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  1. Wild Engi used "Defense Field"....its super effective.
  2. There is a cele warrior longbow / sword warhorn build, look it up.
  3. Here's the thing, if they all stack on ppt-ing [nice] guild instead of spreading out, then Alliance is a waste of time. Had a glimpse of this when faced them in beta.
  4. I often do human story key runs and the very first fight in the bar when you beat Ted and walk down the stairs, my character is always slanting forward. No outfits, just white level one gears.
  5. Anet, Request: can you please make it so this Nightfury shoulders can be salvaged. I have legendary shoulders and can't do anything to this ascended item.
  6. If you are from Australia, here is list of isp i have tried and you should avoid. These are ones that gave me 1000-4000ms and will disconnect you from game after a while. Aussie Broadband - Tech will make adjustments if you log ticket and will work fine for couple days then same old ping returns. MyRepublic - Started ok, but as more customers join, their ping hit the roof. They offered free gamer upgrade, made no difference. Dodo - Stay away TPG - Same high ping Optus - Same high ping Vodafone - Same high ping Ones that work fine and little to
  7. What SM needs is to mark players once its flipped just like when a Keep flips.
  8. At the moment a NA Tier 1 server is way too strong and with it's link attracting more boon balls, servers with mostly pugs is not gonna work.
  9. Can i have Mesmer mantras back so i can spike someone behind me? So if anyone doesn't know...... October 01, 2019 This skill now requires mesmers to face their target and respects line of sight.
  10. .....are still waiting for 300sec traits to be reworked.
  11. Cele Sword weaver. Vallun has a nice guide for it as well.
  12. Pulling person off cliffs, you get plus 10g Person being pulled to death get minus 10g This would make WL a very rich guild 😛 And in EU, Lipton would become a baron.
  13. Is there something wrong with the forum? OP's writing looks so tiny.
  14. I'm having this weird weaver staff bug where when i dismount in WvW, my weapon skills are not showing or working correct. It fixes once i change attunment. I should be having: 1 Fire, 2 Fire, 3 Fire/Air, 4 Air, 5 Air. What i get after dismount is 1 Fire, 2 Fire, 3 Fire/Air, 4 Fire, 5 Fire. And 4 and 5 work as Fire if i cast it and 3 works as Fire.Air if i cast it. https://i.imgur.com/OipUGDZ.jpg
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