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  1. I think there is an ele utility skill that can do insta raise.
  2. There are HP trains going on quite often. Also you can unlock those in WvW using Heroic points as long as you have enough points.
  3. You don't need a macro to run into walls. Simply click the button you assigned to run and do it onto a wall or spawn.......and then go BIO or stretch or (whatever irl thing needs attention)
  4. Nearly everyone on Mag. You might avoid one but the next or 3rd one will get you.
  5. That is considered luck that a pew pew ranger was around. It he wasn't, would you (by yourself) have been able to kill or chase him?
  6. Some flaws with this. First, you need to see thief or the stealth field to hit. Second, you need an infinite stack of supply cos 1 person can put only 1 trap at a time or throwing 2 markers will dry up you supply.
  7. Stretched arm bit is not a hack. This is lag related. Next people will say a Ranger has a white eagle on his back (GS 3 Skill) so its a hack.
  8. I love marauder scepter ele/tempest play style and i can tell you that if all my skills are on cooldown, i certainly would not want to be standing in the middle of an Arc Divider. And here you are talking about a glass ele being hit with 2 Arc Dividers and say it hits like a wet noodle.
  9. Hmm....and you been playing Warrior for how long?
  10. OP...spare a thought for entire Mes class. Aside from commander and boon strip, it's got nothing else cos every other class do Mes things way better.
  11. Is this skill going to be looked at anytime soon? It is just broken in WvW.
  12. They travel in a straight line, you can simply walk out of its path, no dodge required.
  13. Mid melee battle and you try to use F1-F4 and find these now have a cast time.😞
  14. Ricochet ....they gave it to Necro spec
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