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  1. you're on the right track so lets simplify it more, will core classes be able to be on even ground with the new specs "combat" wise or is it unbalanced atm to were the new elite specs have the advantage? if so thats p2w because to play the game (all pvp content) all thats required is core if you need to spend money on top of that to be on par with people of equal skill thats p2w and poor balance. /// but yeah lets be honest we all know what it is i mean they gotta sell the xpac to yall somehow right? bigger number chasers, people who need crutches to stand up thats who
  2. people have gotten used to the new elite specs by now would you say they are better / more effective at killing the competition than core/pof/hot specs? if so, when if at all do you think they will finally be balanced? if its not P2W i got another challenge, name counters to each popular build for the new specs to show why you think its not P2W. Edit: i got one "haha" but all "no" answers will be disregarded in my head without an explanation as asked above.
  3. the only the i can think of OP is that a dev thats hiding in pvp (not showing their anet tags) is using it on their main. no one like it and yet it keeps surviving all patches. to add it basically makes DH and Ranger better thiefs in a combat situation (not necessarily decap stuff) stealth on command without a drain on initiate because they dont have that restriction and everytime they do it they get a burst of SPEED to reposition easily with invisible high damaging traps, while having the benefits of those classes (ranger/guard) that a thief doesn't have. i understand alot of peop
  4. thief pistol 5 into dagger 2 making stealth doesnt notify ele water sword 2 into earth sword 2 making heal doesnt notify just to name 2 that i use constantly. edit: to add its not just me, Bug? Combo Finisher UI indication no longer shows. - Bugs: Game, Forum, Website - Guild Wars 2 Forums
  5. for example i drop fire field then blast finisher it for might.... i get no on screen notification it was successful, it used to say might or something on screen but now it says nothing. edit: i will add this is in pvp as its all i play dont know about pve.
  6. lol ranked i havent played it since for 2 years because the devs dont really care about it so i live in stronghold when i play there is a bunch of issues with pvp and that is why they dont have my money for the xpac for the first time ever ill buy it when they bare minimum remove or balance (long icd) trapper rune.
  7. yes it is and in the past i bought 2 of each xpac so sorry you dont quite make up the difference.
  8. to be clear the reason for this topic is crashing during and right after pvp matches and never anywere else during the beta very sus. and thanks for giving dishonor during these instances very nice.
  9. 1. rune of the trapper is super toxic and needs to be gone from pvp 2. every beta including this one for end of dragons in pvp has been terrible because of frequent crashes during the game and after clicking leave match at the end of the game this doesnt present well to what i would be experiencing in the real game (end of dragons) battlefield 2042 was the most recent game of many to show me how much games improve after beta phases and that is hardly ever much so fix these bugs sooner than later.
  10. nah pretty sure you and the other guy are just missing the point especially you by thinking im at all saying guardian is overpowered. and posting videos that im not going to watch but assume is auto tourney footage of two 5man premade teams going against eachother which again is not what my original post described 2 totally different things. frankly im done talking about it when people keep having oversights like these so GG have fun im out.
  11. you're not going to have full evasion during 3 spam there are spots at which you can be hit you're confusing bad guards with good ones who dont just spam cc skills and time them well at times when people would be vulnerable, no guard worth his salt is going to let you just pump 11k damage into him without retaliation (no pun) they can move/dodge/invuln/stealth with rune(which breaks tracking on 3)/f2 leap so many options and this is just assuming no outside help. holos and necros are easy to deal with so i dont agree with that, i deal with many outnumbered situations all the time i
  12. everything you said relies on a visible guard and for them more or less to stay still and for the thief to be super glass (easily killable by the other gaurds) acting like spamming 3 or 2&3 arent going to leave the thief initiative starved and free food for the other guards, acting like the guard cant reapply his boons and heal from thief damage and go invulnerable acting like the success of a s/d thief doesn't rely on a strong team to support or distract attention from you when going up against another good team... sound like you have no idea what you're talking about and just
  13. explain how 1 sd thief counters 5 invisible guards with invisible traps while the thief has no stability and is able to get trapped by maw and LB 5 (lets not act like when you teleport out of it you dont sometimes get cc'd anyway by a bug with the trap) tethered by DH f1 unable to stealth and get yanked around pushed around by multiple bow3's. remember this was a whole 5 man team running this crap (and imo they were a team of decent individuals, like ive fought scrub players that group up many times they were not scrubs probably HoT era mid plat tier players imo) they did it on pu
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