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  1. as the title says im new looking for a cool active guild
  2. hello im a new player looking for a nice environment can i join your guild? thanks in advance
  3. hello im a new player looking to get into the game would be nice to have some nice fellas to chill with can i get an invite?
  4. i am looking for an active guild on my realm (desolace) just wondering if its gotta be on my server
  5. and i didn't like it the social aspect of the game is very deadso i was wondering if its the same thing over here(i was really struggling to find people to talk to in wow everyone was doing their own thing)
  6. hello as the title says im looking for single player grinds whether its achievements or mount farming or money making bosses that i can kill.. anything that doesn';t require me to group up with other players (please note that my knowledge is very limited when it comes to gw2 as i come from games like runescape and world of warcraft)
  7. like if I have a ranger and I finished raiding on that and I wanna raid on my necro can I do that?
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