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  1. I mean, if i get ingame money from it, it's not a material gain technically, cause ingame money doesn't have value outside of gw2...
  2. Actually, your posts helped a lot. It seems ANet doesn't want to/can't officially claim that fanarts and commissions are ok, since they otherwise could be used by rmt (the real and illegal ones) to trade money for in-game currency. This seems the only real reason to have this approach. It's a shame that artists have to technically think that what they do is not ok with CoC/ToS, and they could be banned for this (even if in all my researches i didn't found a single topic wich states this ever happened).
  3. Partner Program Visiting this page you can see that many Partners are artists, and it doesn't take long to find a profile where you can buy gw2 commissions. So i dunno if i should become a Partner to be able to get some irl or ingame money or else...
  4. Sorry but technically this is not commercial benefit, since ingame-currency doesn't have value outside gw2... About that i found this in the Code of conduct: Again, technically this doesn't answer what i asked since it's not real cash and it's not trading between servers (wich i presume refers to trading from NA to EU and vice-versa? Or is it related to Out-of-TP-Trades?) I would really like to have an official comment on this, since it would solve the root problem. EDIT: btw i just found this news page; it's a bit old so maybe not right anymore, but it refers to a commission a
  5. Thanks, i read that, but it still leaves me with some doubts. For 1), 2) and 3) I understand that i can't use NCsoft material for commercial purposes. Does this include exchange of fanart/screenshots/screenshot edits for ingame currencies? For 4) i take this line allows me to do so? For 5), i take this line is ok? If the content i post is only GW2-Related can i cut other game's names? Also what about the position? is in image description enough or do i need to put it into the image?
  6. Hi, i asked support about this topic and they redirected me to buisness development of NCsoft, wich didn't answer; so i'm asking the community instead (hoping that maybe some staff can look into this). I have some questions about fanart and Intellectual property, so please answer to me (a cookie for every useful answer, send me your IGN :) ) 1) Am I allowed to do fanart using elements (characters, places, races, and any other content) that’s IP of NCsoft/ArenaNet? 2) If so, can the art be based on a screenshot? Does it need to be modified in a way you can surely tell that it’s not a
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