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  1. Im curious to know if you bumped the maximum capacity or if there was some issue (bug) where certain teams had more players on map than others - for instance on reset might our full guild squad (green) was fighting what appeared to be 2 full guild group squads (blue) compared to our one full squad and maybe 15 sidecar pugs - at the same time it seemed like there was very few red team members on our cued map other observations: some guildmates who had chosen to rep our guild were still linked with other teams - though putting in a ticket resolved that for many of them - so cheers
  2. pretty underwhelming if Im being honest It be really nice to see the recharging teleport to friends in the gems store again
  3. Im curious how many times are you going to threaten to take your ball and go home before you actually do?
  4. when everyone stops playing gw2, no one will be :open_mouth:
  5. hasnt there always been 4 tiers in wvw? as far as the relink goes it might be good for you but they linking my server with the same anchor we have had 3 times in the last year - its time for a long (maybe permanent) gw2 break because I cant see spending any money on gems to transfer and as time goes on it seems highly unlikely we will ever see alliances happen unless anet figures out a way to monetize it
  6. when compared to the items on sale last year it is by far way more high priced items and more geared to fashion wars than utility - as somebody who has never fallen down that rabbit hole Im not feeling compelled to bust out the credit card - hope they put some char slots up at least
  7. The reduced cool down of two hours is not working for me, I have to wait until reset. Seems like it was pointless to submit a ticket for it since I'll probably get the last feeding done before I get a response anyway.
  8. Agreed. well its pretty much the end of next week and if anything the lag is worse now - getting 30 seconds of flashing skills where (on my screen) Im running around in the enemy zerg and then all of a sudden I fast forward at 3-4 times normal speed and Im nowhere near my zerg of the enemy was hoping it was something as simple as that win 10 issue but I dont have the offending update spoke with an anet team member in wvw and all he could say was they were aware of the issue and working on it
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