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  1. That is exactly what I am doing. Every time my gold reaches a set value, it is time to monitor gem prices. 35 g/100 gems: mediocre. 32 g/100 gems: acceptable. 30 g/100 gems: buy buy buy!
  2. Class guides in GW2 do not take the same style as in WoW. For better or worse, WoW classes function on a toggle system (e.g., elemental, or enhancement, or restoration), whereas GW2 is more organic, with more subtle tweaking. That makes writing clear, concise guides much more difficult. On this the two games have vastly different cultures I'd say.
  3. You have a point, but the current system is still one of the largest advantages of GW2 over WoW. I remember about a year ago flying over Hellfire Peninsula. That place was crawling with players back in TBC days. When I typed /who, it showed me as the sole player there. 😢 You'd never see that in GW2. Yes, the continual addition of new maps combined with a shrinking player base--a normal phenomenon--contributes to a dilution effect. Hopefully it can be improved, but it could be so much worse.
  4. That is great help. I did not realize how much more substantial these could get discounted. Let me see, counting historical discounts and a 32 g / 100 gems average exchange rate . . . Infinite G. T. cost = (2,400 gems * 32 g / 100 gems) - 50% = 384 gold, roughly Inifinite Volatile Magic G. T. cost = (2,700 * 32 g / 100 gems) - 20% = 691 gold, roughly That leaves me we about 300 g to buy three glyphs. Given current rates, that would be about enough for three Glyphs of the Tailor, the cheapest ones of interest to me. No leather, nor versatility of volatile magic conversion. It was
  5. Thank you all for your insights. Good point about the economy's evolution, especially with a new expansion over the horizon. Regarding how I acquire gems, I can easily shell out the money to buy these tools. What I want is never to see again "ERROR: OUT OF TOOLS". That's worth GW2 gold, not CA$40. That real cash I'd rather give to AyinMaiden, Dulfy or Mukluk! I do not expect the tools to ever pay for themselves, but I'd like them to at least improve either my cash flow, or give me what I am always short of: leather and cloth. Animation speed or aesthetics are not part of the equation
  6. The build is [&DQYpKxE+MBl0AHQAywDrAFABywBCAU0BJgCWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=]. I use sceptre and warhorn, but am quite comfortable with off-hand dagger as well. I use staff in mass, open world battles. I never really got the hang of main-hand dagger, or focus.
  7. I am a dilettante. I play all nine professions in open world PvE. I am definitely not in the elite set, but can generally pull my weight. I'd like to up my game or at least understand some puzzling things about two or three of the professions. My oldest and most-played character is my elementalist. I run T1 and T2 fractals with him. Weaver confuses me, so I settled for a power DPS tempest that mostly follows the Metabattle one; I use water instead of arcane ([&DQYpKxE+MBl0AHQAywDrAFABywBCAU0BJgCWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=]). I have the full berserker ascended armor with Runes of the Sch
  8. Yes, Primordus undeservedly got the short end of ArenaNet's change in focus. I hear many are so disgusted that they question how much they are still willing to invest in this game. Some are demanding or hoping for something epic in EoD for ArenaNet to redeem itself. And so should we all. Here is one major issue I see: Zhaitan, Primordus, Jormag, Kralkatorrik, all of these were household names at launch. Mordremoth? He had two Living World seasons as a buildup before getting his own expansion, one that seems to have aged well judging by how busy its maps still are. That sixth and last elde
  9. I am steadily converting gold to build up a gem reserve so as to have most of what I need to buy a set of infinite gathering tools at the next aniversay sale. I am also willing to wait for the holiday specials to have a good deal. The big question is: which ones? Beside the quality of life of never having to buy gathering tools again, I am looking for something that provides either extra basic crafting material (especially leather and cloth) or making extra gold off the TP. Here are my top contenders and I'd like to hear your opinions on them. Thunderstrike Harvesting Tool because of the
  10. To make things even clearer, the Fire Orchid Seeds are related to the Henge Away From Home achievement series of LW Season 3, episode 5. It has nothing to do with Chef.
  11. I tried it Tuesday night on a purple star. No credit. A little research and I found that doing all the prerequisite steps should fix the problem. I tried it last night and it worked. By the time stamp on the OP's post I quote here, it would seem it was fixed by then anyway. Or maybe not. As I came out of the instance, somebody in the map was complaining about it not working for them. The point I really want to make is the following: in the last two weeks (episodes 1-4), we did not need to do the running around for bread crumbs in the open world before doing our purple-star instances.
  12. I think looking for help and asking for a group was the right move. One question though: have you thought about checking on Dulfy? She still has some of the best guides out there. Your self-description could apply to me as well and her guides have changed some of the most nightmarish story instances into routine stuff for me.
  13. I have been playing almost daily for three years and I am just past 180% I think. Years, yes, years!
  14. Older player here. Experienced PvE-wise, but not necessarily very skilled. I am curious and would consider joining. I know very little about Discord and would like to fix that. I mostly play in a fragmented way from 9 PM to 1 AM Eastern time. With more quality time, I'd like to actually learn fractals properly instead of feeling like a headless chicken following the others.
  15. ArenaNet is having a summer-long event where, if I understand it right, you get to unlock two Living World or Icebrood Saga episodes every week. So, for the rest of the summer, log in once a week between two Tuesdays to unlock them all. We are currently at episodes 3-4 of Season 2. I'd expect episodes 5-6 next Tuesday and so on. From what I gather of your situation, that's 20 episodes you can unlock for free, worth 4,000 gems if you otherwise had bought them at full, regular price. If you have S3 E5 unlocked, that's probably because you happened to log on while it was active. I fully
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