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  1. That's fair, but then I can only refer you back to what I first said. I'm not one to say how people have to play, but simple logic would dictate that things like Necro Wells, Meteor Showers, Swords of Justice and CoR/PS are not much of a factor in 1v1 and 5v5 scenarios. The reason I brought cross-scaling up is because they may see use in a group of 5 or more that engages something larger. Things like Meteors/FGS or CoR/PS are quite common for havoc and busting. So those things (which I enjoy doing) stands the most to lose with these changes, but they are very specific and it's quite baffl
  2. It depends on what direction they take with WvW scoring At the moment the ladder that makes up the tiers is a reward in itself, we just don't value it (#1 no balance/value) The ladder just has systemic problems due to regions, scoring and population balance Fixing those things could fix the ladder to reflect successful worlds per season (alliances or servers regardless) Fixing population balance the way they do with Alliances now also opens up the option to get rid of the ladder Then they could track score on other levels than world and then they can get rid of th
  3. I find this to be a rather odd take on things for a couple of reasons: The balance has been pretty good over the past year or two. It hasn't been stellar (with too many melee builds still exlcuded) but it has contained a mixture of both ranged and melee calls. Not every norm or meta has. So, for me at least, the concern is rather that they will upset things that work well without being able to adress issues that do not work as well. It doesn't feel pointed or purposeful enough, perhaps it will become with time or with the june patch. Most of the abilities in the list are not commonly
  4. Hard to say, in defense of the hashtag-enjoyers, I must say that I find the changes a tad milky. The theme is easy to see, with all the spike nerfs, likely to offset the support nerfs in the last patch to balance out the ranges. However, control has often had a larger impact on that balance (or is more impactful) and damage balances have felt kinda decent to me recently. So, if anything, this feels more like a "shake up" nerf of what's popular just to roll the dice and see what comes up rather than oriented towards any specific goal. I could be wrong, time will tell after all and we've only se
  5. https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/topic/114812-game-update-notes-may-10-2022 Overall theme, just broad co-eff nerfs to popular large-scale damage buttons (mainly ranged spike buttons). Small-scale largely unaffected. Necromancer Revenant Elementalist Guardian I don't think I missed anything, everything else seems to be sPvP only.
  6. Well, they say a number of things in all of those 10 minutes, but yeah, they are making a couple of interesting points like these. Teapot makes the distinction for PPT pointing out that, for score, it is generally better to play 10x5 than 50x1. If you have good groups it can many times be better to play 3x15 instead of 50x1 because any one of those groups may be good enough to preoccupy the blob alone even if they may not outright win over attrition, but if those groups can coordinate they can also simply beat the blob with two or three of them as 30-45 more ambitious players can take on
  7. Are you asking me or the OP? I put a line regarding that in the post above: As far as I am concerned a squad could easily have as many havoc parties as it has typical tag-organised parties, that's the only distinction I make between them: That tags will typically just spend their own time looking to optimise typical parties, best as. If I havoc, I organise myself or someone other than the tag organises us (on a party level). Ed. If you want to deep dive in the depraved nerdity of it, there are some pretty good takes on it here by Josh Strife Hayes, Inks and Teapot:
  8. We have too many weebs with all these S-tier lists 😉. I don't think it's really helping people understand WvW. WvW and blobs in particular is all about roles; the meta builds fit into meta roles in a meta comp. I would put it like this: These are your 5 typical roles for the 5 spots in a typical party that pickup tags tend to spend time organising: A (Primary Support aka. hard counter-CC and gap heal) B (Secondary Support aka. soft counter-CC and bulk heal) C (Primary Damage) D (Primary Stripper/CC) E (Secondary Damage/Stripper) Those are y
  9. When Anet made the change they came out and said that the gear was barely used before. Now, I wouldn't say that is entirely accurate as I used it before myself and as always popularity should not be confused with power. However, claiming it was balanced before is completely contradictory to what Anet said to motivate the change. There was not a single highly rated Cele build that I can remember. So it was useful on some things but certainly not seen as strong. With that said, I think Reborn's link can't be understated. In almost every topic where Cele or Condi has come up I've said the sa
  10. In all honesty, I posted the thread in general discussion, where spoiled brats get free content every two months (for our money), it just took the hack mods some 20 hours to dump the thread into the WvW basement, the realm of forgotten dreams 😉. I expected nothing less and as with the last thread of Anet qoutes, this was just another lighthearted- and tongue-in-cheek go at the ridiculous silence (or the talk with no sight of walk; true or false). I'm genuinely kind of keen on the blogpost though, because the devs have put themselves in a corner where the blogpost can only signal one of tw
  11. I think this is a good thread to reiterate this point: The issue with Rangers in large-scale content has little to do with class or build. It has to do with "how to use" the stuff it has. It has to do with composition and that the commander of a squad will generally not micromanage his squad to that degree and build that kind of party for you. While players in this game, generally, has lost the capacity to build their own parties. The Druid has healing and additional things to contribute The Soulbeast has stability and additional things to contribute They're just not bui
  12. Yeah and they can't even give us that little, for 5 months, lol.
  13. Yes, for 28 more days. They have some stepping up to do if they are to deliver on anything substantial in that time frame. Reminders are in order.
  14. I don't think you get it. The blogpost from december has not come yet. The betas from the roadmap have not come. The qoutes are promises of things to come, that have not come. No one is asking for weekly updates. Assurances of updates to come, are themselves not updates.
  15. Regarding the blogposts, roadmaps and studio updates: I'd consider this a general game concern regarding communication and development overall, rather than any specific details about WvW only concerning players there. Hello? Echo? @Josh Davis.7865
  16. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it will be. I'm saying it could be rather useful but that hinges on getting at least some part of the raiding (dungoneering etc.) and PvP sides of the playerbase onboard beforehand and mending fences with them. If they can deliver on Strikes interesting enough to appeal across Raids, Fractals etc., and knock Alliances out of the ballpark, they are getting themselves into a position where launching on Steam would make sense. That's how Steam relates to those things. Even then it might not lead to some Golden age but it would at least make a Steam launch worthw
  17. I think these two qoutes from your post go a long way to describe the situation. Steam may not be some guarantee of multipled success. It is however another form of distribution and ongoing attention. It's also how people use that platform as googling for an MMO requires a very specific interest while clicking through Steam is how many of us buy games there in general, I'd imagine. The platform also collects and highlights scores and commentary in ways that simple googling don't keep itself updated on. Such things are usually only highlighted at releases in general while Steam keeps ongoi
  18. I know this is as tired of an old reply as the question is old and tired but: Just get some friends. There is so much more that you can do with a party against larger groups than you can do by yourself. Almost all of these complaints sits in a space of "me solo, want to defend/PPT effectively, when outnumbered and out-organised". That's not supposed to be effective. There are alternatives in place to out-numbering but those involve out-organising and so on. There is other solo/small content but that doesn't necessarily involve engaging larger groups and their content. Now, that doesn
  19. What Risen is saying may be one end result of things. However, I think it boils down to one of two reasons: 1) Those players have quit 2) There is no ambition to build anything. What is still done is done on routine. What isn't done anymore is due to the routine. Leading hinges on people letting themselves be lead (as Risen points out). Letting oneself be lead hinges on organisation and learning. Organisation and learning hinges on access to players and recruitment. Players and recruitment hinges on balance, servers being open and links. Fundamental day1 issues with balance, ser
  20. None of this has any broad conclusion one way or the other. It is mostly design and balance issues tbh. There are classes where the especs have always been sidegrades and different. There are other classes where the especs have always been upgrades and have built functionality ontop of the core. It should also be noted that how strong or impactful the class mechanics are also differ quite wildly between classes. This is especially true since some of the core functionality of certain classes has become more or less baseline across more or all classes over time. For example,
  21. Unlikely, just because alliance functionality is added it doesn't mean guilds go away. The only reason for any of this to become an issue is if the code is so spaghetti that something illogically breaks internally or if they design a problem like that into the system for no good reason. Both would be, well, illogical.
  22. 1. Conditions There are two related things worthy of noting with conditions: a) There is a certain amount of balance-creep to it with certain classes gaining powerful traits and interactions to deal with the late-vanilla PvE changes to conditions while other classes have not necessarily been given that; and b) As this is largely a "build" issue it is also very much a "knowledge" issue where there are alot of players who suffer from conditions, not necessarily by how they play, but by what they know and how they build. 2. Boons (mainly stab?) Nevermind FF14. There used to be th
  23. I think you are too caught up in details and notions of identity. It is much better to think of it like this: The EotM arena (and its predecessors), when it works, allow us to create player-made events. The arena splits servers into 3 worlds instead of the usual 12 worlds so it is easier to find different opponents (that you are currently not matched against on the normal maps - so the events go cross-server and can better host "everyone"). It is similar to how you have different modes in sPvP where you can make unranked matches with custom arenas. It is just a space to play in
  24. https://d3b4yo2b5lbfy.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/76da5220318-Spring-Roadmap_EN-1-590x332.jpg You have 5 more weeks to run your betas (plural), after that it is officially summer. Still no blogpost promised in december (beta 2) Still not even a date on the new blogpost promised in the studio update The state of World Restructuring: still unknown The hirings that were considered over the fall: still not seen BenP leaving, communicating it privately: still silence from the studio
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