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  1. I mean, I know that. But this "bug fix" does not make sense because Eles have conjures AND atumements which all trigger swap sigils. Conjures were why Ele couln't swap weapons in combat, they count as weapons. Same goes for Engi and kits. And then we have FB who can triggers those sigils on weapon swap and with tomes. Then SB and Dudu and their class mechanics on top of their weapon swap. I'm gonna stop listening classes, this gonna get too long. If ANET did this to stop perma dodge Vindi exploiting Energy sigils, they could have just adressed Vindi. Not all Rev builds. Edit: listing not
  2. Yeah forgot tomes, and soulbeast merge, celestial avatar and probably something else. No problems with those just screw Rev in particular.
  3. Lol for combo fields and jade bot CC I had to quickly switch to condi Renegade. Vindi is a joke, the whole Rev "patch notes" are a joke, and a bad one at that.
  4. You guessed it, I am more concerned about HoT/PoF PVP and WVW builds. In PVE we'll manage.
  5. So swapping attunements on ele triggers swap sigils, swapping kits on engi triggers swap sigils, going in and out of shroud on necro triggers swap sigils, but swapping legends on rev DOES NOT trigger swap sigils and it is a BUG. What's the logic here? Just.. why? 😕
  6. Far less excited. HoT maps are amazing, meta events are still worth doing, elite specs were fun, we got gliders. PoF maps are still good but events mostly aren't worth doing, mounts were a big selling point, and elite specs were also pretty fun. EoD? Fishing and skiffs? We'll see, not impressed tbh. None of the elite specs hold my interest so far.
  7. When it comes to Vindicator, legend changes seem great. Greatsword changes are fine, we'll see in beta. Still no CC on it, or am I missing something. The one dodge thing... I really dislike the fact the I'm forced into taking it. I'd rather it had reduced effects but two dodges. Or a normal dodge, the whole spec it revolving about that flashy loaded gimmicky dodge way too much. If it stays like this, I don't see a reason not to stick with Renegade and Herald.
  8. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PmgAUZlhQHsIyhJRPMIqhBSfMBKgDzU6TF-zVJYkR1fxkTAGZikZIkbR1bE49BIc/aOxnG-w Playing around with this right now and having more success than with condi Herald, it simply suits me better personally . You can go Corruption over Cleansing if you feel like you don't need more cleanse.
  9. Not just invisibility, immob spam has gotten out of hand too in certain builds.
  10. {FIXED] at least for now. Deleted all ARCDPS files.
  11. Hi, I just updated the game and it won't start up. I used the repair files function that was offered and that didn't help. I've never before had this issue and was just playing the game normally before restarting it for the update. There were no issues except a strange lack of sound siege equipment makes in WvW, Any help appreciated.
  12. Maybe it's just me, but I don't really think that sexual preferences or romantic relationships are important at all. Who cares. Give me some good solid story.
  13. Rev and Engi definitely need more core weapons. Perhaps Ele, too.
  14. I've been doing dailies and not much more for the last 3 months. What's keeping me in game? Not sure. Nostalgia, the fact that I invested a lot of time into my characters, good friends that I've made.
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