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  1. this is on par with LOTRO support that took over 7 months to respond to my ticket. Why the hell can a random person's ATTEMPT to log into your account completely lock you out permanently of your own account? why did you have literally NO WAY to submit a support ticket, if you are LOCKED OUT, it requires you to log in to submit a ticket!!! your support page had NO email mention until recently, all the support pages and discussions talked about an anonymous support ticket, WHICH DIDNT EXIST ANY MORE! I am so frustrated and annoyed, i only wanted to log in to redeem some twit
  2. like why does it innately take control of my entire computer and block access to my desk top with no way of turning that crap off when i actually get in game? its been years , and like, this trash still happens? im going to have to uninstall your game and not look back literally impossible to click the kittening screen when using task manager, i have to use keyboard commands, didnt have these problems before, so you guys screwed something up, straight unplayable, unlaunchable game right now
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