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  1. I understand the frustration and not gonna trivialize the statement. I have heard many complain about things like that, and have helped many through them to get what they need, done. 99% of the JP in core tyria are indeed in the daily rotation. So with that in mind: Look at achievements you are doing. Specially long term ones. Are you working on Return To? Are you working on a legendary? If you know upfront what to expect and see that what you need in the future is a daily today, get a least played character and park it there. Unfortunately doesn't work with all (chalice for ex
  2. Eir, Taimi, Canach Biggest dissapointment: Joko. Biggest annoying one but still a weak spot: Trahearne. "Die by my hand" sorry Trahearne, that was me... "Die by my hand" again trahearne, that was me... "Die by my..." TRAHEARNE!
  3. Farm it wit a thief, what ya expect?
  4. I have to agree with OP. A low RNG on an item that can only drop in a 5 minute window every now and then is too much. Also the mobs have to go! Their agro range and respawn rate makes specially the few chances we have during the few minutes during dusk and dawn more frustrating. Who thought it was a good idea to ad day and night fish in the 5 short minutes we have at dawn and dusk? Who thought it was a good idea to put fishing holes at FAST respawning enemies? Who thought it was a good idea that mobs can harm you and your boat but you cannot harm them unless you LEAVE the boat,
  5. I have accounts on both side and hardly notice a difference except in details. Only really noticed that WvW feels more desolate on EU than NA but consider it might simply be due to the exact servers I use.
  6. This is becoming more and more annoying. I am not talking about going to a different map, I am talking about the "Volunteer" to switch to a more crowded map. You would think, with ArenaNet using more and more things that stack to get better results, that you would by now actually be able to swap maps in this manner without loosing such stacks? No such luck. When you have build up 55 stacks on fishing on your boat, like I have now... and this pops up... all you think is "darn, only 1 hour left to take benefit of this" Consider how long it takes to build up 55 stacks when f
  7. Tried some more on turtle. It is very handy in drizzlewood. Those pesty snipers cannot really damage it. Gates go down with a salvo real quick. Finaly was able to get the "destroy infrastructure" done. Secondly, the gunner can mount up when in combat, very handy if you see someone struggling, let them hop on and recover. However, I am a flyer... Griffon still Superior Mount for me. Skyscale made griffon obsolete? Hahahahahaha not even close.
  8. I have no real oppinion except that the statement made several times about WvW is a false one. As someone already mentioned before: you can get your badges of honor from achievement chests as well. Meaning you can get the currency without stepping 1 foot into World vs World. By the time most new players are considering a tag, they likely have enough badges already from achievements. When I say without 1 foot, I mean this litterly: once you obtain the currency from achievements, you can go to a merchant in Lion's Arch, Divinity's reach, Hoelbrak or Black Citadel. Heck these days
  9. The clicking is indeed horrible. I too have arthritis in my fingers and prefer to use my mouse clicks as less as possible. It is why I always use Consume All, Salvage All, Open All, you name it. Anything that requires me constantly clicking simply won't happen. I did macro my mouse to make 1 set for my own bot use, then deleted ANY of the salvage kits I had left. That garbage will not enter my inventory anymore unless you a: give us the option to salvage it with out BOUGHT QoL items like the silverfed and b: Have at LEAST a "salvage stack" options. Consider how many research
  10. I'd rather have mini dungeons that do not even have to be completed, than objectives for map completion hidden behind Meta's or event chains. (Verdant Brink, Dragon Stand before Skyscale) As for the look, it's a required taste. I love the gothic architecture style ruins and the massive forrest gives me a sense of age to it. The maps are vertical indeed, but in my experience easier to complete than Tangled Depths.
  11. I do like the fact you are trying to think of a solution, but this is not it. 1. Forced Teleport makes a lot of players be weary of the map and avoid it completely. Chasing players out of a map (read map, not a specific instance) It is a mechanic that a lot of people loathe, me included. 2. As someone mentioned, they are fishing, they are building up party stack on their boat. It is right to force them up the platform, away from their boat and loose their stack, that could've taken a long time to build up? It already is a joke that you do not keep stacks of things when switching ma
  12. I said it before, as a person that doesn't mind both game modes. Make the Gift of Battle and Gift of Exploration tradable by a vendor. Investigate how much average time is needed for each and let the player trade. Avid WvW players happy, Avid PvE players happy. On a side note: When for example Land Claimer is a daily, check Edge of the Mists. That map regularly resets (Every 2 hours I believe) making the Sentry flags grey again. You can quickly hop on, grab one close to your spawn and leave. You can also get Guard killer and Veteran Creature slayer there. The map is a
  13. The turtle is useless for solo play for sure. It requires a gunner to come to live, without it, it's just a slow way of traveling where only the high amount of hitpoints can be somewhat helpful.
  14. I'd say succes should not rely on getting lucky with the RNG. Today I tried it again, with a competent group. We were basically denied a win due to getting "Unlucky" which is absolutely and utterly unacceptable in a Meta with such a long and grindy preperation phase. When you get your 10 events, when you do the escorts fast, and then get bad luck at the end fight and denied the win, that makes me furious. REMOVE the RNG. This is what happened: 1st CC phase at 81%: Useless, 30 seconds exposed lost. Nice one. 2nd CC phase at 61%... you gotta be kidding right? 3rd CC
  15. After the one win where I got my egg, I saw only dead maps, only groups that are full, or hidden... managed 3 runs, all 3 fails. Yeah... Byebye End of Dragons, what a waste of my precious money. Won't pre-order an Expansion EVER again. I will wait next time untill I read feedback on it. Casual friendly is what gw2 is known for, they deliberately broke it in this expansion. This is your current game state: I go do Dragon's End... I quickly get my 10 event buff and take a break because due to my handicap I need it. 2 hours of constant gameplay is simply not possible with my
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