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  1. hi this is embarrassing but i just finished "the battle of claw island" and am supposed to read "almorra's letter" in my mail to begin the next part of my personal story. Stupidly, i deleted that mail even before i got to do that. How do i begin the "killing fields" story now that the mail is gone frm my mailbox lol.I am hoping there is a solution to this.
  2. Sorry 1 last qns, embarassing but i tried to store it into vault but it doesnt seem to allow it as well. Right clicking item doesnt show any option to do it. Dragging item to vault nada too.This also applies to my black lion chest and statutuettes. Are they also not vault depositable?
  3. Hi im interested to join but im at crystal desert server. Wld it matter? I believe im able to participate in all events except wvw if i aint wrong? Im frm sg, returning player.
  4. hi i'm back playing gw2 after a break of 4 years and i'm really lost with inventory management. https://imgur.com/a/UhCkKLS if u refer to the image ive posted above, there is this weapon Genesys which i am unable to sell at the trading post. This is intriguing as it is a lvl 80 item but it isnt soulbound to my char as ive yet to hit that lvl req to equip it . This item is taking up my inventory and the only option to remove it is to either wait till im 80 to equip it or to destroy it. Any explanation to why im unable to sell it? can someone explain skins? if i equip and soulbound an item, do
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