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  1. Player Housing, New WvW maps, New larger SPvP game modes, New Races, New Miniature mini game, the list goes on
  2. You say Ventari is strong. Ok. Lets use that descriptive title. So if Ventari is "strong", what title do you use to describe Support Scrapper and Support Firebrand? I never seen a commander request a Ventari Support Revenant over any other support spec. Even Spellbreakers are more desirable and useful to commanders. Herald Hammer burst provides the most of the boons that a support ventari Herald provides. The heals as is are far weaker and harder to land in a dynamic setting like WvW with lots of reactivate movements. Ventari Will is terrible for this with
  3. I enjoy playing support in most multiplayer games. When Revenant was added and the Ventari legend was revealed, i was very excited, along side the Druid Ranger, which was my first elite spec unlocked. But I came to be very disappointed in the Ventari. Early Druid was pretty fun before the staff nerf. But I won't go there. All the stuff we got with Ventari, including the staff were very poor support tools. I can understand. Back then, coming out of Vanilla GW2 the development was more conservative about excluding the concept of Support from being a
  4. The idea you presented sounds more like an Environmental Weapon but by a different name, rather than what people think of when talking about Heroes from GW2. Because if your Hero concept replaces your character in any way, its not a NPC hero anymore, its something else. As for NPC heroes, as somebody already mentioned, it's very taxing on the system, for same reason Minis get disabled in large events/Large Fights. So if everybody has NPC heroes in open world, how would that play out in the above scenario?
  5. Only way I see Heroes working is in instanced Story instances like Living World
  6. I predict that the next big story once the dragons are gone, is the return of the gods. We will find out why they left and what brings them back.
  7. I dont want to come off as somebody with bad intentions. Just making that clear first so it don't sound offensive. But although End of Dragons will have some cool elements, I dont believe its features will hold the player base down long term. I believe its in Anet's favor for the developers to make a clear and precise statement to the public soon after EoD release. Telling the community that they will set aside some developers to work on Expansion 4, while the rest of the team handle the living world and rest of EoD stuff. Just that one little statement wi
  8. Telling people not to complain because you like this Alliance system is also a hyperbole and not helpful.
  9. Alliances will kill WvW. Everybody knows it. Including Anet. This probably why they been delaying it so long. Such a bad game design decision this late into the game's life after communities have already been built.
  10. PvP doesn't stand for contentless gameplay. WvW should get new gameplay elements just like any other game mode. There a reason MMOs like WoW added new pvp modes and maps over the course of its 18 years. Even in WvW, new Borderland map was added as a form of new content. Same with EoTM when it originally was added. A new world reshuffling systems isn't changing anything other than destroying the community aspect of WvW and replacing it with more toxic Guild politics that will just drive players away. What WvW needs was more gameplay features a
  11. Hidden tags and hidden allies period is one of the worst elements of playing in WvW. And this Alliance beta showed just how bad this will become with more guild focused gameplay that we see with Alliances. Often times Guilds will run hidden tag so that non guild members can locate them and play with them. This could make the population seem faulty because some hidden squad is somewhere on the map while everybody else is centralized around certain key structures since there isn't any organization. Alliances were suppose to be the ultimate solution to the community building and org
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