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  1. Yeah I'm thinking about it 😃I have the same card as you from EVGA, and x470 taichi, with a 5800x. I was reading it only gets enabled for games that support in the nvidia control panel and ignores games that do not support it. You can also toggle that on and off in unsupported games but I will not 😀
  2. That's a pretty nice setup there, I'm guessing Dell does not have a new bios update with resizable bar included? 🙁
  3. I have the same GPU as yourself RTX 3070, what motherboard do you have? It might need a bios update to support it. It should work with Windows 7 as well. Your harddrive needs to be GPT formated if it's not it's really easy to go from MBR to GPT that's what I did and changed CSM to disabled in order for it to boot.
  4. Hey all, I just upgraded my motherboard's bios to support my new 5800x and now my Asrock x470 has the resizable bar setting in the bios. Now before I flash my GPU's bios and enable resize bar in my motherboard's bios does GW2 have any issues with it enabled? I'm reading some random posts online that DX9 games may have issues with it enabled, crashing, games not starting etc. Thanks.
  5. Probably right I will wait a bit longer, maybe Anet will look into it.
  6. It's now on sale, no longer 10K, it's 5,555G lol. But it's just 2 right eye's on the TP now, no left side yet. I agree with Ashantara, it does look silly on myself to, but it does match my character. I got a fire theme going on, and in game name is: I N F E R N U S name also matches my theme lol. I'm 303 APs to 30k for full hellfire then I'm all set. Both of those eye infusion would be perfect with that armor. I'm just waiting to see if a left eye will be on the TP. I'm tempted but, that is a lot of gold. I have a feeling with time the infusions on the TP would probably hover around the 2k+
  7. WOW I just saw it now, yeah, 10K alright :( I'm 3500G short lol. Too bad it's only the right eye. We do need a choice on which eye to select once it does drop for us.
  8. Oh ok, tradeable I sure hope so. I would buy if the price is right 😀 Really, no choice between left or right? 😠 Anet care to comment on that? I mean if we all have the right eye for example on a character, why can't we have a choice to choose? That would make sense. This way makes no sense.
  9. I was looking at the GW2 wiki site and the recipe to craft another one is there: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Primordus_Left_Eye_Infusion So the only way is to keep on doing the Dragonstorm meta over and over for a chance at a Pristine Dragon’s Eye? Will there be an option to buy it on the TP? 😀Or is it account bound? I have the right eye and it matches perfecftly, and it will go great as soon as I get my full hellfire armor. Just 332 APs left 😃One more thing if one does happen to drop from the Dragonstorm meta event will it give you an option to choose left or right?
  10. I know we can change characters but I want to use the charater I'm using at the moment when I enter, like my warrior. This is something Anet needs to look at, all other festivals we have all year have no issues when we enter or exit, in any game mode they have. It's probably an easy fix but after 8 years I don't know why Anet doesn't just respond about it.
  11. I agree about the dx12pxy, even reshade supports it. I mean Anet can have a toggle in the graphics options DX9 or DX12 if they used this in the game.
  12. Hello Anet, I'm sure this has been brought up many times but, since 2013 when the first SAB went live, is it really that hard to return the buffs you lose when you leave SAB? I'm careful not to use any 12hr food/utility buffs but it does get annoying to always go back to my guild hall to reapply the buff I lost, Karma, XP, etc. Also to keep using food/utility buffs candy canes, banners etc. If I want to enter a quick strike for example with my buffs then maybe do a daily SAB right after I lose all the buffs when I exit. This is really backwards whoever at Anet designed this. And don't say it
  13. That would be nice, that happened in 2013 we had the first one in April, the whole month :D Then again in Sept. for about a month. But I think Anet is very focused on releasing End of Dragons this year. I'm going to guess we should have a beta sometime during the summer months June, July, or Aug, then it will probably release in the fall.
  14. Another year goes by and still the same SAB Raptor skin mount you know we do have other ones LOL. Why not make a complete collection with all mounts on the GEM store.
  15. These spikes are very rare on my side, I had to wait a bit over an hr to see the pings return to normal, 20,30,40 around those pings I normally get and some under 20. So it seems for us the problem is on Anet's side. I would avoid any SAB modes during very high pings that is not fun :)
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