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  1. It does not come with the Bonus Mission Pack, as Lan suggested. It doesn't have the PvP Access Kit, but note that this only unlocks a basic set of skills for you. You'll be able to play PvP and unlock all of those skills regardless of that kit. This kit is really only for those that solely want to play PvP. It DOES include the Game of the Year upgrades, which is the Fire Imp summon and 7 special weapons. M.O.X. will also be available. All of this from personal experience, having purchased the Complete Collection myself.
  2. @rrusse.7058 I agree with your sentiments on constructive feedback vs bitter ranting. I don't think that is what caitybee was primarily expressing, though. Both of these, to me, suggest any level of displeasure should not be expressed.
  3. @Konig Des Todes.2086 For what it's worth, there is also the ley-crazed ooze in the Ooze Pit. What this discussion shows to me is that it's possible that Aurene has stabilized magic levels and the cycle within the world, but that ArenaNet has certainly not been clear one way or the other. The world could be teetering on the edge, halted at the point Kralkatorrik's rampage and the prior two deaths had brought it to. Or it could be back to pre-Zhaitan stability. If it's somehow the latter, then they have not described how that works in conjunction with all the "the world will collap
  4. Caitybee, this perspective does not make sense. Yes, many players can definitely bring a sense of entitlement to discussions. And, of course, people love to exaggerate things when they are unhappy. Your stance suggests that we cannot discuss faults in the product this company is giving to us. We are only allowed to discuss the things it does well. At the same time, you admit that the quality of the product has been 'impacted' by Covid and staff layoffs. You have the attitude of "I am happy with the quality we received in light of the environment in which it came out." My perspecti
  5. I am interested in seeing a sample of the responses people had to the release. Please keep all comments and discussion cordial. Please only respond to the poll if you have played through the release for yourself.
  6. @"Urud.4925" I think that part isn't quoting Wynne."But then I remembered that Wynne told me we were servants of the jungle dragon. So I knew I could trust no one, not even the Commander."
  7. I would love to get Infinite Gathering Tools themed after the Exalted in some way. I very rarely buy cosmetics, but I instantly grabbed the Exalted Glider and the Exalted Mail Courier!
  8. This was a very interesting story, and the relationship dynamic between Caithe and Faolain feels very real. Well done! I think there's a slight issue with the timeline of this story, however. Caithe makes it sound like Faolain left for the Nightmare Court, then Caithe was sad but getting comfort from the Pale Tree and Ventari's Tablet, then she learned Wynne's secret which gave her a fresh wound. We saw in Season 2, however, that she is still with Faolain when encountering Wynne. So, emotionally, an excellent piece! Lore-wise, I think it needs a small tweak!
  9. I preface my idea by saying that it adds very little to the game overall, and would only be a cute touch for some very particular types of people. It would be nice to be in your Guild Hall and go into a separate instance where you could freely view the 'landscape' changes to the Hall over time. When you start a hall, none of the buildings are completed, and parts of it are locked off to further exploration. Slowly, you get to see tents set up, then buildings be restored, and passageways uncovered. If you switch to a new Guild Hall, you already have all of these items completed, so you never c
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