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  1. Yes you can usually upgrade to the middle pack later on. The ultimate pack usually not. I would personally wait if you intend the upgrade route till there is at least a sale. They usually but not always occur later on and usually have a percentage off of the upgrade cost. I've found it to be about a year or so overall. Assuming you can wait this means you can enjoy the content from the expac and decide or see if you have the financials later on to upgrade for a few virtual skins or not. Also the only things you miss out on initially would be a character slot, raptor skin, identity
  2. So honestly I never recommend full Berserker to anyone. Instead I always recommend Marauder gear with either marauder trinkets, assassin trinkets, Berserker trinkets or Valkyrie trinkets depending on what effect your looking for. Pets wise pve I like Electric Wyvern and Jacaranda with a smattering of Bristleback. I would recommend trying out your pets overall to find one to suit your playstyle. Smokescale and a somewhat dealers choice for wvw, alot of people use Hyena, Bear, and Rock Gazelle.
  3. I understand your opinion, but honestly I cant get behind it. I have soloed alot, many many hours as Warrior, Thief, Guardian, Necro, Revenant, Ranger, and Mesmer. While Mesmer is the most uncomfortable of them all at lower levels none of the other classes felt as bad and as need to try harder than ele. Now group play is a completely different beast since any deficiencies get masked by others boons and output unless your looking at a dps meter but even then I should not have to do 12 button presses verses other classes three to gain the same output. Being a difficult class can have
  4. On the topic of scam class for players....yes it is now as it stands. Initially Ele was overall a good class to play. Yes we had some times in wvw that were very OP, and overall were mostly middle of the road in pvp. The biggest issue is the development team for GW2 has a love for melee and they dont want a class that is safe outside of a moderate hit range since both buffs have limited range and the fact that crowding at the base of a boss is how they are designing encounters. They really hate meteor shower since depending on how boss hitbox sizes can be Ele can deal
  5. Im glad that you will be making this both a Public and a Private mode challenge once you update/fix the bugs. Public for those wanting a bit less stress but still a nice challenge overall and a private so that those that want a more hardcore challenge can do so when they wish. Rewards wise may need a touchup with maybe a +1% or 2% more for the Zealot/keepers stuff but not more than that since it would be great for the challenge and outcome.
  6. Glacial gauntlets will be the stickier one to get so I would definitely do the reward track after unlocking. The reason I say this is cause you have to get ALL the achieves in that part of the story and the last chapter of the story is fairly frustrating to do and to get to if you miss a step in the final battle.
  7. Honestly I would Marauder since pure berserker is only good for those that have the reflexes and connection to be uber all the time. Marauder gives enough leeway that the theoretical drop in dps is offset by the amount of space you gain from not dying if the alpha is particularly strong. I personally play base Guard in Diviner armor since I care more about boon duration in my open world pve.
  8. I know its might be too late but can we get some new Reverberating Infusions in different colors for Halloween. All we have now is Red, Grey and Purple(which honestly is more blue/indigo than purple). These outline ones really help a few colors pop but adding a few more to the spectrum would satisfy alot of people that have different armor colors.
  9. Considering this was for a legendary and for a very non done often JP, I personally thought it was money well spent. Everyone's mileage will vary on how much or if they would pay if anything.
  10. Hello I am in need of a Mesmer. More specifically I am in need of a mesmer that has parked their character at the Not So Secret jumping puzzles chest, not the diving goggles. Long story short I suck at doing that jumping puzzle and after many attempts to get the last part I need that is for Astralaria Collection 3, I have came to the forums to find help. I will tip you quite well in 10 gold and 5 ectos for this service and will be available tonight at 6pm central standard time. Just a to clarify I need the actual reward chest of the puzzle which is in a different p
  11. So after reading about a player that just got banned for item duping I got to wondering something. Is this the reason my chest that I absolutely lucked out on nine months ago might not be actually selling. Now before you claim well yeah its a 2000+ gold item that only drops in very infrequent drops in black lion chests is not going to move at a regular speed like say Mithril, I absolutely understood this. But my issue is such, where are all the other chests coming from that are selling on the TP right now? I get that we as players will hang on to such things for a insanely long per
  12. Well when last chapter droped it was not even a reskin it was the same auric weapons you could already get from heart of thorns.Atleast these arent the exact same. Shame I wish it were so I dident have to do the tengu collection for achiev =P Oh that just burns as well since I made those and I didn't have a lot of time to play during that release to see that issue.
  13. Was checking out the new drop for weapon sets and realized that the tengu weapons that I MADE are pretty much the exact same skins. This feels pretty dang lazy and considering that with defense seals and the ability to gain marks this week vs the amount of time and gold I put into collecting the echo weapons really burns. Yes there are some coloration differences and the aura is red vs white but not enough that it does not rankle that if players only pay 16 gold and collect enough marks in the week for even half the set, its still cheaper and less time consuming that what I did.
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