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  1. You could always stand outside SMC and wait for cloud vs cloud.
  2. Making a argument that offering economic compensation to players willing to don on the blue tag and put in a healthy amount of wvw hours would do more for game mode than any of the other bandaids that the community is crying for. Blue tags are far more valuable for the experience of entire servers than any other change that has been implemented since game release.
  3. Nice effort, but horrible idea. This gamemode needs less pve, not more wallhugging.
  4. Who cares lol, let them fight doors if that is what they wanna do.
  5. As soon as anyone speakes to you, rightclick name and select "block".
  6. Condi Mirage is hands down the strongest class in terms of dueling, roaming and possibly 1vsX. Anything paired with condi Mirage other than another condi Mirage is a downgrade.
  7. Not married but playing as a duo for a few years now.We just build two 1v1 duellers. There is No real synnergy in gw2. some players mistake boonremoval and instarez for synnergy. In your case Its pointless. Having said that, having a FB in your party is not synergetic either, you just brought along a save and reload button to compensate for your own inadequacy. Mobility and chase potential is all that matters in wvw. Standing on circle and facetanking is sPvP. Most wvw roaming builds have potential to instantly delete you IF they have the slightest Idea where the opening is. And if you are not
  8. Drivning force of wvw is emotion. Nid emotions to log in.
  9. Sustain comes very little from stats, with few exceptions No class/build will facetank. Sustain is in build or How long you can rotate sustain skills and number of stunbreaks. Some classes must choose between preassure on enemy vs sustain. IT is pretty obvious to fight them. Some however preassure while sustaining as Most of the ability have double function, both sustain and damage. this is the case with many condibuilds and Most mesmer metabuilds. Problem is correctly assuming when it is ok to commit and when you need caution and bait enemys Big sustain cooldown. Stats are secondary and can h
  10. Sniping with sb from walls = No progress. You must fight, fight and then fight some more.
  11. Find build, practice burst on golems untill you can do IT in sleep. Unless you learn How to burst you will not be able to kill a competent player. Second you need to learn all other class, when they burst, and where is window for your burst. Best to start with that that is Most popular and downwards from there. You must know when to preassure and when to sustain.
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