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  1. The PvE crowd would lose their kitten.
  2. I see, you mean you, on your own, should be able to single out 1 guy in a stack of 50+ and kill him dead.
  3. What skill? Am I still on the GW2 forums? I'm sorry, but if your cloud can't finish one guy repeatedly pulled from a stack and downed then there's something wrong with your server.
  4. Who said anything about size? But yes, organised groups should win against unorganized randoms. If you refuse to squad up and at least put in a little bit effort then that's 100% on you, not a bad game design. How is this a such a hard thing to grasp?
  5. Code is so meme they change a random pve tooltip and two walls disappear from WvW structures and you people expect meaningful changes.
  6. IMHO skill shouldn't be regarded as something positive in a game - it should surely appeal to a broader audience than just the elite? As such, skill shouldn't be seen as something to be lauded or rewarded. I think the Arenanet who made the game might have known this.
  7. They balance the game based on data. Data says that GW2 gamers are so bad that they need 100% vengeance proc on warrior in pve. You boonball complainers just need to shift your mindset. Think of boons as reverse conditions, because that's what most of you are, right? Celestial gamers, condi build enjoyers? Ranger mains?
  8. Yes, you can dodge, or block or whatever the application, but you can't dodge a condi tick which, in many cases, can tick harder than a hit from a power skill. Then there's the issue of effortless reapplication of condi skills on builds that literally only need to auto attack. I mean, does anyone even roam without a sigil of cleansing these days?
  9. I'm not buying, I'll probably keep the game uninstalled for a few months and see how things develop. I heard they included EotM weeklies to the new thing? So players from bad servers stop complaining about not being able to weeklies, because they're being bullied by WSR/FoW/Maguuma etc.? If that's not a clear sign they're not even planning to do anything with WvW then I don't know what is.
  10. Coming with Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure™, the Wizard's Vault is similar to a battle pass— except we think it is one of the most player-friendly battle passes around. LMAO CALLED IT
  11. Mark my words: they'll sooner release battlepasses than come even remotely close to finishing alliances.
  12. People who cared enough to actually understand what alliances are meant to do are long gone.
  13. It is hard. They have to rerun through the entire map while you're respawning pretty much at the same spot.
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