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  1. What I witnessed as GW2 Player on the eve of a decade long loyalty is that: Player community feedback on the game's official forums isn't valued. Bug reports are adressed arbitrarily in an irrational manner. Player community feedback on a third party website like Reddit get visibilty over this one, but that still isn't enough. That there are shadow Discord servers backroom talks. And that none of it matters if we're all bound to endure the whims of a biased developper's own favoritisms. Gamers all over the world have grown tired of see
  2. You forgot to improve the power option for power virtuoso, which still has to go crit/bleed route just to generate enough blades. Overhaul "Infinite Forge" grandmaster trait. Make it instead add 1 ammo skill to every Bladesong F1 - F2 - F3 - F4, and make it increase the maximum blade cap by 1 (6 total).
  3. #12 Landscapping garden one is still bugged. Why can't Anet just change that one to pick up rock as a work around fix is beyond me
  4. There are certain hidden neutral hitboxes/ojbects around camps that react to getting hit by aoe, keeping you in combat. Similar to the hidden aetherbalde Fractal where midway up, there's the room with the control panels and hologram dancer disco spinning plasma walls. This is what's preventing players from accessing the mistlock after opening the next area.
  5. Underworld Mithril Squire [AH] (Almost Harmless)Underworld Platinum Knight [sisi] (Vapor Form Is My Best Skill)
  6. Each of the Underwold server elems that abuse of this I report as Spamming, I hope Anet will check their profession and skill spam and ban them accordingly.
  7. Paying my respect F.Why would you open so many bags without noticing on the tooltip it says "affected by magic find". So much luck wasted.
  8. all good, working again, downloaded patch and in game, have fun and enjoy
  9. Can't get past log on launcherBuild: 110777Error Code: 58:11:5:535
  10. I haven't seen that 600 Tyrian seal offer neither for the infusion ?!? And I checked it each day and got the 3rd mastery on day 1.
  11. Diviner + Pack + celerity rifle DeadeyePerma quickness+25might+vigor+fury+swiftness+protection , self heal Invigorating Precision for the best heal in game.
  12. It's like the 8 seconds worth of initiative isn't a cooldown at all in your alternative reality, and 900away isn't even enough to OOC my dude. So how he gonna go OOC -AND- insta re-engage without more CDs burned?!? If he's SA, he has trickery 2nd, so no Serpent Touch trait from DA to try to keep you in combat with the poison from Steal'ing on you if he was to attempt a quick OOC regen. So your just both gonna regen OOC.
  13. This is mostly the reason why I've been able to get away with dropping durability rune and air sigil on my DE and use antitoxin+cleansing instead. Those that stuck to bursty type thieves are quite a rare sight to see nowadays. They are like the last of the 1shot KO in the scene (with Slb's). The big DMG CC patch neutered holos. The subsequent nerfs to nades and explosives further sealed their fate for those that tried the scrapper suprise stealth gyro gankers. Mesmers and plasma beam ele's don't pack the same oomph since and so they do have been dwindling in presence.
  14. WvWThey can't even remove a dead dolyak hit box so it doesn't obstruct your projectiles... after 8 years! PvEOr how about say ranger short bow trait vs our pistol trait, bit of fairness after all these years?https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Light_on_your_Feet(pistol mastery > ankle shots > to current Deadly Aim lol) Condi dual shortbow build got simply deleted with the Choking Gas daze change. It was our one fun build that wasn't even on par at 24-28k DPS but it gave jank fun utility in group content (aoe daze+boon strip).Lady kitty one handed pistol build too got gutted. Prepare Thousan
  15. My server, Gunnar's Hold, has a notorious bot player, a core ranger that always run on foot around, Rachel Cage. The pathing AI it uses is so clever. Avoids RI camps, knows by API when something is available or about to, because we see it change direction radically. It uses the same rotation pattern when engaging or getting engaged into combat. And it makes it hilarious to see real player getting downed to that bot.
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