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  1. If you don't get a popup, you might still be able to get the crash log. Go to "%appdata%" in your file browser. There you can find a file called "Arenanet.log" inside of the "\Roaming\Guild Wars 2" directory that may help narrow down the issue. If the "When:" section of that log file contains about the date and time of your crash, that's your crash. Keep in mind that the date uses Year-Month-Day format. You could probably put those logs into a support ticket or post them here in a spoiler tag.
  2. I'm currently Beta testing the DX11. I've had a crash without a prompt to send an error, so I'll post my crash log and event here. I'm assuming it's DX11 related, but I am not certain that it is. The log states that a texture's dimensions were too small, among other errors. Sounds like it could be a DX11 subject. Arenanet.log Event Viewer Entry 9/22/2021 2:07:49 AM
  3. Something to note is that Canthans still use siege turtles, despite their advances. They seem to be able to augment life, such as replacing human arms, with magitech. Elementalists get magitech spheres that circle an area, but they seem to behave differently than golems or gyros. Perhaps they aren't as advanced in artificial intelligence, but have more knowledge in necromancy and magic?
  4. There are golems with curved forearms that look like one of the icons. However, we won't really know what that icon is for now. Most golems we've seen have an iconic diamond shaped eye. For all we know, it could be another energy weapon.
  5. They could probably make fractals involving the moment that the legendaries became legends. Some of those moments sound pretty cool.
  6. The only thing I wish that they would remove is the fish ornaments, because it matches only Canthan humans and no other theme. The rest of it looks alright for a kit weapon. It's better than elixir gun or bomb kit.
  7. The word that some other MMORPG communities use for this is "homogenization." It's usually used in a derogatory fashion for when classes begin to mix their themes and lose their identity. People don't usually take issue with it until it's too late.
  8. How I'm imagining it is that technology is improving, but those who've sworn to the blade are adapting to those changes to keep their weapons viable. They didn't say that, though.
  9. Some of the names aren't really landing for people. They sound cool, but do they match? I'd say some of them do and some of them don't. Here are my thoughts so far: Virtuoso: Their spells are apparently songs, but in name only. Harbinger: Is an apothecary that brews potent potions to empower themselves foreshadowing the future? Willbender: Are they forcing others to submit to the empire, even though they are guards? Vindicator: This one makes sense. The spirits that they're using freed the people of Shiro and avenged the empire. Good job. Bladesworn: This one migh
  10. A player could probably skip past LS2, as the Silver Wastes was granted to players for the HoT story entrance and level 80 boosters. The only big thing that's missing would probably be Rytlock's sudden change. LS3 needs to be done to know what PoF is about. People don't get to greet the Scion unless they do this part of the story. Players are rushing through the story for access to their mounts, so I wouldn't tell them to hold back if they don't own LS3, but there are two huge plot points missing if a person doesn't do LS3. LS4 and ICB might bump into a similar issue with EoD, as the
  11. I agree that they should've bundled the old living worlds with an expansion bundle. Not only does the separate purchase get in the way of story telling, but it also reduces the number of active players on a map. This will become worse over time as players need to buy more episodes. It's not good for new players or old players.
  12. It's probably just a callback to the ritualist from Cantha being an inspiration for the revenant profession, as they both channel spirits from the mists.
  13. They really threw the baby out with the bathwater with that old change! Easy to use CC with a guaranteed return and difficult to use CC that can only CC are being treated exactly the same. For example, Big Ol' Bomb does nothing but launch players, so it was designed to deal heavy damage (which was removed in PvP situations). It has a 3 second fuse and is stationary. It can be blocked. Then look at Blast Gyro. Grants 11 Might in an AoE to nearby allies, launches the target even further, follows the engineer, and has Unblockable. The Big Ol' Bomb needs it's damage back and the Blast Gyro do
  14. If you have the expansion, you may activate the story quests through your story panel. That will take you into the expansion by showing you where the zone entrances are on the map.
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