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  1. @"Kaltyn of Torbins Deep.2946" said:

    1. My guess would be that you unlocked the skin on the item, changing it to account-bound. It should show on the tool-tip description that it is now account bound. At this point, you can either stick Genesis in your bank until you have a level 80 character that you want to use it on, or you can get rid of it by salvaging, throwing in the mystic forge (aka mystic toilet), or just delete it. I'd suggest salvaging. Cavalier stats are probably not going to be the direction you want to go long term anyway. And salvaging with a Black Lion Salvage Kit has a decent chance of salvaging the inscription you can sell or use to level your crafting professions.

    2.A. Skins are 'looks' that you unlock. Once you have a skin unlocked, you can APPLY that skin to any device of that type with the use of a Transmutation Charge. Those are stored in your wallet. They work for weapons, backpacks, and armor, but they have to be the same 'type' or 'weight' - you can't apply a light armor skin to a medium armor piece (unfortunately), and you can't apply a staff skin to a spear/harpoon. But you can make a Pearl Reaver (axe) look like Astralaria (legendary axe). Applying skins is done on the Hero panel under the wardrobe (wardrobe is the second option below equipment, on the equipment tab).2.B. If you equip an item and soul-bind it, you've automatically unlocked the skin.2.C. If you right-click and select "unlock skin", you account bind the item.

    Sorry 1 last qns, embarassing but i tried to store it into vault but it doesnt seem to allow it as well. Right clicking item doesnt show any option to do it. Dragging item to vault nada too.This also applies to my black lion chest and statutuettes. Are they also not vault depositable?

  2. hi i'm back playing gw2 after a break of 4 years and i'm really lost with inventory management.


    1. if u refer to the image ive posted above, there is this weapon Genesys which i am unable to sell at the trading post. This is intriguing as it is a lvl 80 item but it isnt soulbound to my char as ive yet to hit that lvl req to equip it . This item is taking up my inventory and the only option to remove it is to either wait till im 80 to equip it or to destroy it. Any explanation to why im unable to sell it?

    2. can someone explain skins? if i equip and soulbound an item, do i automatically unlock the skin for it or do i still have to select "unlock skin" option by right clicking it. On the contrary, if i were to select "unlock skin" option but not equip the new item, does the item automatically soulbound to my toon?

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