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  1. Tower of Nightmares is brought in through fractal as Ayrilana mentioned above. Story instance of the same place is brought in S5 - You can play it through scrying pool.
  2. Seeing that Twisted Marionette is instanced content and here to stay, how about doing the same for Battle For Lions Arch perhaps? Scrying pool can be used in the same manner and that battle could be instanced as well. It would also be a plus for the people to go in there before heading into S2 and HoT. Would help the narrative.
  3. +1 on this. I was unable to interact on any of the 3 llamas and got no progress for being around them. One person in chat said that they got the progress for new achi but they never done them before. So its probably related to the old achievements.
  4. Couple of times after exiting raids after the patch my build gets completely removed from build templates. Not just skill reshuffle, completely removed - leaves specialisations empty and legends unselected. Few notes that might help - Alac revenant on template 1, condi revenant on template 2. Entered raid as Condi, swapped inside as alac using the keybinds. Once I left the raid instance, alac build was completely empty. Tried replicating it manually couple of times but it just happens randomly it seems
  5. It would be cool if with expansion came another way to get the legendary ring (currently in WvW) and legendary amulet (currently in pvp, mode that does not even need legendary equipment in the first place). It's a bit annoying that we gotta grind through it even as PvE-only players. If not a new set, wouldn't it be cool to allow us to make 'slumbering' version of Coalescence in some way. Not adding more effects but just granting us another legendary item at the somewhat same cost (as I believe it is possible to craft 2 Confluxes at the moment)?
  6. Enrichments we currently have barely have any visual effect at all. Koda's Warmth isn't that huge effect on a character until you get close to it and Otter pops up every 30 sec or so. It wouldn't lead to too much animation overlapping. Infusions are another story, seeing shiny bubbles of mess in a city isn't that annoying for me and in the content such as raids or fractals I reduce the quality of other people for the sake of performance so yet again, I don't mind it. Agree to disagree I guess.
  7. I saw the post regarding the 8th year birthday - we're getting new enrichment for our amulets. However, I recently managed to get the Otter Spirit one and would be sad to see it go in case the new enrichment effect looks slightly better. Can we get some option to 'infuse' the amulet similar to the way we infuse our backpacks for extra enrichment slots? I doubt its a big game breaker to have both 20% magic find and 15% karma boost in effect at the same time.
  8. Thats a good point. I guess it could be handled by getting some sort of a buff at the moment you activate a golem. While you have that buff - you can apply the boons to yourself.The buff gets removed when you deactivate a golem OR you hit a mob/get hit by a mob in open world. Also, it could have like 1k range around golem, so if you leave its range - the buff gets removed. And putting a cooldown on golem summon - like 2-3 mins, should prevent people from resumonning it that much.
  9. It would be cool to have a training Golem (like the one in special training forces area) that we can summon on any location in open world (instances excluded). How it would work: Double click on inventory summons a Golem (or any other object that you can hit in front of you).Double clicking on the item while the Golem is summoned opens up a menu similar to the one we have on the console :Boons optionGolem modifications (Defiance bar, conditions etc)Remove/Deactivate buttonIt would be used by you/your party members or in case it could be used by everyone - set its HP to unlimited so it does not
  10. Not really sure if this was brought up previously and it may not be some big change but: I would suggest that the level up rewards get grouped up if you level up more than once (usually happens when you use tomes). I might be part of minority (not sure), but I tend to have that one character slot that I constantly keep deleting/recreating character on it. If I boost the character up, I have to go through 50+ rewards in order to get them all. One solution would be that all rewards from previous levels are grouped up and picked up as one. That might lead up to full inventory very quickly howeve
  11. I'll have that in mind next time before clicking 30 times :'D Thanks! Yeah I thought that its just coincidence as well, but seeing that it only pops up exactly 1 for the amount and it happens ONLY after i actually sell the item itself kinda makes it clear that its a bot doing it, checking whenever someone actually sold the item and immediately placing the order. And yep, just finished submitting a ticket with pretty much everything I encountered there, hopefully they'll be able to do something about it, but indeed it is hard one.
  12. Well, good idea but still requires waiting for people to buy it off the tp. I generally instant sell such stuff (unless it comes to big amounts of it, I just had 30 of these).
  13. Haven't seen this one before (fortunately), but I tried to sell several Memories of Battle on Trading post. However, Im only allowed to sell them one by one, since there is a bot that keeps ordering exactly 1 item for the price of 4s 85cop. You basically sell an item, go back on it to sell it again, and the order is there again, and again and again, it repeats endlessly so I came to a conclusion that its a bot. Really crappy way of earning gold, I generally hate people using bots (why play game at all then, lol?). What sucks even more, is that you cannot even report player, since you dont kn
  14. I got a random idea that could possibly be implemented sometimes in the future. As someone who's interested in making guild hall more beautiful and fill it with random stuff, I kinda find it annoying that I cannot see how the item will actually fit into the place until I actually craft it/buy it. The idea is that we get the ability to project certain stuff in GH without previously getting decorations. Think of it like this: I want to build the living room in some part of the GH, i open up the decorations tab, choose what i want to put in there (chairs for example), and leave it on the ground
  15. One of my guildies just redeemed the code from the kungfu tea app and he says that most of the content is still locked for him (mails, selling some stuff on TP (only SOME)...etc). He's quite new and i wish i could give him some answers about it, will the limitations be gone or he needs to grab one of expansions to fully unlock it? As far as i understood he's somehow between the free account and fully unlocked one and its a bit confusing
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