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  1. I felt the same way. I need a break from Dailies anyway. I want to play how I want
  2. It's unfortunate but Anet has gone back to their secretive PR method and won't tell us what they working on until it's done, which gives the impression that they doing very little.
  3. Then it would become Revenant. That would pretty much kill this class.
  4. Hey OP, I don't play any of the classes that Stealth or Portal. So I ask this. What method would you go about Nerfing this without breaking certain classes that have these skills and traits heavyly built into them. In GW2 the only non combat skills are mounting up. So not sure how a system would be made that makes certain class skills "Combat locked" and stuff like that. But I guess you can make Stealth on skills require out of combat status I guess, to actually Stealth, and will perform something else while in combat.
  5. You don't even know what the game mode consists of, saying all that. I say 15vs 15 can be good. Especially if it is a mode with multiple simultaneous objects that benefit the team. Other MMOs with large group sized pvp instances have been successful for decades, I don't see how that suddenly stops at GW2. Remember 5v5 Conquest became standard not by our choice but by Anet's premature decision. I personally hate 5v5 Conquest and would have played 15v15 in Vanilla if it had a queue. The 5v5 balance is terrible and very meta heavy. I hope greatly Anet don't make another premature decision to make
  6. Would like the art team to really make a short bow that stands out for once.
  7. Zerg vs Zerg is only a problem when there is no objective, like in WvW. I would hope a 36 vs 36 match has many objectives with a goal to each, rather than just trading structures with no objective, like WvW.
  8. stuff people want actually gets population. People wanted bigger matches in SPvP since Vanilla. Hence why 5v5 Conquest is dead. Nobody but Anet, and Anet apologist want that.
  9. I keep telling you all to do a go fund me to help pay for new free skins for all to be made. Would pay for the staff needed to make the skins. That way it's not financed through the Gem Store and can be free for everybody to use once done. What you say about that?
  10. let them do their thing. This project may bring in some money to further GW2's development and future expansion. But I honestly believe GW2 will go into Maintenance Mode after Expansion 3.
  11. why not? I mean, I like new ideas, but those 5 people have their own server fight and they will not only lose a lot of points but also enemies could turn towers/keeps to t3 which means a commander needs to take all that back before fights can happen. And the whole reason with linked servers, is to merge smaller servers with bigger ones. It could be turned around though and be a lot more interesting if bigger servers with full maps could help out smaller servers. (could however effect the whole "community thing" and also maybe abusable)But if there are not enough players in the first place (he
  12. You really didnt think this one through did you? did you read the part where I said I was using 5 players as an example of the mercenaries, but as the number of people from that server increases in WvW, they all get prompt that they are being sent to their server WvW map, regardless of what server that they are Mercenaries on. I did say that. So to be clear enough for you to understand. Lets say there are 30 Mercenaries at the time, they all get prompt that they going to be ported to their map once they have a reasonable population.
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