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  1. It took me 3 tries. I never EVER hope to have to play that instance EVER again. This cannot be me, this has to be the instance. And every single time you need to start from the very beginning. Bleh. Now Tracking the Aspect Master shows the same issue. Disconnect 3 times already after defeating the Terragrif. I ams eriously starting to wonder if this achievement is worth this frustration
  2. Twice, yes twice I did the instance just to disconnect right before engaging the final boss. Why... why are there no checkpoints? Why do I have to play this long instance completely from the start? Sorry, I love the game, but that this instance, where you are often teleported, has no checkpoints... that is beyond amateuristic. Going in for 3rd (and i so HOPE) the last time. This is unbelievable. There are plenty of opportunities to put in checkpoints... one of the most annoying instances in this season 2 and most prone to disconnects.
  3. Yeah the next week is ehm... let me put this mildly: Dissapointing.
  4. Same for me on main. 1 of my 2 alts could get it, but main and 1 alt not, because they got the original achievement. When the original achievement is done, the interact is removed. The same interact that this achievement likely relies on to tick the new one off. Sorry ArenaNet, this is... sloppy at least.
  5. Currently hunting achievements, but when I have time, I will try to get the issue on video. It is inconsistent. Sometimes I can pass no problem, other times I am stopped dead in my tracks on (visually) the same path. I think a video will make the issue more clear. Specially when you rush through a cave full speed and are suddenly pulled and loose all speed.
  6. Dear ArenaNet... I love this initiative, however... I cannot understand why the long standing bugs have not been taken care of. The Cornered instance was and still is extremely bugged. Bomb achievement lost without being hit by a bomb The mechanic to break the shield takes dozens of tries Disconnect after defeat Experienced and reported those bugs years ago, encountering them today again on the exact same spots and instances is kinda dissapointing.
  7. I absolutely LOVE to fly my Griffon, but this Joy is often completely destroyed by Skyscale Rifts. A prime example is the rift at the exit of Sorrow's Cave in Thunderhead Peaks. Sometimes it does nothing, sometimes it stops my Griffon dead in it's tracks. It always was a fun and exciting experience to try and fly out of that cave full speed, but... with this roulette of a rift in the way, it is a hit and miss. The Griffon cannot do Skyscale Rifts, so why is it pulled to it in the first place? These rifts are ONLY for a Skyscale, so can you please
  8. Don't feed the trolls. They thrive on negative energy. Ignoring them is your best defense. No responce means a fail for them. Trolling is an Art, I have yet to see an Artist in gw2
  9. I also have issues with my right hand. Since I am right-handed, this is my mouse hand. I play a lot of thief and necro, but other classes as well. basically everything can be done with the keyboard, and all I use my mouse for is movement and the odd click skill. I mostly have my mouse "locked" on my character so that I do not need to press and hold to move around (I use mouse-steer since my left hand has "some" issues as well) There is also a setting for click and point skills that helps me out a lot. (for example wells, or the barage 5 skill on a ranger
  10. I am slightly confused reading the OP message. Play together where? WvW, PvP, Open World? Server only matters in 2 ways. WvW: Here the exact server matters because other servers are your opponent. All other content: As long as you are on the same region (North America or Euro) you can play together. Sounds to me you are both on either NA or EU, because NA cannot guest on EU and vise versa.
  11. I am home-bound and therefor play maybe a little more than the average player. I mostly play season and expansion maps. I do agree that Bloodstone Dust actually doesn't fit this list. The biggest offenders are Empereal Fragments and Dragonite Ore (in that order)
  12. I Use the gobblers, Craft sellable where possible... I still destroy massive amounts. If for example, the droprate of Empyreal Fragments is cut in half, my Gobblers can keep up with them, and I still don't worry about running short, when I need the few things you can make with them. Meaning if I get a stack a day, I'd be fine, yet I get 3 times that amount... because every new event, every new meta, every new map increases the droprate of those. Check the wiki of Empereal Fragments... compare the list you can make with it with the ways you can obtain th
  13. Also: Core scrolls do unlock WvW hero challenges. (not sure how many there are)
  14. To be honest, more legendaries does not nesesairily make the older ones obsolete or dated. To date, I personally still think Eternity looks better than Exordium. I am also not a fan of The HMS Divinity rifle, I prefer Predator. I also fully understand those that use HMS on a pirate themed character. Yes this is personal taste. And is exactly my point. More legendaries means more choice. Pick what you like best, or or what suits your character best. I think there are enough cases where people prefer one look over another, and rarely has to do wit
  15. I hope for you, that some of those gifts are going to be useful for the gen3 they announced. I can understand the frustration of those that crafted say 2 light sets because they do not want to swap through bank all the time, yeah in that case, the 2nd set is somewhat obsolete. We'll see what they will announce the 13th
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