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  1. 6/8/2022. Still the same bug. Equipped a level 3 Treasure Hunter Protocol module, but it did not give me the achievement
  2. 6/9/2022. Still not fixed. Maybe they need to hire better devs or management.
  3. #12 "Likes to hide in garden landscaping" middle tree is still bugged as of 5/28/2022, three months after it was first reported. Can we have some devs that know what they are doing to fix the bug?
  4. Anet devs, here is one easy way to make people stop hating the company whenever a Festival came up (and might make you look good on your annual review with your supervisor). Please bring the old achievements back once a year per festival. A lot of us starts after HoT or PoF, and missed all of the good all days. You can just bring 1 category back per festival, ie Blood and Madness 2013 this October, Blood and Madness 2014 next year October, A Very Merry Wintersday '12 this December and so on. Heck, even charge us 1000 gems (or 2000 or 3000) to whoever wants to have those achievem
  5. 8/2021, this bug is still here. No one cares, or maybe no dev knows how to fix it? No wondering why NCSoft decided to lay off a quarter of the devs lol.
  6. I'm stuck in the queue as well for a couple of hours now. Please help. Update: Seems like someone fixed it, im no longer stuck. Thank you.
  7. great job bug fixing team. It has been almost 4 months and the bug is still there. Can't make the back piece, what a waste of time.
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