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  1. Iam curious now about what the utilities will be
  2. Gives me Vanilla Necromancer vibes. I like this
  3. This is not the way to handle this. People stack on squads because its the best path for rewards, since it grants the most progression. What WvW needs is more small scale objectives on the map that contribute to the war. Old AV in WoW had long battles and big fights as well but also had many small objectives that spread players out the zerg/turtle.
  4. I would never take a support Herald over a support firebrand or support scrapper. Never! Just saying. Talking WvW perspective. But Bunny Saint may be the complete opposite on that. I been dishing out some major support in group fights.
  5. Only healing that Herald has is from the regen from the heal skill and Shield. Everything else is boon support which can be equally as dangerous in WvW because of corrupts. Bunny Saint provides consistent barriers and healing. The urn skill with full minstrel gear does a decent job as well. Not to many that cleanse skill may be better than ventari in cost effectiveness.
  6. Only if Roller Beetle 🐞 has a combat mode for fighting it out in open field
  7. Because not all Solo players just roam... you think every player in the squad is in a WvW Guild? Also there a reason solo players don't join Guilds, because many dont want to deal with MMO Guild Politics and Drama. Usually WvW Guilds require players to quit whatever squad and map they on to join the guild Squad. This can especially be annoying when the guild squad is smaller than the main squad on the map. But Guild Politricks.... I totally support solo players for this reason.
  8. No, hence the players wouldn't be solo roamers if they played in guild. If you want Guild vs Guild, ask for that. Don't ruin WvW for it.
  9. I call it Bunny Saint and Saintgaroo 🙏 for how much jumping and hopping it does in fights. But wow its straight up Meta support in WvW. Is this intentional? Will this quality be removed 😔 in the next alliteration of testing? The Vindicator seem to be more marketed as a DPS spec, so I wonder if the support aspect of it could conflict with that goal. If so, how should this be handled without going full nerf into a Ventari 1.5?
  10. I dont have these lag problems that people talk about in WvW. But maybe its not all the same
  11. And now what if you one of these solo players and land in a realm with alliances that have narcissist for commanders who all run around in stealthed private squads all week long? Thats a terrible experience. But with alliances, now it's even easier for like minds like that to link up. I would hate to land in that situation as a solo player.
  12. I disagree. WvW was marketed as a large scale PvPvE game mode. It had major hype because of this. But failed miserably, which why so many people left. The PvE wasn't what killed Desert Borderland. It was how the maps were designed. It originally had an event that was removed and never worked on again. The map was built around the open world jumping puzzleish design of HoT maps, which many people also don't like (hence PoF dropped that as well in PvE). Had DB had less elevation puzzles, this map would be more popular. Too late now. Because Anet won't even touch the maps to make changes. We n
  13. Map to difficult to navigate for those that don't know the map. So may people avoided it.
  14. The issue is how would this work with ventari, which has multiple skills that require Tablet
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