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  1. Well, here is a different question: what fraction of players can actually solo champs? I know you can. You've shown me a video. It takes skill, dedication and practice, probably more than most players have or are willing to develop. I can probably count on the fingers of one hand where I have been able to do that in about six years of GW2.
  2. a) Awakaned Canids are definitely up there. They will pursue you halfway across the map, even when flying. I would put a general honourable mention to those monster categories who, individually, are not that bad, but come in balanced packs that cover a bunch or roles, like an adventuring party. I am thinking mostly of mordrem, Forged and White Mantle, but others could fit the bill. b) I have a much harder time picking. The one that consistently gives me the most issues is Caudecus at the conclusion of The Head of the Snake.
  3. Oh, sorry then. If it is achievement bound, then no luck. Achievements are account-wide.
  4. One of the things I like about GW2 vs. WoW is that maps are never dead. Quiet? Yes, sure. But not dead. Every day of the week there is an achievement category "Season 3 Daily" or somesuch. The featured map becomes more animated then, at least at peak hour. It certainly can take a few passages through the zone, but pretty much every event can gather enough players to complete it, especially if someone is willing to tag/mentor up for it and calls it out in map chat. I will admit, gathering Petrified Wood in the wild is a slow grind. My rhetorical question would be "what did you do with the
  5. Don't miss Return to Icebrood Saga that starts next week. Basically, make sure you log in at least once between two consecutive Tuesdays for the next six weeks. If you've done Season 4, it means you have Path of Fire? Did you do that too? Did you unlock all the mounts, including griffon? While we are at it, same question for Heart of Thorn.
  6. Check the wiki! They can also be crafted, but you need to buy the recipes with Candy Corn Cobs--in short, you'll need to farm the event for Halloween-specific resources.
  7. Boring? For some people, yes. For me, it's great, especially for seasons 3 and 4. And speaking from experience, the maps are still reasonably active even without the Return to events. I speak from experience, having awakened Aurora shortly before they announced the 'Return to'.
  8. For me it is not so much a new character as a new 'book' (i.e., core, LW season, expansion). The first time I go through one, I do it with a different character. I am trying to progress them all now, but very slowly and mostly because I am a completionist. Most people would not have the patience to, quite understandably.
  9. Mine mostly gather dust. They are the dark matter of my bags. One clear exception though: WvW. I am a purely PvE player, but if one wants to make legendaries, one needs the WvW-exclusive Gift of Battle. It is worth stacking up as much XP boost as possible then.
  10. Actually, I have a different recollection there. One of my guilds happens to have Windswept Haven as a guild hall. Nearly all of my characters were able to get into Vabbi from it and backtrack all the way to Amnoon. No flaming gate. One that can be problematic is the gate that leads into the Desert Highlands. There is a point in the PoF story that will lock that gate for you. If you have not already unlocked a wp in DH, you'll need to complete the necessary step to get in there.
  11. From what I read between the lines of yesterday's Gem Store weekly announcement, it would seem that yes, the anniversary sale is over. I looked at what I wanted. I looked at the records for the 2020 and 2019 anniversary sales. I planned by purchases and even prepurchased the Ultimate version of EoD. (I never do that with games.) What did I get on sale? Two of the five QoL items I was hoping for. Period. ArenaNet has a right to put what it wants on sale and when it wishes to. And as a customer, I have a right to say that I feel let down this year given what previous anniversary sales had l
  12. If you are referring to the Henge stuff from Draconis Mons, I believe the unbound magic vendor may have what you accidentally deleted.
  13. I agree, but that is what I happened to have that in my inventory. Big enough to talk about, but admitedly not big enough for a definite conclusion.
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