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  1. Hmm, ah ok thanks, seems like a gray area. Maybe I should send a support ticket about this? 😊
  2. Hi all before these all get sold out would this be safe to buy and use on my account: https://www.ebay.com/itm/224597643710?hash=item344b1011be:g:b3sAAOSwR0lhM-h- The listing says Guild Wars 2: Ascended Aurene Clothing Outfit for $4.99 it's pretty cheap I don't mind paying 5$ 🙂
  3. For now I just put -windowed like this Guild Wars 2\Gw2-64.exe" -windowed and it works. When I'm in game I just make it fullscreen and it works right now. I also have -autologin - bmp in their as well. Someone on the forum suggested this I'm not taking credit for it. So if your that person, thank you! 😀👍
  4. The issue is having the same problems on their work PC's. If so then do not let it go live. Just fix it, delay the update that's all. 😀
  5. What I want to know is, does Anet test any of their patches before letting them go live? And if they did you mean to tell me that they had no issues on their work PC's or home PC's? LOL. If they did, why would you release something like this it's just broken 😖
  6. Ah ok, it works with flickering, I'm going to guess it's because DX11 is still in beta. Did it work fine before with DX9 and freesync? I know I can't go back to plain vanilla GW2 without reshade 😁
  7. Hi all, has anyone got reshade working now with the DX11 beta? I'm using an older version of sweetfx v1.1.0.963 it works great and never needed to upgrade to any newer version. I have been trying to get it working with DX11 but I have had no luck.
  8. Only thing I need to do now is to reinstall Reshade and pick the DX11 renderer. Reshade makes GW2 look so good even inject fake HDR since this game will probably never have real HDR. 😀. I wonder now if we can enable ultra shadows and have no stutter with DX11? I have a pretty good PC: 5950x/RTX 3070/32GB RAM/1080p 360hz HDR panel, and still have a bit of stutter with shadows on ultra especially in Verdant Brink, where when I enable ultra the FPS can drop more than 20 FPS in some areas. When it's on high it's smooth. I think by now after 9yrs we all should have the settings at the highest 😁
  9. Ah now I see got it. 1.5x it is then. Still hardly a stress for a 3070 😁 I also use SMAA on high, plus use reshade (SMAA not enabled in reshade) it makes the game look so much better, even can inject fake HDR. Now with DX11 coming, I have to redo reshade, and looking forward to better use of CPU cores. I have a 5950x and hope with DX11 more cores can be used. Thanks all.
  10. I always used supersample for years, it does put more demand on the GPU but not really that much. I'm using a RTX 3070. But I always wanted to know since it says "Render at a higher resolution than the screen" Well what is it actually? 😁 Is it 2x your screen res, or 1.5x your res? It doesn't specify. I'm using a 360hz 1080p HDR panel and I wanted to know what res is it rendering at using supersample.
  11. I agree this year was a bit of a disappointment 🙁 7th year we got the victory rock, loved it. 8th year was even better, we got an amulet, and the birthday infusion with the GW2 logo fireworks. This year, dye? meh... and some unlocks I don't use. I was hoping for maybe a birthday glider skin with the GW2 logo on it with some fireworks animations when you deploy it, that would have been awesome. I just was expecting something more to top the 8th year.
  12. Please Anet, it would be great if you can make other skins for the other mounts in some mount packs. For example the Mad Kings Mounts Pack (which I have) needs to have the Beetle, Warclaw and Skyscale as well. Same goes for the Cozy Wintersday Mounts Pack (I have to) which now you can get the Skyscale separate but the Beetle and Warclaw are missing. Would be great if in the future you can include the skin packs for those mounts to.
  13. Oh perfect I was just going to ask about this 😀 After seeing the awesome trailer for LW S4 I was like wait, I think Festival of the Four Winds should begin this month. Thanks for the info. can't wait! 😁👍
  14. Oh ok that would be better, instead of all content on one day. 👍😁
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