt to model these characteri
  9. Logical fallacy, argumentum ad assertion.Merely claiming you disproved by logic doesn't mean you did.Quote what you think did, and why, because it's not there. That word, you keep using it, but it doesn't mean what you seem to think it does.Let's examine why: You failed to comprehend the qualifier "made even worse by". The central issue is still the stupidity of the design. Which is made worse by the game design which accentuates how stupid of a design this is for a combat tactic.It would be a stupid design for a combat tactic and gameplay design to consist of running up to your enemy and dr
  10. How do you get 63 gold from dailies?I've just been getting the daily bonus of 2 gold for completing three of the dailies. Usually by playing PvP.
  11. I found it, thanks.It's a big help being able to see that. I had one other question: is there a way to see what was on sale at previous days?Like, yesterday they had a sigil of renewal recipe for sale, but I can't remember if it was the major or the superior. I'm just curious because if it was the superior I should have bought it. But if not, I am not concerned. It would also be helpful for me to see when the last time something I want actually was available for sale so I can figure how long I might have to wait to see it again. Unfortunately the statistics they do have only seem to tell me t
  12. I have about 220k karma. I've been playing for a few weeks, maybe a month by now.I have about 60 gold.I don't have a target of gold in mind, but obviously I'd like to be able to convert it to gems to buy all the stuff I'd like to have. As well as having plenty of spare money to buy the gear I want for my characters. I definitely don't think cashing in my karma for about 57 gold, at the exchange rate of 26 silver per 1000 karma, is worth it. Considering the time it took to get the karma. But by my math, I can make much better exchange rates of karma to gold by crafting things that require ka
  13. I know that people can convert Karma to gold by various means in the game, by getting items to sell on the trading post... But it seems to me that the amount of gold you can get for karma is much lower than it's actual value. So what I'm wondering is, if it's possible for me to convert 1,000 karma into a few gold, would it be wise to do so, or would that be a bad idea long term because the Karma is more valuable than the gold, even though I'm getting a lot of gold?
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