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  1. Urn of Saint Viktor--Become the Urn of Saint Viktor... Drop Urn of Saint Viktor--Slam your urn into the ground... Uh... slam myself into the ground? Because I'm... carrying myself? So now I will drop myself. Got it.
  2. I'm not an elementalist main and I'm a more casual player, but here are my impressions: -Jade Sphere doesn't last long enough. The benefits it provides are neat, but not so overwhelming that it needs to disappear so fast. Energy takes a long time to charge up and then the well disappears in seconds. I hardly get a chance to really utilize it during hectic combat before it's gone. The spec would feel so much better if the Jade Sphere were a more permanent presence. Let us really bunker by setting up the well immediately and hanging out in it for the whole battle. We already get puni
  3. Yeah, that's why every country on Earth is still a monarchy under the original bloodline of rulers. Oh wait. Things change, she just led the Legion through a civil war, this isn't that weird. Some Charr are surely grumbling about it, others aren't. The traditionalists were disproportionately already marching under Bangar anyway, so they're going to get less of a say now.
  4. Maybe the "future features" bit is going to release in between Chapters 1 and 2? They said the Chapters will become more fleshed out with new stuff in-between main releases.
  5. Honestly ever since they teased that they're working on SAB World 3 I kind of assumed that the "festival team" or however it works would probably be focused on that, so I'm not surprised the other festivals haven't seen many updates this year.
  6. I think cold resistance, slow and tanky are good but not enough to make the mount fun.If it could also be a multiperson mount... Maybe we could have one person controlling the dolyak, and then several other players can pile on, but they get some ranged attacks they can use (it would be fantastic if the players' own ranged skills still worked). And maybe we get a map meta through a bitter cold area where everyone needs to get on a dolyak to cross the frozen mountains, fighting off hordes of enemies while mounted, with some players navigating the dolyak through the rugged pass and the rest tryi
  7. If my math is correct getting a +60 swim speed infusion that will reach the same speed as the skimmer under water will cost you about 369,858,196,402,188 gold. — that_shaman (@that_shaman) August 26, 2020
  8. They could flap their wings so fast it creates an air pocket around their whole body.
  9. They said 2021 in the stream but no specific season. I would guess late 2021 since it seems we're about halfway through the Icebrood Saga, which started almost a year ago.
  10. I would love this. Especially now that we have those trees as decorations, they just don't really fit with any of the current guild halls. I'm worried they'll move on to Cantha and we'll never get any Northern themed hall.
  11. That was changed back in a patch shortly after release. For a brief period there were like 0-2 chests in each cache.
  12. With Dry Top, The Silverwastes, Dragon's Stand, Dragonfall and Drizzlewood Coast, we already have five map-wide metas stretching over hours. I don't feel like any of those take 2+ hours like Drizzlewood Coast. Dry Top for sure only takes one, it's on a timer. And I just did Dragonfall the other day in about an hour, I think. Been awhile since I did The Silverwastes or Dragon's Stand, though, but I feel like they are both under two hours easy. I didn't mean there are no other long map metas, but Drizzlewood is, I think, uniquely long. My point was just that I doubt that's about to become the ne
  13. It's long, but it's just one map so I think it's totally fine to have one super long meta like this. Personally I love it, very epic feeling. I'm not the kind of person that farms any meta for extended periods, so I doubt I'll get too tired of it.
  14. Guardian mains: "What are we talking about?" block "What snipers?"
  15. Still nothing, definitely more than a week now. Has there been any word? Is it biweekly, since the next release isn't a LW episode?
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