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  1. I got Tequatl's Hoard about two months into doing the event maybe five times a week. It was a bit of a slog. I occasionally think aboit reskinning one of my swords but I also have various SAB weapons to show off, which actually required skill to obtain. I'd pack it in OP, there's plenty of better skins out there with more prestige.
  2. You died my man, your challenge is over. Anything else is cheating. Tyria is full of strange things - sentient trees, dragons, leylines, irritating little shark people. You obviously stepped on some sort of Asuran Ley-Energy trap. It's legit.
  3. To be fair, he probably *is* smarter than most people replying in this thread. At least, in the context of this discussion.
  4. The thing is, MMOs are social games by nature. Having a way to outright block interaction with other players kind of goes against the design principles of that sort of game. If someone is unable to participate in a social game without blocking social contact, perhaps they should look for ways to overcome their problem instead of asking the design of the game to be changed for them. This seems like a drastic response, but consider the phrase "give an inch, take a mile: One should not expect to find mechanics in a game which are antithetical to its purpose. Once such mechanics are introduced, th
  5. I imagine most people wouldn't engage it, but it'd be a further erosion of the social aspect of the game. That's a sort of slope you don't want to slip too far down.
  6. I think so yeah, people whispering you randomly should not equate to anything even close to ruining your play experience. Even "harassment" is hardly such - someone whispering a lewd remark or whatever is just so benign it hardly qualifies as anything. I can only assume, at risk of sounding like my own parents, that there's a fair bit of over sheltering going on. I personally blame Gen-Xers - they were too busy listening to Nirvana to pay attention to what their kids were doing on "Napster". Har har 😜 Going even more off topic, I shall personally be keeping my own spawn far, FAR away from all
  7. Guild Wars 2 is already a decidedly anti-social MMO. Warcraft has gone that way as well for kind of similar reasons. It's very easy now to just fluidly join a zerg of players doing something roughly aligning to your goals, and then leave once your half hour gameloop is complete without ever having said a single word. It's very efficient, but also a little regretful. Last night I attempted to solo a champ bounty for the first time. My damage output was low and someone saw me struggling and came to help. We still didn't quite manage to kill it in time, oh well. We exchanged singular
  8. Having those bothersome whispers where someone dares to attempt communication with your royal self is just one of those unfortunate features that must simply be tolerated when playing a massively multiplayer role playing game, OP. Terribly sorry.
  9. What you smoking OP? GW2 is the most casual, time friendly MMO this side of mobile devices. It's absolutely possible to do 99.9% of everything in this game on your own schedule with zero time crunch. I have a kid and my wife and I both work full time. Absolutely no problems playing this game on and off when the child's gone to bed.
  10. Revenant is amazingly fun, there's a rhythm to efficient play that I haven't found elsewhere, certainly not in other MMOs. It's a niche class, and perhaps that's because the double resource cost / legend switch seems goofy at first. I have a Ranger, Elementalist, Thief, Warrior and Rev, and the Rev has been my main since it was released. One thing it could have though, is a bigger selection of skills.
  11. No, Rev needs a ranged power build that doesn't involve throwing a melee weapon and calling it a projectile. I want Rifles or Pistols. Furthermore, it would be good to have a summon that can move - something like a Ranger Pet but more Revenent. E.g. A Scorpion of the Mists that can hovar without flapping its wings.
  12. I always fancied guild halls as being a possible type of player housing, but the grind for a small guild is just impossible. Player housing would be a neat feature to have for a soloist to upgrade with various cosmetic items. The monetization would be fine - the items would be purely cosmetic, no need to drag in horror stories from other games as we know ANet has a good track record of making the game fair for everyone. Furthermore, the development resources aren't really an issue for players to chime in on. It's rather rude to bomb someone's suggestion with "b-b-but op-kun's sugge
  13. The Trampolines on w2z2 as mentioned by ^, were my greatest source of rage. I can't remember how many lives were used up in that section alone but on Trib mode, that particular area was tied with the trib cloud on the same map as the most irritating part of Trib mode. God damn that cloud, it's the only reason I never managed a perfect clear of that zone.
  14. Thread necro, but I find the difficulty to be perfect. The level design in general is brilliant in GW 2 across the board, it's what has brought me back to the game over and over again. Now one thing that is very important when navigating jump puzzles is a high framerate, we're talking at least 40 frames per second. The game is very framerate dependent and with a low framerate you will find yourself experiencing frustrating misses where, instead of jumping, your character will just run off a ledge. With a high framerate you will notice how much later you can hit the jump key and still activate
  15. Voted helpful because migraine sufferers finally have a reference point.
  16. I'd say it's hideous, but I run around decked out in SAB armour and effects so I am not one to talk ;)
  17. It's the Great Dihydrogen Monoxide Conspiracy. This is clear evidence that Arena Net have sold out to aliens, who will increase micro transaction prices so much that the world will explode. Nothing is safe; you better get your pitchforks.
  18. PoF is one big frigging desert. Why the Christ would you want more of it? Heck, maybe we could add another desert, which gives way to a lush, verdant jungle biome. Yep, sounds original.
  19. Toxic is a word people use when whatever they are mad at, is obviously not just bad, but socially reprehensible. Get out yer pitchforks! But oh man, that Karka event. Yes yes yes :D
  20. Guys, you're not even close. We need to hit two rocks with one stone. First - underwater armour is still underutilized. Second, we need something exciting to happen in the new expansion. I propose the developers spawn a highly contagious disease in Cantha, which will naturally spread through Tyria quickly. The disease is more harmful the more birthday gift boxes a character has opened. The only way to avoid its effects? Putting on your underwater head gear.
  21. It's old but it's not dead. A new expansion was just announced. There are a lot of long time players, so perhaps some of the zones are less active as everyone has their "thing" they want to do, e.g. Farming end game zones, or fractals, or wvw. I have noticed though that the game definitely does encourage a group up and forget behaviour, where you join some group for an evening to get stuff done, then never see them again. Being able to join more than one guild was also a bad game design decision imo. It encourages allegiance to whatever will get your current objective done.
  22. As said it's all about driving players to buy stuff with real money. GW2 is entirely geared toward that since it has no subscription fee. Pretty much every feature is there to, eventually, make you spend cash on gems. Inventory filler is just one of the more egregious offenders.
  23. Lumley! Shovel on more drops won't you? Aye aye! More drops! More drops! In ya go!
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