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  1. I can testify this actually happens. More or less same bs everytime, they want someone to command but they won't listen nor read and having them take on a group slot and a group role is just outside the realm of possibilities. I stopped trying. And I also stopped going. Since the rewards are not that interesting.
  2. I got the turtle by buckling down on a dedicated discord with map full of people wanting said turtle pre-patch, willing to step outside their comfort zone, min max subgroups and get it done. Now when I revisit the map. I see in chat: can anyone command? I try and go for it, since after several failed attempts I would like to think that doubling your dps helps in a dps race. I ask people to bring out the best their classes have to offer to help with quickness, alac, might, bring banners and spirits, spare cc and split into buff subgroups. Nope. Barely few can b
  3. Yeah, either remove it or enable us to skip to the end somehow as in 'account wide story progression'. Compared to HoT collections it is incredibly tedious and the time investment makes it mostly unrewarding. I appreciate that the canthan boatman has a different lines for every race character and by all means who wants to, let them replay and enjoy, but it's just too many hours and repetitive dialogue.
  4. It made me revisit the mostly content dry GW2 for a re-spin. I would say it's worth about 2 weeks of entertainment and then it's non-sub so you can always come back again when you feel like it or new content comes out. It's not bad, but as everything these days, it might have been a tad bit overhyped, so people are dissapointed. It could use and probably will receive some polish overtime and there is plenty of stuff to do, although it feels somewhat toned down when compared to HoT for example. New specs are fun and couple bring special gimmics which are entertaining for a w
  5. Hey discord is pretty neat, went with them and honestly it was a decent attempt at the meta. But then we only got one breakbar early into the boss instantly after tail. That is one breakbar for the entire boss. 2 tails at 20% also with some side switches, just because. I call BS and I call the OP out on the BS because even their commanders say it's BS. Edit: It took multiple attempts even with premade groups of people dedicated to success from this discord. But hey, I did get the turtle egg, the turtle and am able to utilize experience gains again, now I am off to grind th
  6. If only it was actually fun so people were going there for fun, right?
  7. tl:dr make separate mastery bindings pls, clicking skiff button everytime you want to fish is annoying I understand that I could not possibly need 3 separate keys for 3 separate abilities, 2 of which are used rapidly in conjunction. But I would ask for 2. My issue is, I can only have one thing bound, between skiff and fishing i choose fishing, cause that's more often used in repetition. But everytime I want to use fishing I usually want to get out my skiff first too, this forces me to always go to the tiny button (and get switched to fishing if I miss), and press i
  8. Well, challenging is incredibly relative term. Should you sleep on your rotation and just autoattack? Probably not. Should you form elitist groups and check for 1000 LI? Probably not either. I suppose there is a trick to it we are still missing. New tequatl used to be impossible before people could be bothered to split up properly and to use turrets. Dragon's Stand and most of HoT metas were not a 100% success rate either early on. The mystery of Dragon's end still eludes me. Could it be that breaking massive whirpool defiance bar instakills boss?
  9. It selects one player from the people in it, turns you into a wisp and ports you below the temple. You then have a minigame of sorts to jump back up with your evasion energy charges that refill on picking up floating "memories". If you do make it to the top in time you will be returned to your character and gain a buff. Just got "selected" today and tbh the buff is borderline better than nothing and even all players getting it will likely not offset the time spent on getting it, so the original "skipping" of the phase was completely justified as an option.
  10. Yes please! 😄 Even if it would be something like 10 skirm tickets in repeatable chest, it would still be more encouraging than "k, no more tickets for you".
  11. Technically you can craft and sell Eternity and keep 2 legendary skins in the process, just need a good bit of gold.
  12. First of all, thank you for putting time into it and picking me apart. I would still insist I did not insinuate anything and that you should assume positive intent here and there once in a while. Allow me to spell it out, "you are not all cheaters just because you played longer than me, I am just looking at the mountain of rank I would need to get to attain a certain goal I set for the sake of pips and well, it is so high that I will not need it by the time I get there and therefore I see less and less point in it." Welp, you are not wrong there. The only t
  13. I do want easy leggies, they did make that happen in WvW. It is kinda why I am here. It's literally in the OP. As well as reason why I would not play otherwise. And yes, leggy armory certainly pushed the convenience to another level, before it was armor I still had to bounce around character which set it on equal footing with ascended version for my use. I said no such thing. I expect no approval, I specifically stated I got that as a response from someone who was a high rank. I did not even make it up, it was something something there "Used to be better wxp boosters and bigg
  14. I mean they could enable spvp gear for WvW simply for the sake of "keeping up with the meta" I do zerker simply cause I die one shot from zerg once I am outside invul frames/abilities regardless of gear and ofc for using the same set in pvp and pve.
  15. Did not know what I expected really, revealing my "baby" rank besides being asked to "grow up". Thank you for your kind words of input. Especially the amulet enrichment bit I completely missed, who would have known it applies to wxp. It's Monday and my chests are finished though. Did one day commanding a zerg and other day flipping a camp every 10 minutes. The time assesment is correct I only played enough to make one ascended set cause back then it seemed like an interesting way to skip crafting requirements and now I am a week away from conflux, based on skirm ticket
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