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  1. This was a very misleading stream. They didn't show any actual gameplay. There weren't any epic bosses, cool events or even jumping puzzles. Arenanet need to step up their marketing. This policy of show nothing due to spoilers is killing all the hype. If they don't show something the expansion looks utterly empty.
  2. Engi was my first character and I've played since headstart launch. Pros Mech animations and model look cool Strong damage from mech Refreshing take on signets Feels good in celestial gear in open world Cons Tools traits don't give recharge on mech skills Mech AI is poor. I often can't get it to do what I want. Breakbar feels weak. Even in PvE with PoF mobs and CC it kept breaking easily Mech traits all come down to second column as those give extra power, condi or support stats. This needs to be changed and give more stats in gen
  3. Really enjoyed it so far. Think it's my favourite beta espec so far. Played it myself and was on the boon receving end of a spectre in a strike. Wasn't feeling excited coming when I saw it but playing it it feels strong and with lots of options. It has the condi and support builds and some of the support options feel very strong. It gives lots of alac and barrier. I think it's good it doesn't give convinient access quickess to group to help keep in in check. The wells feel cool with the teleport and elite spec feels great to bunch enemies into more of your wells. It feels reasonabl
  4. Really don't like the new espec. The new dodge idea seems cool but in PvP feels very weak. The animation seems to have an issue after the dodge. The dodge seems like you're leaping up but can't seem to scale walls with it when it should do that looking at it. You seem to be bound by PvP obstacles like walls when it seems like you should be leaping over them. The espec is very slow and clunky. Elite spear skill needs more damage and I'd rather it had no torment and the urnb elite feels awful. It feels very slow, with not enough damage and the utility skills on the viktor side feel too weak. In
  5. Not going to happen. It would be the exact same situation where only one class provides a boon and is therefore mandatory. This is what they are moving away from. No one class will be able to give everything and everything won't only be on one class. Renegade already gives very short term alacrity. If it could upkeep it 50% and it’s other key buffs for others on the 6-9 attacks gained efficacy and duration with high concentration and healing it would be a support beast. Support rev is already meta for several raids btwWith a harrier build renegade gives 100% alacrity uptime to 10 targets pre
  6. My background: Played since headstart on and off and returned a couple months back. I'm really happy Anet made the big bold changes in the latest patch. They were really needed. I recently started doing fractals and made the mistake of putting my AR gear on a heal/support revenant. I couldn't get a T4 groups due to everyone wanting meta compositions. After the patch I was immediately accepted by a group and not kicked and even though my first T4 fractal was Mai Trin T4 we did it without any wipe. I was happy people gave me a chance. I've continued with T4 fractals and not had a single wipe so
  7. I'm a returning casual player and was hoping to find an active guild to call home :) I would appreciate an invite if you are still recruiting.
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