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  1. I'd image that it's worse for some classes than others. You can't just retreat to another objective if your partner dies or tank to keep something from being captured. Some classes are force multipliers that work better with more players, while others are better in small fights.
  2. It would make a difference to make a change from DirectX 9, but another bottleneck is there. There's a single thread that always caps out. They've been chipping at it, but it's still there. Good single thread performance on a CPU helps out for GW2.
  3. I wouldn't use a season pass to revive old content and then allow players to pay to skip that old content. It is strange enough that we're getting free story content in a B2P game. Would be strange if we had to pay to go back to that content that we may have got for free in a B2P game, only to then turn around and pay them again to not to do that content. It would've been easier to monetize the content in the first place than to stutter around an initial payment. They're actually getting ready to have us go back through Living World content soon with some rewards. The achievement system is
  4. Oh yeah! I forgot about those. If gems could drop, it would be that level of drop chance. You'd just forget about them.
  5. They currently do give us gems through the achievement system meta. 400 gems here and there. I wouldn't mind another system doing the same. It probably shouldn't be a random drop, though. The achievement system is easier for them to control distribution. RNG would need some kind of cooldown safeguard on top some new ultra rare drop tier.
  6. Yeah, going uphill isn't fun. Guild halls aren't flat enough. Needs some boosters.
  7. I think they go by screen dimensions. On the PC, make the window of the forums half the size of the screen and it auto-magically behaves itself out of sight, but increases the font size to let you know that it is angry at you.
  8. I say we go full-throttle and hypen every-thing.
  9. WoW used to be a terrible example, where I would point to GW2 as an example on an acceptable wardrobe system, but it really kicked into gear. They let players save an appearance to each of the roles that players have for their class in WoW as a bonus to the appearance save feature! We are still bound to 1 appearance per gear set in GW2. They haven't worked in gliders, mounts, outfits, or dyes for those things yet. WoW on the other hand has macros that let players theme their mounts after their spec choice. GW2 depends upon fashion as a source of income, but they don't act like it. They just le
  10. They actually did have some hard hitting fights when the game launched, but nobody knew how to press the dodge button. They kept dying to massive attacks that were meant to be dodged and started to use mostly ranged weapons. Then the stuff got nerfed. Open world stuff took awhile to recover from that, so expansion stuff tends to be a little better.
  11. This is also a problem with legendaries, when used across multiple builds. I would love an appearance template system. They could sell more cosmetics if they let us easily swap between cosmetics.
  12. True. I could see a blurry obscure grey area allowing an addon that provides some quick swapping for builds, but once they added their own support it isn't an issue for the player, just them. The hurdle I could see would maybe be automation detection. I don't think they could allow the 3rd party thing to continue, as a matter of principle, but they could've made the 1st party thing better. The equipment slots and build slots should have been connected. Nobody can dice it any other way, because traits favor certain equipment stats. Clear cut there. Monetization got in the way. I don't know i
  13. How did the template system change your view on them? They give you several free slots to make up for when you change game modes, which actually was a boon to people that only play one game mode. Wasn't this also during the time they said that they no longer wanted to do expansions, so they lost a major source of income? Call that what you want, but I wouldn't call that unfair. The worst offense I'd hold against them are the RNG cosmetics they have, because it's gambling by another name, but the cosmetic bit really softens that blow. Some people find cosmetics to be very important and don't
  14. People are being hyperbolic and acting like ArenaNet will run a drug cartel the moment they open up a subscription model. They'll point at subscription models from games that can't even run fair cash shops as examples as to why ArenaNet shouldn't try this payment option. We're talking about the company that put boosters in their cash shop, but lets us buy them for free with laurels or for a huge gem discount with candy corn gobblers! It's like watching a guy with a credit score of 800 get denied a credit card, because some people don't pay their debts. A serious lack of trust here! For real!
  15. You can use Gleam of Sentience to bulk buy some bags. Up to 300 of each material can be consumed per day. It uses the vendor UI, so you don't need to spam the buy button. It also takes directly from your bank and material storage, so using it is really fast. Just avoid using the Unbound Magic item it sells and you'll be good.
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