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  1. I like this new burst of communication and hope this will keep on going until EoD atleast.
  2. well, its still early days, but there has been some work started. i typed a long message, but didn't want to spam it here. so, i put it in the readme of the repo. https://github.com/coderedart/jokolay can contact me ingame during mondays when i login for raids or maybe on fridays during wvw reset. or discord Red Artist#4554 . always open to discuss more ideas or which features should be prioritized etc..
  3. This exactly. Captain Weyandt, who acompanies you the whole way as a blue glowy light and narrating the journey, will revive you if you pick the incorrect drop, as you are showing in the video. To quote from the wiki,"If you choose the wrong oneCaptain Weyandt: (laugh)Captain Weyandt: (laugh) I thought ye was smarter than that! I like yer grumption, though. Try again."I'd assume if you were to open up a chat tab that showed NPC dialog, you'd see this repeated for each time you jumped down and got teleported back up. It isn't a bug, but rather just a normal part of the JP. The far right one wit
  4. I did use the glider actually. and survived but still ported back. not in the video maybe, but i used the glider the first few times. but if its not a bug, then, sorry for the fake report and wasting your time
  5. so, basically, i would jump over the water fall, and in a few seconds, my character whether dead or alive from the fall will loop back to the top of the waterfall. i will add a video link that i recorded at the end of the post. nevermind the audio track. first, let me add the details as the "how to report a bug" post tells me to. so, the bug happened at around 1: 37 AM (Indian standard time, GMT + 5:30). on 23rd november 2018.i did not check the ip of the map, but it was in Lion's Arch.My character name is Bunny Kittens. level 80. A Norn. and she's a mesmer.i was in a party with another perso
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