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  1. I know that most games have more revealing clothing to appeal to the straight men, however I want more variety when it comes to male character clothing as well. what if I want to be a bare chested warrior Viking guy taking tyria by storm, or a fire mage that doesn't want to over heat and maybe be a ranger that uses minimal heavy clothing to sneak around in the woods (as most medium armour is baggy D:). or maybe I actually want to be able to see my tattoos on my Norn male that I cant see 90% of most of the time. I know things like the light tribal vestment is somewhat like this but there just i
  2. i mean you do realise decapping far can be a legit strat. it forces your enemy team to cap there close again meaning you have a advantage in mid fights or if your team needs to defend close, time to defend and regroup at mid
  3. I mean so little has even be revealed by anet about the xpac. We don’t even know what the elite specs if any are gonna be. You can’t buy something without even knowing it worth. Honestly rather then adding more broken shit, it would be wiser for them to fix the current shit that’s wrong in pvp actually maybe save the rest of thier community from leaving once new world and ashes of creation comes out. Instead of thinking about short term sales. Maybe it’s just me with this opinion :p
  4. anyone else think bronze rank is the best rank?
  5. couldnt agree more tbh all profession have merged into the same thing. while elite specs are kinda fun and do add a certain zest into the game they have killed pvp for me. it allowed for things to become way too unblanced and you can tell anet added them without any real thought or for me looking at it care on how it would effect the game. it was a rushed implimented mechanic. I really have given up on waiting for the "mircle patch" there litrally never will be one i just wish anet would add a core only game type to pvp.
  6. Tbh i dont think anyone would intentionaly throw a game, especially now, but some people play more casual then others. End of the day win or lose you stil get pips am i right no matter the rank. Also given the fact that anet have removed title rewards from pvp the ranked seasons actually mean pretty much nothing in my eyes, to this point i dont even care if i win or lose ill take my loot get what ever rank i get, since i have legitrally nothing to prove to anyone. Fair game to anyone who wants to take the game super serious though.
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